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Understanding Qi, Our Vital Life Force

Many cultures have a word that means energy and refer to the bio-energetic field of the human body. Words such as chi or qi (Chinese/Japanese), prana (Indian), and ruah (Hebrew) are all understood as the life force (vital to survival) that is part of ALL living things. Knowing our own unique resource of Qi allows us to better understand our health.  Qi is broken down into 3 types: 1. Parental, 2. Acquired, & 3. Inherited

  • Parental Qi is considered original Qi which we inherit from our parents; also called “pre-natal” Qi which we acquire at birth. Our parent’s health (at conception), our mother during pregnancy & deliver (mothers who take drugs, under severe stress, live extreme lifestyles, or traumatic pregnancies also contribute low quality Qi), and dad (men who heavily drink & smoke have low sperm quality) determine the quality of our Qi.
  • Acquired Qi is earned during our lifetime; also called “post-natal”. Derived from the food we consume, fluids and the air we breathe.  Poor diets, excessive alcohol and environmental pollution all contribute to poor health, even if we are born with strong and healthy parental Qi.
  • Inherited Qi is associated with the general contribution of our family and explains hereditary genetics and can sometimes skip generations.

Qi, like money is spent, saved and invested.

  • Deposit Account (Parental Qi) is used occasionally in case of emergencies. If it isn’t used (drawn upon) often, the “interest rate” can be very reasonable.  Severe usage depletes inherited qi (Nest Egg) account.
  • Current Account (Acquired Qi) covers our day to day energy usage and fluctuate according to daily needs, being depleted & renewed often. Constant depletion (overspending) draws form deposit (parental) account.
  • Nest Egg (Inherited Qi) varies according to individual lump sum that cannot be added to and once it’s depleted, you are “broke”. People born with poor inherited Qi suffer from congenital illnesses. Over time, this storage gradually erodes. TCM attributes ageing and menopause to such gradual depletion. There isn’t much that can be done about inherited Qi’s levels, but acquired Qi strengthens overall energy levels.

Simply put, we all need to work at keeping Qi at top performance for maximum health. Alterations to our lifestyles, such as taking herbs are a priority in TCM to treat disharmonies. Of course, there are no good herbs, bur particular herbs can be good for you, especially if it’s the ones needed to address the particular disharmony.  Despite the fact that everyone has varying requirements, there are laws of nature that, if broken will result in consequences for mental and/or physical health. Sleeping, eating, breathing and exercise all contribute to our vital life force.

  • Sleeping – 8 hours or more is essential. Consistent fatigue requires additional sleep. The body heals itself between 10 p.m. – 2 a.m. but the human body can tolerate midnight – 6 a.m. Deep sleep (proper) occurs during these hours and it’s when the body makes vital repairs. Afternoon catnaps are great at adding hours to your sleep if demands on your energy are high, or recovering from an illness.
  • Eating-not optional. Our metabolisms are relatively constant. Extreme weather and environmental conditions can alter metabolism. During early parts of the day, our digestive systems are at its top performance; therefore large meals should be eaten during breakfast and lunch. Dinner should be nutritious and light because it is in the evening (when digestive system slows), but our Western ways practice the exact opposite.  There are herbal concoctions designed to be taken first thing in the a.m. to utilize digestive energy. Late night eating stagnates.
  • Breathing – poor posture, lack of proper exercise, jobs that require consistent sitting, are all responsible for poor breathing.  Women tend to hold their stomach in, which in turn prevents the diaphragm (controls breathing) from being properly used. Non utilization leaves lungs either not fully filled or emptied, and organs in stomach are deprived of essential massage from respiration.
  • Exercise – depends on sex, age and constitution to be defined as the right kind. First third of life asks for vigorous exercise, middle age should utilize harmonizing and regulatory, while old age should rely on meditative and relaxing. Your physique also determines the amount and type suitable. Weak and ill/recovering people should use gentle focused area exercise and not deplete resources through overexertion.

Mighty Twelve To The Rescue ^_^

Meridians, or energy channel, correspond to one of the twelve organs in the human body, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine; each are affiliated to one of the five elements, and assuming said characteristics. Organs are either Yin or Yang, with corresponding Yin to Yang ratios and vice versa.

  • Element-Earth-Organs -Spleen (Yin)-Stomach (Yang)
  • Element-Metal-Organs-Lungs (Yin)-Large Intestine (Yang)
  • Element-Water-Organs-Kidneys (Yin)-Bladder (Yang)
  • Element-Wood-Organs-Liver (Yin)-Gall Bladder (Yang)
  • Element-Fire-Organs-Heart (Yin) Pericardium (Xin Bao)-Small Intestine (Yang) Triple Heater (San Jiao)

Internal functions of the “Mighty Twelve”

Spleen & Stomach are responsible for digestion, assimilation & distribution of water and other essential nutrients throughout the body. Both Earth elements, their efficient functions are vital for optimal health and maintenance. This duo not only governs digestion (nutrients are extracted from food through teamwork), they raise (fire) nutrients up to Heart & Lungs where it is then circulated through breathing; spleen controls healthy development of muscles & limbs as reflected in gorgeously kissable lips. Our intellect is also housed in the spleen. *Poor spleen energy can give rise to mental confusion & forgetfulness. Symptoms (disharmony) include the following: bloating, poor appetite, fatigue, diarrhea, weight gain, nausea, thirst, spontaneous bruising, heaviness, weakness of arms & legs, poor muscle tone, memory problems, emotional tendencies, pervasiveness (obsessive compulsive disorder and vexation) and also prone to Dampness.

Lungs & Large Intestines are responsible for our respiration, controlling air flow & Qi flow; linked to Large Intestine to remove solid wastes from our bodies.  Metal elementals, prone to dryness, phlegm & coldness, this duo governs our breathing with Lungs; controlling Qi flow, releasing wei Qi (defense energy) throughout body. This, ladies is behind beautiful skin & FAB toned muscles. It also controls pores & nose, as well as bowel movement (breathing massages colon via diaphragm to ensure regular movements). Symptoms include: voice weakness, shortness of breath, fatigue, cold hands, prone to colds, spontaneous sweating, sinus problems, airborne allergies, poor sense of smell, sneezing. Emotional tendencies are grief and sadness related.

Kidney & Bladder (Kidneys) encourage growth and play a part in reproduction. This pair regulates water, hence the link to the bladder.  Kidneys not only govern development as well as growth but they restore reproductive Qi (which is linked to inherit Qi) as well. They produce bones and marrow (which nurtures bones) & assist brain functions and central controller of body fluids. Both water elements, susceptible to dryness & cold.  Kidneys are also believed to control ears via meridians and nourish hair through blood by Kidney Jing. Symptoms include infertility, impotence, premature aging, weak bones & teeth, mental retardation, dizziness, pale/dark urine, stones, cystitis, deafness, tinnitus, premature balding & graying. Emotional tendencies involve fear, lack of will and motivation. Kidneys, the root of Qi; houses the Gate of Life.

Liver & Gall Bladder is also related to the digestive system and controls movement of Qi. Smooth flowing Qi regulates emotions. Liver also regulates the amount of blood flowing through our body and is closely linked to a woman’s menstruation, the eyes, tendons, nails (which reflects livers’ health). Both Wood elements; gall bladder stores bile, which aids digestion. This duo is susceptible to heat, damp-heat, dryness and also anger, frustration, & irritability as emotional tendencies. Symptoms include stagnation of Qi, migraines, depression, and irregular/painful/absence of menstruation, stagnation of blood, poor vision, photophobia, blood-shot eyes, dark/pale, and dry, cracked nails.

Heart & Small Intestine are ruled by heat, controls life process, and coordinate actions of other Zang-Fu organs. Small intestine separates waste (Pure from impure) after digestion. Both fire elements, Heart Qi governs blood flow, manifested in our complexion (many facial vessels can indicate our heart’s condition). Our heart, which the Chinese believe is closely linked to our emotions or mental activities & shen (spirit) as well as the tongue and speech.  Symptoms include cold hands (bright white color), lack of vigor, fatigue, blood stagnation (blue-purple), heat (bright red), depression, anxiety, poor memory, insomnia, palpitations, indecision, stuttering, and incessant talking. Emotional tendencies include over enthusiasm, inappropriate behavior & mania.

FYI…the heart houses the soul (shen). Zang (solid) organs are: Lungs, Spleen, Heart, Liver and Kidneys. Fu (hollow) organs are: Bladder, Large Intestine, Small Intestine, Gall Bladder, Stomach & San Jiao (Triple Heater).

Article first published as http://blogcritics.org/scitech/article/tcms-mighty-twelve-unite-to-help/ on Blogcritics.

TGIFs Friends, Cocktails & Couture Review ^_^

KOS Rocks TGIF Friends, Cocktails & Couture

From 1998 to 2004, I was what you would call, a faithful evangelist of Sex and the City.  In fact, Carrie’s style and flair gave rise to me being a Bloganista.  So naturally, any buzz of SATC2 tribute events would attract me, like bees to honey.   My first stop led me to Stir’s on First Avenue between 73 & 74th Streets.

With excitement levels peaking, I entered the cozy atmosphere spectacularly set. The candles lent idealism to the lavish decor. However, the event was oversold, over booked, and over populated with females, in an environment offering free or special promo martinis, cosmos & wines and a complimentary free spa station with mani, pedi & eyebrow threading, at that?  Needless to say, the cat fights broke out; ladies were kicked out (of the threading booth due to  poor communications and organization) & even almost passed out from heat exhaustion.

With disappointment well in tow, I came home, uninspired by my experience, and seriously doubting the premiere’s ability to live up to the series at this point. But my persistent BFF convinced me to accompany her to TGIFs Friends, Cocktails & Couture.  It promised FABulous cocktails, awesome appetizers & lots of girly fun! Now granted the Peach Martini @ Stir’s rocked my pleasure vibe, however, let me tell you that the Miami Vice, at TGIF immediately sent my doubts packing. And the Shrimp & Fries w/ Jack Daniel’s sauce…mmm mmm good! So far, off to a great start.  Then, hellooo; without warning, I was captivated by what appeared at first glance to be four young men about to goof off on the mic. We were serenaded, as TGIG kicked off the new Patio, by a phenomenon known as KOS; Kids of Survival, from Queens, NY.  As fascination sat in, Gary, the lead vocalist, informed the captivated audience that not only were they happy to Rock The Mic @ TGIFs (which they work at, when they aren’t touring) Friends, Cocktails & Couture, but these Rock-N-Roll revampers were the opening act for Bon Jovi’s ShareTheMic on Saturday, May 29th at the Meadowlands; the global platform that connects musical artists with Non-Profits to help generate awareness for causes will be a series of summer shows, in which Kids of Survival has the pleasure in kicking off.

So all in all; the view of the Manhattan from Sheepshead Bay, with my BFF Maxi, & four smoking infernos wooing & cooing the stresses & doubts away…Priceless!

Check out the video…Kids of Survival Rocks The Mic Before They ShareTheMic

Hairy Tales ^_^Chronicles of a Hair Guru


Rodolfo Valentin, known for his superb hair creations (founder & developer of Hair Infusions) such as hair extensions and Hair Infusion began his quest in 1984, before the service itself existed. Valentin collected and saved donated hair from his clients to perfect Hair Infusions; being branded as a revolutionary introduction to the Hair Industry.

Hair infusions are made from 100% virgin human hair with its origin being Europe, South America, Africa, Russia and certain parts of Asia, especially China. These coveted beauties are available in a variety of texture, ethnicity and colors, from the lightest blonds to the darkest of brunettes to black.

The FYI ladies…the Hair Infusion method is the ONLY form of extension which maintains one’s own hair, while remaining damage free, beautiful & natural looking. All of Valentin’s hair products are created & perfected completely in-house, causing envy to rear its head among competitor; adding, removing, coloring, styling of one’s hair, hairpiece or full wigs & extensions can be customized upon special request. The consultation team, a complimentary courtesy offered to interested clients invites women to witness what is provided first hand.

The positioning of Hair Infusions (by a certified expert of course) makes this a favorite among women, who travel from all corners of the Tri-State to seek out this virtually undetectable masterpiece.

While other salons might claim their methods to be the healthiest available, Rodolfo Valentin’s purpose goes beyond self praises…Valentin’s mission started in his heart! Valentin wanted to offer an alternative option for women who suffer hair loss due to traction, alopecia and chemotherapy. With this in mind, Hair Infusions were designed to cause zero damage to one’s own tresses, yet promoting natural hair growth. “Our salons are visited everyday by those who tried other methods and found themselves in desperate situations of drastic hair loss induced by inexpert operators and tacky products” –Rodolfo Valentin.

Completely handmade and reusable, Infusions offer dimension, layers, and most importantly…volume and length to one’s own locks; recognized as the only extension available in the industry today that can be applied to short (2” minimum required for application) hair and can be administered without heat unlike competitors. Infusions can be also used in combo with hairpiece to add a fuller more completed look.

“Come with the hair you have, leave with the hair you want “– Rodolfo Valentin.

“Go for your heart’s desire, leave with your wildest dreams” – Media Maven ^_^

Article first published as Hairy Tales! Chronicles of a Hair Guru on Blogcritics.

M+B Exposes Traditional Medicine Theories ^_^

The Traditional Chinese framework for medicine is a comprehensive one, which explains patterns of symptoms people can suffer. Traditional medicine helps one understand what is wrong (illness), the Real Nature of sickness.   TCM is rooted in home cures and remedies to eliminate the cause and alleviate stresses related to these causes (symptoms). Your diet, exercise & lifestyle habits are all key factors in diagnosis, according to TCM; and adopting holistic approaches to assist the healing process.

The basic concepts of TCM are Yin-Tang, Qi (pronounced Chi), Five Elements, Eight Conditions & Twelve Organs (Meridians).  TCM provides a simple basis to assist self diagnosis (once you understand your pain associations & its causes, you can work with your practitioner to make healing safer verses an allopathic approach (prescription drugs and side effects).

TCM & Holistic principles utilize herbs based on (1) how they can help & (2) properties and the useful formulas synergized from blended properties.  Whole health is so much more than an absence of disease. Optimal health encompasses a sense of joy and fulfillment; a true appreciation for life.

Click  link to receive a series of comprehensive articles written by imyunity (Media Maven) on TCM concepts and the responses from readers…M+B Holistic Soul’U'tions

Article first published as M+B Exposes Traditional Medicine Theories on Blogcritics.

TCM Theory TCM Theory Meaning
Yin-Yang Ancient Chinese theory which is used to explainforces at work in Nature. It can be applied to all aspects & things, including the body. Based on pairs of opposing forces with graduation between. Yin-Yang is relative; a thing is only affective in comparison in comparison to something else.
Qi Bio-energy or vital life force; very potential within all living things, from plants to people.  Its strength determines our vitality and is the catalyst for our physiological process.  Qi moves blood, which nourishes the organs in order to produce Qi. Each individual person has different types of Qi.  Qi nourishment and preservation are key to optimal health.
Jing (Essence)The Kidneys, Blood & Three Treasures…

Oh My!

Inherited Qi (Jing) or reproductive energy; our Kidneys (an organ we can all agree we are born with), is the foundation. Body fluids (Jin Ye) like blood; moisten and nourish the body and organs.  *Any imbalance is associated with dampness and phlegm. Shen (mind/soul) resides in the Heart organ and works with Qi to moisten, nourish and cool the body. Qi, Jing, and Shen – the Three Treasures, maintains our health.
Five Elements Fire, Wood, Water, Metal and Earth; is another TCM theory used to describe natural energies, to categorize environmental factors and to describe physiological functions. Color, flavor, direction, etc can be matched to body types, seasonal cycles and personalities; which connect in a very formalized (cause/effect) way, reflecting its origin.
Eight Conditions Yin-Yang Concept; are four pairs of opposites in TCM. Yin-Yang, Hot (heat disease) – Cold (cold symptoms), Full (excess) – Empty (depleted) and Interior (internal cause) – Exterior (external cause). *Disease can have several variations of these.
Six Evils TCM contributes disease to the Six Evils; Wind, Cold, Fire, Summer, Heat, Dryness & Dampness. These internal disharmonies between organs are associated with emotions, called an imbalance of (Organ) Qi.  Emotions are very serious causes of disease. *Dampness is also another major cause. An ignored fluid imbalance which becomes thick and stagnant, combined with heat that is lurking in the body, produces inflammation.

Beauty Icon Comes Clean ^_^


It’s a pleasure to introduce the New Clean Blemish Control Collection by beauty icon Noxzema®.  And the kicker…there’s a Dermatologist Partner behind every use! From new packaging, new products; to the same trusted formulations, this beloved skincare brand known for its crisp signature scent, underwent a makeover and now, proud to UNLEASH an invigorating, new look, with products; helping us “face” the needs of women today, while staying true to heritage.

Created in 1914, Noxzema® is branded as a trusted and valued skincare resource dating back for generations. I can vividly remembered watching my grandmother, mom & aunts using Noxzema® every day & night, growing up…I even remember my family in Trinidad using it as well…the smell, so distinct *eucalyptus-menthol*, a key distinguishing factor indeed!

Noxzema launches the NEW Clean Blemish Control formulations – which are specifically designed for adult skin, as to help prevent breakouts and blemishes. Oh, and the coveted convo? A sassy partner to the brand, Consulting Dermatologist Dr. Hilary Reich. “We’re thrilled that Noxzema will further strengthen the Alberto Culver skincare portfolio. With this re-launch, we’re bringing an iconic name, with years of history, to modern women, offering them the daily promise of a clean and fresh start,” says Cynthia Rolfe, Vice President Skincare, Alberto Culver.

Noxzema has unleashed it’s “Come Clean” ad campaign to empower women to “fix” their flaws & not simply “cover them up” . This campaign asks women to flaunt their clean, un-blemished skin…courtesy of Noxzema, of course! An advertorial program, featuring fresh-faced actress Ginnifer Goodwin, will grace the campaign, in partnership with Conde Nast and photographed by NBC’s Saturday Night Live esteemed photographer, Mary Ellen Mathews. Goodwin “comes clean” on her own beauty philosophy and fun facts about her lifestyle. Look out for this campaign, which debuts in July in top print and online publications like Allure, Glamour, Self and Lucky, just to name a few! The New Clean Collection promises blemish control, which ladies & even gentlemen alike…would have to agree, is a necessity. Research shows that a significant amount of women have reported concerns of acne in their lives. The new Noxzema® Foaming Wash and Daily Scrub seems to “face” up to women’s needs (it’s powerful on problem areas but gentle enough for every day use). In addition to these FAB goodies, the revamped brand collection also offers its Original Deep Clean products, including the all known “original blue jar”…and I know you remember…the “Deep Clean” reaches deep down to pores with a cooling tingle; and a sensation which let you know the products are cleaning deep down to pores and removing physical impurities…and let’s not forget the “Triple Clean” collection, which helps to free skin of acne blemishes, while providing purified pores and a clearer complexion.

Ooh yeaa…and the coveted convo thickens…as the word is, Consulting Dermatologist, Dr. Hilary Reich, is a board certified dermatologist and of the American Academy of Dermatology. She is known for her devotion and commitment to surpassing the individual needs of her patients. This beauty maven specialized in treating acne in adults and teens, as well as general skincare. Dr. Reich is a trusted resource and can offer information about product application, benefits and hot, chic, & sassy skincare topics. “I’m very proud to be a partner to the Noxzema brand. I have such fond memories of the products and to now be involved in the relaunch is something I’m truly excited about. Noxzema stands for everything I practice daily with my own patients – simple and effective skincare solutions,” Dr. Reich said.

Check out the NEW Noxzema website to learn more. The results you ask? You’re left feeling renewed and transformed with the promise of a fresh “clean” start!


^_^Media Maven

Carrie’s Big Secret ^_^One Well Kept!


As a Sex and the City fan, it’s only natural that the premier of part deux to my favorite foursome ignited a passion of anticipation.  Carrie Bradshaw had me captivate since 1998. In fact, her character made me venture into journalism in 2001.  With buzz of Fleet Week/Memorial Weekend, which as a fellow promoter, I have to applaud (one of the best episode revolved around Fleet Week, and the girls being the divine Socialistas that they are) the impeccable timing.

But it wasn’t just the girls that captured my heart, but Mr. Big, as well. For the genuinely passionate way he loved Carrie.  And the buzz is, he captures Carrie’s heart, once again in the final scene of SATC2, with an eye-popping 5 carat black diamond ring and which he contributes “because you are not like anyone else”, being his motivation.

And what truth thou speaketh; for you see, this is no ordinary piece; it’s a 5 carat black diamond ring by designer Itay Malkin.

SATC2 sources say that during preparation for SATC2, “the search was on for black diamond rings.” Designer Itay Malkin, who is no stranger to SATC, submitted two rings anonymously and both Parker and writer/director, Michael Patrick King, chose one of Malkin’s designs to be the “ever important ring” in the movie. His unique ring was chosen above twenty other leading name jewelry designers.  This beauty beat out 20 other contenders.

Now, as we all know, SATC is the temple of global trendsetting, and fellow Carrie-inspired women worldwide are already seeking this absolute must-have. The Coveted Convo you ask? Well, sources say Itay Malkin will identically produce the ring in a limited edition series, which retails at $10,000 each; stamped with the limited edition serial number and certificate of authenticity.

Designer Malkin worked in collaboration with SJP and world-renown Costume Designer, Patricia Field, on the finalized design: the 5 carat black diamond ring is set in 18 karat white gold surrounded by 80 round natural white pavé diamonds equaling 0.35 carats, OH MY!. This baby is the only piece of jewelry that has been held to secrecy due to its importance in the plot; a true debuted for the first time on the big screen.

The Itay Malkin Sex and the City 2 Ring is available for sale online at patriciafield.com or through private sale by contacting Itay Malkin Designs at itaymalkin.com or 888-429-4884.


^_^ Media Maven

Day O’Conner Empowers Civics Ed at Democracy Prep ^_^

Hey, Media Maven here…I want you to watch this video from ABCNews.comMaven’s eldest daughter gets featured helping O’Connor spread the awareness…Kayla Jasmin (girl speaking at podium in navy jogging suit).

“I am very proud to have my children mind’s exposed, nurtured and challenged.  Growing up in NYC, I know what peer pressure and limited opportunities our children face.  I am happy to be a charter school parent, because I know that futures promised are achieved with strive and success. Choosing Democracy Prep as my daughters foundation is one of the best decision I’ve ever made as a mother!”


^_^Media Maven

Sandra Day O'Connor on Civics Education Sandra Day O’Connor on Civics Education
The retired justice developed a Web site to teach civics to kids.
Click Here to watch this video

Fashion Passion Kouture Kollection ^_^…Oh My!


Now, I have to say! Kimora Lee, you are indeed a Fashion Goddess.  When I stumbled upon this video, I honestly felt teary eyed.  Not only where the pieces to DIE for, but she made me realize that the struggles and sacrifices dealt by this industry(most industries) can get discouraging; however, as Women…mothers, daughters, sisters, bosses, students, teachers, employees — we are all in need of that glam boost every now and again!  And it’s nice to know that the pieces are recession proof.  No tasks are set to be easy, but who said you had to spend hundreds to look sinfully FAB while handling the pressure?

Fellow Goddesses — Fashionistas, Stylistas — Divas…alike, I give you KOUTURE by KIMORA!

P.S. – See you at the checkout lines, Exclusively at Macy’s (300 location by end of May 2010) Juniors section for the Budget Fashionistas!

P.P.S – Look for more pieces to come in Fall 2010. Shown Above from Left: Kouture by Kimora Sleevless Belted Dress with Solid Top $34.99; Kouture by Kimora Abstract Print Halter $29.99; Skinny Denim $29.99; Kouture by Kimora Strappess Dress with Bustier Top s-xl $29.99


^_^Media Maven

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