Aug 162010
KOS Rocks TGIF Friends, Cocktails & Couture

From 1998 to 2004, I was what you would call, a faithful evangelist of Sex and the City.  In fact, Carrie’s style and flair gave rise to me being a Bloganista.  So naturally, any buzz of SATC2 tribute events would attract me, like bees to honey.   My first stop led me to Stir’s on First Avenue between 73 & 74th Streets.

With excitement levels peaking, I entered the cozy atmosphere spectacularly set. The candles lent idealism to the lavish decor. However, the event was oversold, over booked, and over populated with females, in an environment offering free or special promo martinis, cosmos & wines and a complimentary free spa station with mani, pedi & eyebrow threading, at that?  Needless to say, the cat fights broke out; ladies were kicked out (of the threading booth due to  poor communications and organization) & even almost passed out from heat exhaustion.

With disappointment well in tow, I came home, uninspired by my experience, and seriously doubting the premiere’s ability to live up to the series at this point. But my persistent BFF convinced me to accompany her to TGIFs Friends, Cocktails & Couture.  It promised FABulous cocktails, awesome appetizers & lots of girly fun! Now granted the Peach Martini @ Stir’s rocked my pleasure vibe, however, let me tell you that the Miami Vice, at TGIF immediately sent my doubts packing. And the Shrimp & Fries w/ Jack Daniel’s sauce…mmm mmm good! So far, off to a great start.  Then, hellooo; without warning, I was captivated by what appeared at first glance to be four young men about to goof off on the mic. We were serenaded, as TGIG kicked off the new Patio, by a phenomenon known as KOS; Kids of Survival, from Queens, NY.  As fascination sat in, Gary, the lead vocalist, informed the captivated audience that not only were they happy to Rock The Mic @ TGIFs (which they work at, when they aren’t touring) Friends, Cocktails & Couture, but these Rock-N-Roll revampers were the opening act for Bon Jovi’s ShareTheMic on Saturday, May 29th at the Meadowlands; the global platform that connects musical artists with Non-Profits to help generate awareness for causes will be a series of summer shows, in which Kids of Survival has the pleasure in kicking off.

So all in all; the view of the Manhattan from Sheepshead Bay, with my BFF Maxi, & four smoking infernos wooing & cooing the stresses & doubts away…Priceless!

Check out the video…Kids of Survival Rocks The Mic Before They ShareTheMic