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Why Did He Leave?

by Lindsay Kriger There are countless reasons a relationship might end. Not all of them are about you. Not all of them make logical sense. Not all of them are easy to accept. Today’s blog post, however, I want to devote to one particular reason things can break down and a man might leave – [...]

Mr. My Phone Died

By Lindsay Kriger I once dated a Mr. My Phone Died. He had a couple other pet names, too. Sometimes he was Mr. I Had No Service. Other times he was Mr. My Phone Was on Silent. Basically, he was a man who kept crying technological wolf. The funny thing is…he was more than a [...]

Ready, Set, Next!

by Lindsay Kriger Dating can feel like the longest marathon ever run. You think you see the finish line. Then nope — that’s not it. And OMG – some runner’s cut in front of you. Or you’ve been disqualified because you had too many Red Bulls. Or you’re the wrong nationality. So, there you are [...]

If You Want A Man In Your Life – Get a Life!

by Lindsay Kriger I’m a big believer that if you want to attract a man, you shouldn’t play hard to get. You should be hard to get. Let me tell you: what a difference a teeny two-letter word can make! Seriously! You should actually be busy and having fun – and not just be playing [...]

Media Maven’s Exclusive Relationshipologist Lindsay Kriger

Hello Darlings, How many 22-yr-old, fully trained Relationshipologists have you met?  Probably none! Lindsay Kriger, recent NYU grad, has managed to earn that title – and her new Blog, If Only I Knew, is about to give women a brand-new go-to authority on dating and relationships! Introducing the newest go-to girl for everything relationships: Lindsay [...]