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And Still She-Rize; Creation of a [Multi] Media Maven & True Creative Goddess of PR

Who is Sapphire Kharyzma? She is an amazingly creative innovation, taking the digital world by storm! Since the innocent age of 6, Sapphire Sherize Kharyzma fondly remembers her passion for the Arts. “I got my first journalism gig at age 9.  I was in elementary school, and I was the 4th grade Gazette Reporter. I remember writing on what we knew then as Macintosh computers,” Kharyzma said.

Sapphire Kharyzma is a beauty, fashion & life(STYLE) writer — (Beverly Johnson) beauty, lifeSTYLE and Global Team of 200 (Mom Blogger for Social Change) ambassador — and creative goddess — who scripts the pages of her future, while passionately living her dreams to the fullest. Her fascination with bliss — has led her to embark on a creative mission to empower, educate and entertain women on ways to “unleash the bliss or inner goddess within.” She is the CEO & Editor -in-Chic at Empress Media, the home of Media Maven & Elite Socialistas Blogazines — and a beauty contributor for Daily Glow News, as well as lifestyle contributor for Yahoo (SHINE)!

In 2001, Kharyzma made up her mind to pursue a path in creativity. “My mom always advised me, to never spread my wings to thin”, she says. “Studying Media Arts & Journalism has allowed me to fully spread my wings.  From photography, design/layouts/graphics, editorial, social media PR, publishing — it’s quite obvious that her unique abilities are endless.  Her creative quintessential talents are comparable to none!

After working with and being published by renowned media channels, with credits leading to the Daily Glow,,, Yahoo, AOL, Village Voice (Energy X),  — just to name a few – Sapphire was able to launch her virtual career as a bloganista who continues to brand herself as pillar of resources — that empower, entertain & educate her readers — in all things related to fashion, beauty & lifeSTYLE.  “And it doesn’t stop there!” says Kharyzma.

This multimedia maven sees the beauty & pleasure in life’s simplest treasures.  Learning & adapting alternative and holistic principles has changed this Goddess for the better. “I am a mother and a woman.  It hurts my heart to see the what society expose our daughters to.  As women; the givers & keepers of life, it is up to us to empower our loved ones. What is seen, heard and read in the media, can shape ones outlook on life, so shouldn’t  there exist a foundation for which futures are built and our children’s dreams can launch.”

Expect this multimedia entertainment maven in an area near you!

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