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Let me first start off by saying — I have never used any anti-aging retinol based products before! I have extremely sensitive combination skin, so I have to be cautious when trying new products!

I was immediately drawn to the ‘time machine’ which turns back the clock, within this high-potency (0.5%) time release retinol formula.

Week 1 — I used a FutureDerm once a day for two days. I wanted to be sure that I had no irritation or reaction, especially given the circumstance (my face)! This light weight non oily formula — was extremely gentle on my skin. I had no reactions to using this product, nor did I notice a difference in my skin’s immediate appearance! Week 2, I repeated the process — which changed at Week 3 — since there still was no signs of irritations or reactions! I took it up a notch — by adding a day to my routine in Week 3, but skipping days in between usage.

Now let me pause a minute, to let some of you who don’t know me — that I am a single mom of 3 -_-! I can teach a class in stress 101 (hence the reason I am such an avid bliss seeker). I have come to notice that my moods can often play out on my skin and hair! I had an uneven skin tone, with bags under my eyes from lack of sleep (mompreneur), as well as a dull complexion!

By Week 4, I am sold! There was something different about me — and couldn’t quite put my finger on it! I’m a ‘wash-n-go’ kind of mom! I usually only get all dressed up — for events and reviews mostly! I am a die hard ‘au natural femme fatale’, as I like to keep it simple — and enjoy enhancing my natural blessings rather than mask them! As I washed my face (I prefer to use organic and natural products),  on Week 4 day 3, I looked at my refection…only to be blown away by what I saw! My affirmations never looked this good before! I had no dark or uneven tones anywhere — in fact, my complexion appeared lighter (which often happens during the winter months, as it recoups from the sun damage of a sweet summer’s passing). I was indeed — gazing upon flawless skin! And it wasn’t in any magazine!

Source: Shadders

I highly recommend this product. It is the reason I am obsessed with prevention of aging! I am happy to launch the Immortal Beauty Series on Media Maven, with the debut of FutureDerm — the future of FAB skin!

*Beauty Fixx — use a pea size amount on clean dry skin — once daily! For beginners, I would recommend you use gradually, increasing only as your skin allows!  I love to experiment with my beauty products — and love to boost my beauty regimen! FutureDerm worked amazing with my Sea Buckthorn Berry Facial Cleanser, which is high in beautify omegas. Try adding some Argan Oil to your night time regimen with FutureDerm — and experience the blissful fountain of youth recipe of the Goddesses!

**Always read all information that accompanies your products — making note of the instructions, as well as the cautions and ingredients!

This product was received for a review! All opinions are 100% mine and was in no way influenced by FutureDerm!!!

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Jul 252012
Likewise Dr. Julie Pena

Hello Media Maven Readers,

I wanted to let you know about the importance of understanding – your skin can change over time—not just over the years, but on a daily basis as well. Our environment, diet, stress level, medications, hormones, even your own skincare regimen – are all major players in our skin’s health. But, one of the biggest changes to our skin, are the seasons. In fact, depending on your skin type (dry, normal, oil, sensitive or combination), you might notice that your skin type fluctuates from let’s say, the middle of one spectrum to an entirely different spectrum and category all together.

From the vibrant blooms of Spring and Summer, to the golden leaves of Autumn and the pure white brilliance of Winter — just like nature, our skin evolves through the many shades of the seasons, with each new season requiring a unique approach to skincare.

As a dermatologist, I find the way the seasons affect the skin fascinating. Most of my patients are surprised to find that as the seasons change – so does the characteristics of their skin. For instance, someone who has normal skin may find that in the summer it becomes more oily or someone with dry skin may find it feels less tight and more moist. Or for most people, a part of their face may change – their t-zone may become more oily while their cheeks stay dry.

So what does this mean for our skincare? Well let’s review by skin type…

The Dry Skin Maven
The heat and humidity [of summer] can prove very beneficial for dry skin sufferers. Forehead might flake less and those tight cheeks might not feel so tight. I recommend –for dry skin – a daily morning ritual, starring a gentle cleanser and a zinc based moisturizer with SPF 50 Broad-spectrum. If your t-zone is getting a little oily – you can use a Normal to Oily moisturizer on your t-zone and a Normal to Dry Moisturizer on your cheeks. At night, use a gentle cleanser, a Vitamin A Derivative (Retinol) Anti-Aging Treatment followed by a Moisturizer.

The Normal Skin Beauty
Normal Skin beauty mavens can expect the summer heat and humidity to bring on the “oil.” You might start to have a sheen on your forehead or cheeks, and find yourselves blotting a little throughout the day. Using a specialized Oily Treatment on the t-zone or oily areas and then Normal To Oily moisturizer on the rest of your face, can help. Again – please make sure you wash with a gentle exfoliator each morning and that your Moisturizer is Broad Spectrum SPF 50, and Zinc based. At night, use a gentle cleanser and a Vitamin A Derivative (Retinol) Anti-Aging Treatment. You may not need a moisturizer with the Anti-Aging treatment – see how your skin feels and apply a light layer where it may feel dry

The Oily Skin and Acne Prone Chic
Summer heat and humidity can make your skin more oily and prone to outbreaks of acne, especially around your T-zone. Using an Oily Skin Treatment on your face will help keep the acne at bay and control the excess oil production. Cleanse every morning with an Alpha and Beta Hydroxyl Acid Face Wash for gentle exfoliation and oil control. Make sure your Oily Skin treatment has Broad Spectrum SPF 50 protection. Again – I recommend a zinc based product because it helps calm acne and keeps the face from getting hot which can exacerbate outbreaks.

 ***Summer Skin Care Warning***

If you have rosacea, be careful. The sun worsens rosacea symptoms. The heat can exacerbate already irritated skin. To protect and calm rosacea in the summer, I recommend use of a Zinc based sunscreen moisturizer that contains Niacinamide and Azelaic Acid. The zinc will help keep your face from heating up because it reflects rather than absorbs the sun’s rays. In addition, niacinamde, zinc, and azelaic acid have a calming effect on the irritation of rosacea. All these ingredients can help keep your condition controlled.

“Your face is your window to the world. Keep it healthy and beautiful by adapting your skincare routine for harsh heat and humidity. Smart skincare will keep Summer both safe and fun.”

Beauty Facts About Dr. Pena

Dr. Pena – not only a board certified Dermatologist, trained Pathologist and MOHS micrographic surgeon, she is also the founder and president of Likewise Skincare. Pena has owned and operated Skin Solutions Dermatology and Skin Cancer Surgery, P.C in Nashville, TN since 2001. Through her dermatology and cosmetic centers – she focuses on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of skin cancer as well as provides cosmetic and medical dermatology treatments. Pena is a graduate of the University of Michigan, where she received her medical degree at Northwestern University Medical School and completed her dermatology residency at Southern Illinois University. Visit: or

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