Jul 212012


It’s no secret. I am a huge organic, eco friendly, safe and natural kind of gal…I am Goddess, after all. I was always a huge lover of makeup and beauty but the whole industry seemed uninviting. In fact, it’s part of the reason that I ventured onto my own path, but that’s another story for you all together…


Cosmetics (Photo credit: My Sight, as You See.)

The purpose of us meeting here today is simple! I want to help you take your beauty, SKIN DEEP [literally].

How many of you, actually know what’s in your beauty product(s)? Unlike food, there is no government certified labeling requirement or program when it comes to “organic” ingredients in skin and beauty products.

Here are three tips to help you choose organic cosmetics and skin care products!

  1. Read the labels — not just the name of the product. Products can include the word ‘organic’ in their name, however you might find that none of the ingredients are actually organic.
  2. Be on the look out for ingredients like petroleum, synthetic preservatives or artificial colors, parabens and phthaltes. These should be avoided at all costs [remember, you get what you pay for and sometimes more than you bargained for!!!)
  3. You can also consult the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep website where  you can enter a product name to see if it contains any ingredients you should avoid.

I did a story on Yahoo Shine, which exposes some very disturbing beauty facts! If you are a fellow beauty conscious maven, then this feature is an absolute must read. It had my eyes wide open, as the fact remains — we need to be wary of what we put on and in our bodies.  Check out this amazing and informative video with Anna Lappe — co-author of Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen as she explains what the big deal is when it comes to your body’s largest organ.