Feb 252013

Ever dreamed of going to the Oscars? How about having flawless coveted skin? I know I can attest to wanting both!
Jennifer Hudson and Naomie Harris — was seen flashing their gorgeous legs. Jennifer Lawrence and Olivia Munn –stunned their décolletage.

But it doesn’t matter whether the amazing dresses — worn by our favorite celebs — was sparkly or pale! Everyone knows that the sexiest statement that can ever be made during the Oscar’s Red Carpet — is skin.

We caught up with celebrity skincare guru Jenefer Palmer — as she was happy to share her secrets, so you lovelies can flaunt your own picture-perfect, glowing skin. Try these four invaluable beauty tips — and be on your way to coveted beauty in no time at all!download

Jenefer says:

Banish dead skin cells with a dry brush. The best thing you can do for your skin is brush for 3 to 5 minutes. Dry brushing will smooth out skin and improve circulation by stimulating lymphatic flow and removing body toxins.

Remove body acne with OSEA’s Ocean Cleansing Mudd, This marine-based cleanser removes impurities while clearing up blemishes and controlling excess oil production. It exfoliates and purifies clogged pores and removes dead cells, leaving skin smooth and invigorated.

Smooth out unwanted age dimples with OSEA’s Anti-Aging Body Balm. It preserves natural skin lipids, limits dehydration trapping and seals water in the outer layer of the epidermis. To tighten skin and restore a healthy glow, apply after bathing when the skin is still moist– it’s worth the extra few minutes of waiting while it soaks in.

Stop sleeping naked. Bed sheets could be irritating your skin. Wearing pajamas can protect you from irritation breakouts caused by chemicals found in conventional laundry detergent. Try switching to organic, fragrance-free, hypoallergenic laundry soap, or use half the amount advised on labels (this will be gentler on your skin and help your clothes last longer).”

Feb 192013

Take beauty to the ultimate level — encased in 24K gold to be exact! I am an avid believer in anything SPAtacular, and I have to admit that the Cenoire 24K Beautè Bar is by far — one of the best beauty finds — I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing — for 2013. This innovative creation — is a facial massager, which encourages facial and body circulation — for a quick beauty rejuvenation on-the-go! It doesn’t matter if you’re working, traveling or enduring the simple hustle and bustle of life — now you can stay rejuvenated — while keeping the blood flowing!

The Cenoire 24K Beautè Bar delivers deep skin massage — up to 6,000 vibrations per minute, utilizing the newest nanometer 24 karat Gold Technology. Adorning a chic compact and portable T-design — this baby fits discreetly and comfortably into your purse, pocket, bag — anywhere.

The amazing Cenoire 24K Beautè Bar boast the following:
Cenoire 24K Beautè Bar
·       24K gold-plating
·       6,000 vibrations per minute
·       Twist On/Off activation
·       1 AA battery operated (not included)
·       Waterproof
·       Weighs 2.5 oz.

You can get your very own 24K facial massager for $59.99 — available at Cenoire.comShoebuy.com and
Amazon.com. For more info — visit http://www.cenoire.com. I highly recommend this beauty must-have!

Dec 052012

Did you know that dark circles are characteristic bruise-like areas found under the eyes? It is also a common beauty concern for many women! The skin surrounding the eyes are very thin and is covered with many small blood vessels — which can appear a dark bluish shade for many! But have no fear — as your beauty ambassador is here to help you banish this ugly dilemma — getting deep down to the root of the causes!

Some of the possible causes for dark circles may include:

“•    Genetics: Weak blood vessels that restrict hemoglobin (red blood cell) flow can be hereditary. When hemoglobin is low it causes a pigmented waste product that is deposited in the dermis and epidermis. The thinner the skin, the darker the circles will be evident.
•    Medical conditions: Cases such as allergies, asthma, eczema, liver problems and an iron deficiency can cause dark circles to develop under the eyes. additionally, some drugs expand blood vessels and cause the skin under the eyes to appear darker.
•    Aging and fatigue: As we age, our skin loses collagen, becoming thinner and making discoloration more apparent. Lack of sleep and constant fatigue are also causes.”

Something as simple as a triple dose of P; Peptide, Proteins and Plant — can help ward off dark shadows…

A clinical study of 22 participants revealed that a drug combination of N-hydroxy succinimides, chrysin, palmitoyl oligopeptide and palmitoyl tetrapeptide is an effective treatment for eliminating dark circles. The combination of these ingredients ensures that dark pigment-causing elements are eliminated. Simultaneously, the treatment reduces inflammation and strengthens skin density. The skin around the eyes becomes visibly younger and radiant. Andrea Weber, head of BABOR research and innovation center explains how these ingredients work: First the combination of N-hydroxysuccinimide and chrysin helps eliminate the waste product of the hemoglobin molecules. This lightens the skin and inflammation is suppressed. Palmitoyl Oligopeptide is added to improve the functionality of the fibroblasts in the dermis and tightens the skin. Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide prevents the secretion of inflammatory casuing cytokines.” — Source: BeautyPress

Dr. Grandel  — worldwide leader in research, development and production of natural, high-tech cosmetics for the salon and spa industry — uses a different combination of ingredients and complexes to target dark eye circles.

Our drainage complex treatment consists of soy peptides, rice germ and yeast proteins. It improves microcirculation. As a result, removal of waste products is improved, congestion is reduced and swelling is alleviated,” says Training manager Kathrin Sommer. “

The drainage complex treatment protects the elastin and collagen fibers, giving strength and firmness to the contours in the eye area. It also provides protection against free radicals — leaving eye area (appearance) brighter, while reducing the shadows under the eyes.

Besides cosmetic components, there are other DIY methods — to prevent the formation of dark circles under the eyes:
•    Get plenty of sleep
•    Drink lots of water –  at least 2 liters daily
•    Use a Compress soaked in chamomile tea or special cooling masks — refrigerated prior to application can improve blood circulation and reduce dark circles

Dec 052012

This must-have has an overall grade of:


Since my last b.liv review (told you there’s more to come :) ) — I went on to try their Dullness Cessation Original Japan Silk Mask. I think I am surely becoming addicted to these masks. With the slogan imprinted on the packaging: “bright is right,” I have to admit — this mask is a must-have for any beauty enthusiast or pro — who needs a quick pick me up. It is chicly formulated for dark and uneven skin tones. I saw immediate results, and got tons of compliments about my face’s overall appearance. I was able to chase away the clouds — that darkened my complexion (olive skin tone) — allowing it to glow. I glistened as my admirers stopped me — pondering about my skin care routine!

This beauty miracle lightened my complexion (temporarily…more permanent with constant use) by heightening its reflective properties — refining and smoothing my skin’s texture (bye-bye fine lines, creases and wrinkles). My skin glowed with a new transparency. I believe it’s because of the Nano-Pearl Proteins -  which regulated pigmentation and revitalized my skin…as the moisture-retaining ingredients provided instant hydration!

Key Ingredients & Benefits:

  • Black Pearl – an oriental beauty tonic which helps restore skin’s natural radiance, lightens skin discoloration — making it softer, smoother, finer and more luscious!
  • Silk Protein – this naturally hydroscopic material has an excellent moisture binding quality to condition and hydrate skin.
  • Camu Camu Extract – this beauty secret is known for its anti-aging properties, boosts collagen synthesis for firmer, smoother skin — while restoring skin’s natural radiance.

Beauty Fixx: wash face and apply mask to clean skin. Leave mask on for approximately 20-30 minutes (I left on for 30 minutes). You can rinse away residue or allow formula to dry on skin. No additional moisturizer is required. “Ready-set-GLOW!”

This mask is formulated to minimize the risk of allergies. No animals were harmed or utilized with this brand (#cruelty-free).

I highly recommend this product! ;)

Dec 042012

What if I told you that there’s a chic and non-invasive way to get rid of those love handles? No, I’m not teasing or trying to pull your chains! There actually exists an FDA-cleared approach to getting your body to the ideal shape and size — that you’ve always dreamed of! Body sculpting or body contouring has rapidly increased — by popular demand — over the recent years. You can not only reduce cellulite, but rid that unwanted pregnancy fat, tighten loose skin, reduce wrinkles — and smaller circumferences, all without diet or exercise! Stats show that 92% of people — achieve circumference reduction at approximately 1.57 inches after a complete course of treatments — at Bella Contour!

Bella Contour offers a more effective, longer-lasting cellulite and circumference reduction — rooted in a more pleasant experience — than plastic surgery, liposuction, laser-based approaches and cremes. A patented technology raises consumption of fat — through charged fat ration to carbs — which is utilized for energy. This results in the body using more fat — released through treatment — as an energy source!”

Results are recorded and displayed via dedicated, advanced, built-in-software for documentation of measurements — with photos throughout the course of treatment.

Dec 042012

As the sun begins to set — memories of his sweet embrace races through my mind! To think of how far we’ve journeyed, and where we’ve ended up — it plagues my mind like an incurable disease. The love we shared, was comparable to none! Wrapped in his tender arms, kept me sane and safe. No longer am I in search of love. From here on out — it has to find me! Moving forward, is never an easy task — but to stay drowning in the decay of the past, is much worse! Life is basically what you make it — and I choose to make it blissful! I guess that’s why I am so focused on all things — that can invoke my inner Goddess! And what better than SPAtacular finds and invigorating fragrances? So, here’s my journey:

I spent my Black Friday at the iconic Bath & Body Works! The chic deals was unbelievably amazing — making it hard to not go crazy in the shop! And that’s exactly what I did!!! I got Be Enchanted, Carried Away, Paris Amour and Pink Chiffon — four invigorating Signature fragrances, that takes aromatherapy to the next level! Did I mention that it was also my darling daughter’s 17th birthday? But, I will admit — it were very hard to choose. Even though I plan to make a few more beauty stops — as I am attracted to Sensual Amber, Twilight Woods, Charmed Life and my all time favorite — Japanese Cherry Blossom (but you will have to stay tuned for those ;) )!

Be Enchanted

Frosted floral, sweetened with sugared pomegranate, covered in inspiring glitter — make up this amazing “love potion.” Boasting with iced pomegranate, sugared Petals & creamy Musk…seduction is inevitable!

Fortified with powerful ingredients like super conditioning Shea Butter, fast absorbing Jojoba Oil and protective Vitamin E to hydrate skin with moisture that lasts all day. This non-greasy formula absorbs quickly and completely to leave skin feeling incredibly soft, smooth and nourished, making it the perfect daily moisturizer.


Carried Away

This collection is inspired by the way true LOVE — sweeps us off our feet! Lush raspberries, white jasmine and whipped vanilla combine — to bring your senses to the highest heights — on the level of LOVE. And let’s me admit too you all — I definitely got carried away! This Shea enriched collection is definitely a must-try!

With natural soybean oil and our exclusive Triple Moisture Complex of milk proteins, rice bran oil, and Açai berry, it leaves your skin feeling deeply moisturized and soft as silk. You have to feel it to believe it.”

Beauty Fixx: For an ultimate moisturize-filled experience– after showering — follow up with Triple Moisture Body Cream for 24-hours of skin-nourishing moisture and a beautiful burst of fragrance that’s everlasting.

Paris Amour

Blended French tulips, apple blossoms and sparkling pink champagne, inspired by a dreamy romantic stroll through the streets of Paris — are the magical key ingredients of this “love potion.” Slathered on after an nice shower/bath — can invoke the blissful lingo of amour! Works perfect as a daily moisturizer! Oui Oui indeed *French accent.*

Pink Chiffon

An amazing experience for the senses — this collection tops the list! Also enriched with Shea butter for ultra soft skin, this moisturizing set boast aloe vera and skin-loving Vitamin E combine with an original Pink Chiffon scent. It’s an ultra-feminine blend of sparkling red pear, vanilla orchid and whipped chiffon musk — that bursts with fragrance. What stimulates the senses? Its mandarin, sparkling red pear, peach nectar, wild berries, Tiare flower, jasmine petals, water lily and apple blossom…yum…sweet tasty romance at it’s best! Savor the love!

Hurry to your local Bath & Body Works today — and get your favorite signature collections at but 3, get 2 free! Tell them Media Maven sent you — and get an added surprise :) .

Nov 292012

If you haven’t tried Crabtree & Evelyn — well lovelies, now is the ideal time! Why is that you ask? Well, the coveted beauty brand has a new Pomegranate Body and Hand Care collection — which boasts a unique blend of antioxidant boosting pomegranate, Argan oil and grapeseed! What a total inspiration — rooted deep in powerful ingredients — all found in nature. Now that’s Beauty Philosophy!

Let’s Take A Botanical Beauty Journey to Morocco, where you can lavish in succulent fruits and nourishing oils of Morocco, surge the beauty inspiration of this body and hand care collection.

It features rich, replenishing botanical ingredients and natural antioxidants that will leave skin feeling velvety soft and radiantly supple. Each product has been formulated with ingredients that are specially selected for their skin-conditioning properties including pomegranate (long associated with hope, fertility and prosperity), fair trade argan oil, grapeseed oil, pistachio oil and ginger extract.”

Botanicals                                                                                    Benefits
Pomegranate and grapeseed extracts                                             Anti-oxidant rich
Pomegranate, Argan and grapeseed oils                                        Nourishing
Apricot extract and Shea butter                                                        Conditioning
Ginger extract                                                                                   Anti-oxidant rich
Pistachio oil                                                                                       Nourishing


To compliment the anti-oxidant rich Pomegranate — this collection includes the highly nutritive Argan oil which is sourced in Morocco according to fair trade standards. This fair trade Argan oil is sustainably sourced through an approved network of cooperatives, mainly run by women. These women are offered literacy and educational programs about maintaining and expanding Argan forests, following environmental best practices.


The distinctive fragrance blend of the tart sweetness of Pomegranate with a burst of zesty citrus and clementine blossom and fresh fig leaf, will leave your skin beautifully scented.


Naturally effective, enriching yet refreshing, the Pomegranate Body and Hand Care products are ideal for all skin types and are formulated without sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol and mineral oil.


  • Replenishing Body Bar (140g $10.00)

Containing creamy Shea butter to replenish moisture, and fragranced with the tart sweetness of pomegranate, a burst of citrus and fresh fig leaf, this over-sized body bar will leave skin clean and fragrant. Contains pomegranate oil and extract, Argan oil, and grapeseed oil and extract.

  • Skin Cleansing Bath & Shower Gel (250ml $20.00)

This rich-lathering bath & shower gel gently cleanses and softens the skin. The conditioning blend of antioxidant-rich pomegranate and grapeseed extracts, together with nourishing Argan and glycerin helps replenish the skin. Formulated with a gentle surfactant derived from Argan.

  • Skin Smoothing Body Scrub (175gm $26.00)

Achieve more beautiful skin with this total body smoothing treatment – sunflower wax beads gently exfoliate, while pomegranate, sunflower, jojoba, pumpkin and sesame oils work to replenish and soften skin, and grapesseed-extract helps protect skin. Contains both pomegranate oil and extract, and Argan oil.

  • Skin Quenching Body Lotion (250ml $22.00)

Rich and revitalizing, yet easily absorbed, the body lotion contains ginger extract to help protect your skin while the blend of pomegranate, Argan, sesame, grapeseed and almond oils will nourish and condition.

  • Skin Indulging Body Cream (225gm $34.00)

Shea butter combines with pistachio, almond, grapeseed and Argan oils to make a luxurious cream which melts easily into your skin for a smooth, supple and radiant finish.



Nov 272012

Did you know that during the winter months, your skin’s moisture levels — take a serious beating? Well lovelies, old man winter is here — based on the frigid temps we’ve endured as of lately, and I am here to help you to winterize your skincare routine — which should be hydration-focused! That is – you should be replenishing your bodies, with extra hydration-based products, which are vital for the prevention of ugly, itchy, irritated and dry skin — and I know we all hate that!

Contained within, is a chic tutorial — to help you hydrate your body’s largest organ (your skin) — from head-to-toe:

For Hands & Feet:
These two — often prove to be the driest part of your body! Extra care — in this department is key. Opt-in for moisturizers — containing essential oils, as they really seep into the skin.

There are great overnight moisture socks/gloves made from a blend between a special cotton and spandex and are perfect for dry hands/feet. To use, add your favorite thick lotion to your hands/feet and put on the gloves and socks to lock in the moisture. Keep it on for a few hours, probably best right before bed, to allow the cream to really penetrate the skin. You’ll wake up with super soft hands and feet!”

Body Bliss:
Winter can really drain the body of it’s essentials (dehydration) — and unfortunately, it is not only felt — but noticeable as well.

After showering, try adding a body butter all over your skin to really give the ultimate moisture treatment. If you can, try to wait a few minutes before getting dressed for the body butter to absorb to prevent a sticky feeling.”

Flawless Face:
Does your face feel a bit more flaky or tighter than usual? Then you really should switch your moisturizer. Creams that have soothing ingredients like aloe or rose if you have sensitive skin so it can really reduce redness.

There are also great hydrating serums that you can add to your routine to pamper the skin and give it an extra layer of moisture. If you have oily skin and don’t really like thick moisturizers, try adding a few drops of argon or jojoba oil to your regular creams. This will give your skin a little extra moisture kick without overdoing it.

All skin types should be sure to take extra care to replenish their skin at night. Your skin does most of its repair and regeneration while you sleep, so adding a moisturizing and nutrient-filled night cream to your regimen will be a special treat for your dehydrated cells! Also remember to exfoliate at least once or twice a week to control flakes.”

Heavenly Hydration:
Neydharting Moor skincare range (for instance) — are specifically made using the “peat and peat water” found in the botanical and nutrient-rich Neydharting Moor in the beautiful Austria. It is combined with advanced peptides, as well as a unique composition of the Moor products — which have “proven” anti-aging and healing properties.

Neyharting Moor Therapeutic Facial Mud Mask

To give skin an extra moisture surge, try a Neydharting Peat Facial. The procedure uses the Therapeutic Facial Mud Mask, which contains high levels of peat and starts tingling as your face starts to heat up. Because of the mud’s healing, balancing and regenerating properties, your skin will appear more plump and moisturized.”

Nature’s Elixir:
The number one tip for all skin types — is of course — to drink more water! Water keeps the body much more supple and hydrated from the inside.

Increasing your water dose will really improve the moisture levels in your skin and is essential throughout all the seasons of the year!”

Neyharting Moor Peat Facial

Nov 172012

November officially rings in the holidays, and my social calendar is rapidly filling up — with tons of events, dinners and party requests. But unfortunately, I don’t have time to purchase new party wardrobes, so a Little Black Dress will have to do — as I get creative with various chic accessories — and focus on my hair and makeup to glam it all up! And the best part — it can be done in 5 minutes


I’m not a fan — but maybe it’s time to bring out the favorite red lipsticks! FYI…nothing screams the holidays like glamorous red pout. But thank goodness (for me a non red lipstick wearer) there are many shades that can compliment any skin tone…

If you’re more fair skinned look for a blue based red (which will make your teeth look super white), and if you’re a yellow-tone gal look for warmer shades of red to bring out your exotic complexion. Tip: To rock a bold lip be sure to keep the rest of your makeup minimal so your pout can be the focal point!

A classic smokey eye is the perfect holiday must-have. FYI…every eye color can be complimented with brown shadows. Just think lid, crease and V.

Add a light “skin-tone” shade to your lid and brow bone, take a medium shade brown and add it to your crease. At the end take a black or dark brown (depending on your preference) and add it to your outer V (outer corner of the eye) and blend out all the harsh lines. Add some eyeliner, mascara and false lashes if needed.

Rosy cheeks are perfect for this time of year, especially a cream blush in a natural pink rosy color and add it to your apples.

Apply your foundation/powder lightly over the cream blush to give the illusion of an inner glow. Add a highlight to your cheekbones to make them pop and brighten your complexion.

Hair Time:

Curls, curls and more curls. Curls are a great way to glam up your look. If heat is required to curl your tresses, simply section off your hair — wrap 1-1.5 sections around your favorite curling wand.

Half-do’s look great with straight or curly hair. Be sure to add a medium hold hairspray to ensure that your hair stays in place all day. Another curl variation is a timeless 40s retro look. After blowdrying with a large round brush, set your hair in pin curls all over your head. Spray all over with a strong hold hairspray and then brush to create this beautiful sexy style.  Also, an elegant chignon or side bun is easy and will never fail if you don’t have much time to do your hair. They are super simple, sleek, and look great with any outfit.

Nov 152012

Hey Lovelies,

Sapphire K., your “Haute Hairess” — is ‘hair’ (pun intended) with some frugally chic, safe and natural beauty news! I stumbled upon a great hair care brand at Walgreens, the other day — and I must say, I am totally impressed! I recently purchased a BioInfusion Hydrating Shampoo — as I am always looking for paraben, chemical and sulfate free shampoos and conditioners! The shampoo promised to nourish, repair and replenish my tresses — with its gentle cleansing formula, containing wheat germ oil and lemongrass!

I was overall impressed with the outcome! My hair wasn’t dry, brittle or dull looking. The formula was indeed gentle enough to sit in my hair (in between shampoos — as I wash approximately 2-3 times before completing my hair ritual). I usually lather up and let it sit for at least 5 minutes — before washing it out and applying another dose or two! I do this because I have long (down to my lower back), super thick locks (dreads) and really like to get deep down between each twists –to remove all residue! Because of this mantra — I need my shampoos to be gentle, yet effective! I am an avid Peter Lamas and Carol’s Daughter fanatic — but at times, my pockets prefer the more frugal aspect of beauty! However, let’s just say — that more times than not –” one gets what they pay for!”

Upon rinsing — my hair had a nice shine to it! It smelt great and felt absolutely clean (I wash my hair weekly, but this formula is safe for daily usage). BioInfusion Hydrating Shampoo is great for all hair types! It retails for $7.99 at Walgreens, but I was lucky to get mine on sale for $4.99 (and the state of Delaware doesn’t have ANY sales tax *woo hooooo*).

I finished up with the BioInfusion Daily Volume Leave-in Conditioner spray It detangles hair, added additional shine and marvelous luster. The bottle says that it makes brush-throughs easier and smoother.  But what attracted me the most — was that it was safe for use on color treated hair! It is enriched with health botanical blends that also nourish, replenish and repair — leaving your hair naturally beautiful. It is super lightweight — and great for detangling (not a major concern for me as I have locks and don’t want to detangle my beautiful masterpiece). It boasts rich antioxidants of grape seed, pomegranate and white pine bark. This amazing leave-in also contains panthenol — for that super rich shine and luster I was talking about — also thanks to myrrh extract! Oh, did I mention that this brand is also cruelty free?

*Beauty Fixx — after shampooing tresses, spray on liberal amounts on already wet/damp hair and proceed with drying and styling (in my case — twisting)! DO NOT RINSE OUT this product!

I highly recommend this beautifying hair must-have (especially for the frugal beauty mavens)! I love you lovelies so much — I am also adding a chic “natural” hair care tutorial courtesy of Professional hair stylist Amita Moticka…enjoy!