Jun 032010

It’s a pleasure to introduce the New Clean Blemish Control Collection by beauty icon Noxzema®.  And the kicker…there’s a Dermatologist Partner behind every use! From new packaging, new products; to the same trusted formulations, this beloved skincare brand known for its crisp signature scent, underwent a makeover and now, proud to UNLEASH an invigorating, new look, with products; helping us “face” the needs of women today, while staying true to heritage. And our budgets.

Created in 1914, Noxzema® is branded as a trusted and valued skincare resource dating back for generations. I can vividly remembered watching my grandmother, mom & aunts using Noxzema® every day & night, growing up…I even remember my family in Trinidad using it as well…the smell, so distinct *eucalyptus-menthol*, a key distinguishing factor indeed!

Noxzema launches the NEW Clean Blemish Control formulations – which are specifically designed for adult skin, as to help prevent breakouts and blemishes. Oh, and the coveted convo? A sassy partner to the brand, Consulting Dermatologist Dr. Hilary Reich. “We’re thrilled that Noxzema will further strengthen the Alberto Culver skincare portfolio. With this re-launch, we’re bringing an iconic name, with years of history, to modern women, offering them the daily promise of a clean and fresh start,” says Cynthia Rolfe, Vice President Skincare, Alberto Culver.

Noxzema has unleashed it’s “Come Clean” ad campaign to empower women to “fix” their flaws & not simply “cover them up” . This campaign asks women to flaunt their clean, un-blemished skin…courtesy of Noxzema, of course! An advertorial program, featuring fresh-faced actress Ginnifer Goodwin, will grace the campaign, in partnership with Conde Nast and photographed by NBC’s Saturday Night Live esteemed photographer, Mary Ellen Mathews. Goodwin “comes clean” on her own beauty philosophy and fun facts about her lifestyle. Look out for this campaign, which debuts in July in top print and online publications like Allure, Glamour, Self and Lucky, just to name a few! The New Clean Collection promises blemish control, which ladies & even gentlemen alike…would have to agree, is a necessity. Research shows that a significant amount of women have reported concerns of acne in their lives. The new Noxzema® Foaming Wash and Daily Scrub seems to “face” up to women’s needs (it’s powerful on problem areas but gentle enough for every day use). In addition to these FAB goodies, the revamped brand collection also offers its Original Deep Clean products, including the all known “original blue jar”…and I know you remember…the “Deep Clean” reaches deep down to pores with a cooling tingle; and a sensation which let you know the products are cleaning deep down to pores and removing physical impurities…and let’s not forget the “Triple Clean” collection, which helps to free skin of acne blemishes, while providing purified pores and a clearer complexion.

Ooh yeaa…and the coveted convo thickens…as the word is, Consulting Dermatologist, Dr. Hilary Reich, is a board certified dermatologist and of the American Academy of Dermatology. She is known for her devotion and commitment to surpassing the individual needs of her patients. This beauty maven specialized in treating acne in adults and teens, as well as general skincare. Dr. Reich is a trusted resource and can offer information about product application, benefits and hot, chic, & sassy skincare topics. “I’m very proud to be a partner to the Noxzema brand. I have such fond memories of the products and to now be involved in the relaunch is something I’m truly excited about. Noxzema stands for everything I practice daily with my own patients – simple and effective skincare solutions,” Dr. Reich said.

Check out the NEW Noxzema website to learn more. The results you ask? You’re left feeling renewed and transformed with the promise of a fresh “clean” start!


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