Dec 282011

Ola Darlings,

It’s been another year of interesting baby names out of Hollywood!

From new names like Amaya, Arabella and Xander, to some tried-and-true favorites like Harper, Delilah and Bennett, to some questionable monikers such as Bingham, Press and Bear, Hollywood parents did not disappoint.

Look through our slideshow and read below. What are the best and worst Hollywood baby names of 2011?

  • Eloise Joni Richards
  • Rex Harrison Lamar
  • Amaya Josephine Hermann
  • Hattie Margaret McDermott
  • Xander Dane Jones
  • Delilah Genoveva Stewart Del Toro
  • Haven Garner Warren
  • Indiana Hawke
  • Press Dahl Lamas-Richie
  • Kez Sunday Udoka
  • Arabella Rose Kushner
  • Harper Seven Beckham
  • Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom
  • Willow Sage Hart
  • Bennett Godley
  • Skyler Morrison Berman
  • Faith Margaret Kidman Urban
  • Hudson Stone
  • Arlo Knoxville
  • Jordan Kay Federline
  • Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John
  • Weston Lee
  • Ava Grace Strickland
  • Declan George McBride
  • Madison Belafonte
  • Milo Thomas Bugliari
  • Kennedy Faye Moore
  • Sydney Conway
  • Sadie Grace LeNoble
  • Leo Bardem
  • Spike Myers
  • Arthur Saint Bleick
  • Eloise Joni Richards
  • Kahekili Kali
  • Kase Townes Murray
  • Bingham Hawn Bellamy
  • Diesel Dean Daigle
  • Aleph Portman-Millepied
  • Agnes Lark Bettany
  • Bear Blu Jarecki
  • Mirabella Bunny Adams
  • Moroccan and Monroe Cannon
  • Hero Harper Quinn
  • Ever Imre Morissette-Treadway
  • Yardley Evans Brunt
  • Theodore Hayes MacArthur
  • Cree Taylor Hardrict
  • Clover Elizabeth McDonough
  • Boone McCoy Church
  • Meredith Daniel Mohr
  • Locklyn Kyla Vaughn

Be sure to vote in Celebrity Baby Scoop’s 4th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards for the best and worst baby names of 2011.

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Roselyn Sánchez looked pretty in purple as she celebrated her upcoming arrival — her daughter due in early January — at a baby shower hosted by Johnson’s Naturals on November 5 in Pasadena, Calif. The Rush Hour actress, 38, and husband Eric Winter welcomed family and close friends – including Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria – to the outdoor garden party.

Roselyn opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the intimate event, the “miracle” of pregnancy, her excitement about becoming a mother and her supportive husband who “cooks for [her] all the time.”

The couple wanted the baby shower to be an intimate event, with a touch of class, glamor and lots of flowers. And it was a kid-friendly event as well! There was an entire section for children called the Kid’s Corner. There was a lemonade stand, and brunch consisted of omelets and waffles. Guests later noshed on a delicious red velvet and vanilla cake.

Roselyn said the event was the perfect pre-baby gathering. The actress/model also talked about their daughter on-the-way and feeling “ready” for their upcoming arrival.

We’ve been wanting to be parents for awhile so we were completely ready for this new adventure and life changing experience,” Roselyn said. “It has brought us much closer together as a married couple, partners for life and best friends. We know the intense responsibility and can’t wait to start.”

The beautiful brunette – who recently bared her baby bump on Imagen‘s cover – said her Days of our Lives alum husband is sure to be an “amazing” father.

“Eric is going to be an amazing dad,” she gushed. “He’s already an amazing son that loves his parents. Seeing and knowing that let’s me know he’ll be an outstanding father.”

And it sounds like he’s no slouch in the husband department either! “He supports me, cooks for me all the time, goes with me to all the doctor’s appointments,” she added.

The mom-to-be said the “miracle” of pregnancy has them both so excited. Everything is exciting! Just knowing that I’m bringing life into this world is a miracle.”

Photos: StarTraks Photo

It’s been another year of amazing photos, headlines and stories on Celebrity Baby Scoop! Over 11,000 votes have come in determining the best – and worst! – of 2011′s celebrity baby news in our 4th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards.

So far, we can’t get enough of Flynn Bloom, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Hugh Jackman and those loveable Garner-Afflecks! We feel strongly against naming your baby Press and we have celebrated Pink‘s transformation into motherhood. Continue reading our top picks of 2011. Have you voted yet?

Favorite Baby name:

  1. Harper Seven Beckham
  2. Flynn Bloom
  3. Willow Sage Hart

Worst baby name:

  1. Press Dahl Lamas-Richie
  2. Bear Blu Jarecki
  3. Moroccan & Monroe Cannon

Most transformed by motherhood:

  1. Pink
  2. Miranda Kerr
  3. Rachel Zoe

Favorite celebrity mom:

  1. Sarah Michele Gellar
  2. Jennifer Garner
  3. Alyson Hannigan

Favorite celebrity dad:

  1. Hugh Jackman
  2. David Beckham
  3. Ben Affleck

Favorite celebrity family:

  1. The Garner-Afflecks
  2. The Jolie-Pitts
  3. The Beckhams

Favorite new celebrity baby:

  1. Flynn Bloom
  2. Harper Seven Beckham
  3. Willow Sage Hart

Favorite celebrity toddler:

  1. Seraphina Affleck
  2. Hank Baskett IV
  3. Honor Warren

Favorite celebrity kid:

  1. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt
  2. Violet Affleck
  3. Suri Cruise

Favorite celebrity big kid:

  1. Ava Phillippe
  2. Bindi Irwin
  3. Cruz Beckham

We’re not done yet! There will be another week of voting for the best of 2011 (polls close December 23). Have you voted yet?

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Dec 272011

Hello Divas,

Also known as The Body, a nickname she shares with fellow models Elle McPherson and Gisele Bündchen, Michelle Alves could also be called the ultimate Cover Girl just as well. With over 100 magazine covers to her credit over the course of her career, Michelle has traded in her stilettos for strollers in recent years. The Brazilian beauty and her husband Guy Oseary – who is Madonna‘s longtime manager – are expecting their third child together.

The model mom opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her third pregnancy, their two older children – Oliver, 5, and Mia, 2 1/2 – and her best tips for moms-to-be and new moms on staying in great shape.

CBS: Congratulations on your third pregnancy! How are you feeling? Do you know the gender?

MA: “Thank you! In general I feel very good. It is surprising considering the amount of activity that comes along with having two kids, or three (I always say that husbands should count as kids). It’s a boy, he is so strong already!”

CBS: When are you due? Are you feeling ‘ready’ to welcome a third child into your family?

MA: “I’m due the first week of January. I’m ready for a third child; I have always wanted to have a big family. Four children has always been my dream ‘number.’ According to my son, I’ll have one more, a girl, and then I’ll be done.”

CBS: Please tell us the names and ages of your two older children. Are they excited to have a little brother or sister?

MA: “Oliver just turned 5 and Mia is 2 1/2 years old. They are very excited. Oliver has his own name picked out for the baby. When I enter the room he says, “The baby has arrived”, and comes to kiss my belly. We brought Mia to an ultrasound and she understands that Mommy actually has a baby inside her belly. She loves showing off to others and lifts up my shirt or dress, [laughs] she is so cute.”

CBS: Have you been working out during your pregnancy? Did you lose the weight easily after your first two pregnancies?

MA: “After my first two pregnancies, by the fifth month I had lost all the weight and at six months I weighed less than before I got pregnant. I breastfed both of my children 5-6 times a day for 14 months, which I think has a lot to do with the weight loss. However, without exercise you don’t get firm so you have to exercise and eat well. It makes me sad when I hear of women using breastfeeding and pregnancy as an excuse to eat crazy amounts of cupcakes and sweets when it should be the opposite. What you eat when you are pregnant can help create healthy eating habits for your baby. Many aspects of a child’s life out of utero are a reflection of his life in utero.”

CBS: What are your best tips for moms-to-be and new moms for staying in shape?

MA: “If you are planning on getting pregnant, start exercising now! I promise it will not be a waste of time. Yes, you will put some weight on but it is good to keep your body active and avoid going into a dormant state. Once your body goes into a dormant state we get lazy and it makes starting again even harder. As long as your doctor says it’s OK, you should try to remain active throughout your pregnancy. After the baby is born you will be tired (with good reason!) but try not to let that become an excuse.

Eating well is also very important. I’m not saying we should only eat salad. Women should be eating proteins, vegetables, fruits and carbohydrates, all in a balance. Avoid sugar and caffeine.

Great exercises during pregnancy are prenatal yoga, water aerobics (adapted to accommodate your new pace) and hiking. After you have the baby and your doctor says it’s OK, you should continue with yoga, do Pilates and lift weights to really tone your body. There are no miracles…you have to do the work!”

CBS: You have over 100 magazine covers to your credit! Are you hoping your children will enter the world of modeling? Why or why not?

MA: “We hope we are raising kids that will be able to find their own passion. I’ve never thought about them following in my footsteps. I feel that modeling is more as a platform that helps you do something else.

The way the fashion industry is right now doesn’t give models the chance to be very creative; the art that used to be there is gone. However, if modeling is what they want, why not?! Anything is valid.”

CBS: Coming from the world of modeling and aesthetic beauty, how do you teach your children about maintaining positive self-image and high self-esteem?

MA: “It’s hard to explain in a few words. We use experiences that happen every day. Outside beauty may open doors but it certainly doesn’t guarantee your happiness. True beauty comes from the inside. We try to build their confidence by helping them achieve goals. Kids need to be encouraged to achieve small goals as well as big goals. It can be as simple as learning how to tie their shoes or ride a bike.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

MA: “The third baby! I cannot even think further than that now because it’s so close…so much to do!”

Photos: Michelle Alves/WireImage

Dec 262011

Hello Darlings,

We can’t get enough of our favorite celebrity moms!

From Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s frequent Starbucks trips with Charlotte, to Jennifer Garner‘s park playdates with the Violet and Seraphina, to Alyson Hannigans Santa Monica strolls with Satyana, we love seeing our favorite celebrity moms out and about with their gorgeous kids!

Who do you relate to the most? Who’s the most hands-on mama in Tinseltown? Who’s your favorite celebrity mom? Click here to see our list and 20+ pics!

  • Jennifer Garner
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Alyson Hannigan
  • Nicole Richie
  • Gwen Stefani
  • Nicole Kidman
  • Katie Holmes
  • Reese Witherspoon
  • Amy Poehler
  • Mayim Bialik
  • Jessica Alba
  • Naomi Watts
  • Britney Spears
  • Gwyneth Paltrow
  • Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Denise Richards
  • Victoria Beckham
  • Kourtney Kardashian
  • Tina Fey
  • Heidi Klum
  • Julie Bowen
  • Elizabeth Banks
  • Gisele Bündchen
  • Sandra Bullock
  • Alicia Keys
  • Sarah Michelle Gellar
  • Miranda Kerr
  • Kate Gosselin
  • Melanie Brown
  • Maggie Gyllenhaal
  • Alanis Morissette
  • Tori Spelling
  • Ellen Pompeo
  • Salma Hayek
  • Marcia Cross
  • Michelle Williams
  • Isla Fisher
  • Katherine Heigl
  • Mariska Hargitay
  • Halle Berry
  • Christina Applegate
  • Tiffani Thiessen
  • Bridget Moynahan
  • Teri Hatcher
  • Pink
  • Rachel Zoe
  • Rebecca Romijn
  • Brandi Glanville
  • Camille Grammer
  • Bethenny Frankel
  • Selma Blair
  • Mariah Carey
  • January Jones
  • Alicia Silverstone
  • Natalie Portman
  • Penélope Cruz
  • Ali Larter
  • Alyssa Milano
  • Jewel
  • Kristin Davis
  • Tia Mowry
  • Laila Ali
  • Rebecca Gayheart
  • Nia Long
  • Holly Robinson Peete
  • Kendra Wilkinson
  • Michelle Duggar

The list goes on! Was your favorite celebrity mom on the list? Don’t forget to vote for your fav Hollywood mama!

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Nothing makes us swoon more than our favorite celebrity dads!

From Hugh Jackman‘s school runs with kids Ava and Oscar, to David Beckham‘s weekend soccer games with his sons, to Ben Affleck‘s trips to the farmer’s market with Violet and Seraphina, we can’t get enough of our favorite celebrity dads out and about with their kiddos!

Who’s your favorite celebrity dad? Who’s the most hands-on papa in Tinseltown? Click here to see our list and 20+ pics!

  • Hugh Jackman
  • David Beckham
  • Ben Affleck
  • Brad Pitt
  • Orlando Bloom
  • Gavin Rossdale
  • Matt Damon
  • Tom Cruise
  • Tobey Maguire
  • Larry Birkhead
  • Joel Madden
  • Liev Schreiber
  • Seal
  • Johnny Depp
  • Adam Sandler
  • Jamie Oliver
  • Neal Patrick Harris
  • Matthew McConaughey
  • Mario Lopez
  • Travis Barker
  • Keith Urban
  • Will Smith
  • Matthew Broderick
  • Freddie Prinze, Jr.
  • Hank Baskett
  • Ryan Phillippe
  • Kevin Federline
  • Tom Brady
  • Patrick Dempsey
  • Carey Hart
  • Dean McDermott
  • Elton John
  • Sacha Baron Cohen
  • Jerry O’Connell
  • Nick Cannon
  • Javier Bardem
  • Eric Dane
  • Chris Martin
  • Alexis Denisof

The list goes on! Was your favorite celebrity dad on the list? Don’t forget to vote for your fav Hollywood papa!

Dec 222011

Hello Lovelies,

Actress/author Denise Richards has launched her new official online lifestyle magazine,, today (December 14). The single mom-of-three will update her blog daily with parenting advice, workout ideas, home décor styling tips and personal insights.

To celebrate today’s launch, Celebrity Baby Scoop participated in an online chat with Denise who discussed her holiday plans with daughters – Sam, 7, Lola, 6, and Eloise, 6 months – her favorite holiday recipe handed down by her late mother, baby Eloise’s first Christmas, and keeping the peace with ex-husband Charlie Sheen.

Denise said that holidays are all about family and friends.

I spend my holidays with family and friends. The more the merrier.”

The actress, 40, admitted that part of her family includes ex-husband, troubled actor Charlie Sheen.

“I do see Charlie over the holidays,” she said, and added, “He’s my family.” Denise and Charlie – who are parents to Sam and Lola – keep things in perspective. “I think it’s best to stay friendly whether it’s the holidays or not,” she said. On her best advice for co-parenting, Denise shared, “Keep it about the kids and keep the peace.”

She added: “[We spend] Christmas morning opening presents with the kids. Then Christmas dinner at our house – this year it will be all of us. Many of my friends can’t get home, they come for dinner as well.”

The single mom went on to talk about favorite family traditions over the holidays.

“The kids & I track Santa online to see where he is and when he will be at our house,” Denise said, and added that her girls still believe in St. Nick. “They’ve heard otherwise, but I’ve reassured them he exists. We set out cookies and milk and carrots for the reindeer.” She added, “We usually go somewhere on a trip the week before. Right before Christmas we are busy wrapping gifts and decorating the house. Outside our house looks like Candy Land at Christmas.”

And she even shared a special tradition passed down by her late mother Joni — whom she named her adopted daughter after. “I make the chocolate no-bake cookies my mom always made.”

Denise and her girls don’t cut any corners for their annual holiday party — even bringing in fake snow for the festive event!

“[We decorate] our home, the tree, we do an annual holiday party for the kids,” she said. “At the party every guest brings an unwrapped toy that we donate to children. We bring the snow to us. At our holiday party, we have snow made.”

Denise said the homemade gifts from her girls are “the best” and “the kids make the holidays.” She added, “Every year has wonderful memories.”

And this year will be no exception with the celebration of baby Eloise’s first Christmas! “I can’t wait for her first picture with Santa,” the proud mom shared.

As for any New Year’s Resolutions, the gorgeous mama said she had none, “but if I did, it would be to be consistent with my fitness routine,” she shared. “I really dropped that ball this year. No more excuses!”

Head over to Denise’s new blog at and follow her daily updates.

Photos: Bauer Griffin
Photos: Ru La La

Following the success of Courteney Cox’s boutique to benefit the EBMRF, mom-of-four Nicole Kidman is opening her own store which will include products from Max Daniel, Kidkraft and Vintage Hermes. All of the proceeds will go toward the Stanford Women’s Cancer Center, a cause that is close to her heart.

“I am thrilled to partner with Rue La La to support Stanford Women’s Cancer Center, which provides a real place of hope for women,” Nicole tells Celebrity Baby Scoop. “In my ‘Doing A Little Good’ boutique I have chosen items to encourage moms to shop for a cause this holiday season and help this amazing program which is so close to my heart.”

Nicole added: “My mother had breast cancer when I was 17, so I was personally affected by the disease. I saw a woman suffering, a woman who I loved, who was the heartbeat of our family, going through such distress. This is where I’m putting my efforts right now – keeping our mothers, sisters, and daughters healthy.”

Nicole and ex-husband Tom Cruise are parents to daughter Bella, 19, and son Connor, nearly 17, while she and husband Keith Urban are parents to daughters Sunday, 3, and Faith, 11 months. The Academy Award-winning actress says she loves motherhood.

“I love nurturing and caring for children,” Nicole said. “I obviously love my own children, but I feel an enormous connection to children in general. I’ve always been very drawn to them. I think being an actor gives you a very childlike quality. We still get to play a lot, so my sense of play, my spirit of play, is heightened. I think children keep that alive in you.”

When asked if she sees her fashion sense in her daughters, Nicole replied,

“I try not to see myself in my daughters,” she said. “I try to see them as who they are. My 3 1/2-year-old just happens to be absolutely obsessed and delighted with clothes, shoes, and jewelry – anything that sparkles. And my other two daughters, they aren’t interested in any part of it. It’s fascinating watching them evolve.

And as for the upcoming holiday celebrations in the Kidman-Urban household, Nicole said, “We decorate, we snuggle, we go to church, we see friends and family. And we try to remember that Christmas is not all about ‘the presents.’ It’s a time to reflect.”

The Nicole Kidman ‘Doing A Little Good’ boutique opens on December 15th at 8:00 p.m. EST. The boutique will benefit reproductive cancer research at Stanford Women’s Cancer Center under the direction of Dr. Jonathan Berek, a world-renowned expert in ovarian cancer. The Center, which is dedicated to bringing hope and healing to women with breast and gynecologic cancers, delivers integrated, comprehensive, personalized care to patients and their families. Its advanced research is illuminating new possibilities in early detection and prevention, genetics, cancer vaccines, immunotherapy, and cancer stem cells.


Photos: Flynet,Fame,Dana Hawley

To celebrate the festive season, we’re taking a look at how some of our favorite celebrity families spend their holidays. From Tori Spelling‘s love of decorating, baking and eating, to Jodie Sweetin‘s multi-celebrations, to Jennie Garth‘s “village under the tree,” to Denise Richards‘ favorite holiday traditions, let’s take a look at how the celebrities and their families enjoy the holidays.

  • Tori Spelling

Reality TV stars Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott welcomed their third child Hattie Margaret on October 10th, and the proud parents told Celebrity Baby Scoop they’re “excited” to celebrate baby’s first Christmas, along with older children Liam, 4, and Stella, 3.

We’re definitely going to hang with friends and family,” Tori said of their holiday plans. “We love the holidays, so we’re excited to celebrate Hattie’s first Christmas. We’re excited to have our Santa Claus pictures with all three of them. Stella’s already picked out matching outfits for her and Hattie. We love to cook and bake a lot. We’ll be decorating the whole house so that’ll be a lot of fun.”

  • Busy Philipps

Cougar Town star Busy Philipps – who is mom to 3-year-old daughter Birdie – opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about a low-key Christmas at home.

Christmas is at home this year. We have a big tree and I always make a few different kinds of cookies. Decorating sugar cookies is always one of the most fun events. Birdie will have some friends over and we let them go crazy with the sprinkles and frosting.”

Us Weekly: Best of 2011: Hollywood’s Cutest Tots

  • Denise Richards

Actress/author Denise Richards adopted daughter Eloise Joni in June, joining her older daughters – Sam, 7, and Lola, 6 – whom she co-parents with ex-husband Charlie Sheen. The single mom-of-three opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about their holiday plans.

I spend my holidays with family and friends,” Denise said. “The more the merrier.” The actress, 40, admitted that part of her family includes her troubled ex. “I do see Charlie over the holidays. He’s my family.”

And this year, the household will be that much more merry with the celebration of baby Eloise’s first Christmas! “I can’t wait for her first picture with Santa,” the proud mom shared.

Denise went on to talk about favorite family traditions over the holidays.

The kids & I track Santa online to see where he is and when he will be at our house,” Denise said, and added that her girls still believe in St. Nick. “They’ve heard otherwise, but I’ve reassured them he exists. We set out cookies and milk and carrots for the reindeer.” She added, “I make the chocolate no-bake cookies my mom always made.”

  • Jennie Garth

Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Jennie Garth and her her sexy Twilight star hubby, Peter Facinelli, plan to celebrate the holidays with three daughters: Luca, 14, Lola, 9, and Fiona, 5. The busy mom-of-three – who stars in this season’s holiday family film A Christmas Wedding Tail – recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about their favorite family traditions.

Traditions. The girls and I love to bake Christmas cookies and give them out to friends,” Jennie shared. “We also do this crazy huge village under our tree, with little people and snow and mountains and twinkle lights. That’s something Peter’s family originated, and our girls love it!”

Us Weekly: Best of 2011: Babies of the Year

  • Sarah Drew

Due to give birth to her first child – a surprise delivery – in the early new year, Grey’s Anatomy star Sarah Drew told Celebrity Baby Scoop that she’s excited to create new holiday traditions in her expanding family.

I’ve been listening to Christmas music since October because I’m sort of obsessed with Christmas,” Sarah said. “I’ve been talking with my husband about what kinds of traditions we want to instill and have for our family Christmas traditions. It is the best time of the year. I just love it!”

  • Jodie Sweetin

Full House alum Jodie Sweetin recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her two daughters – Zoie, 3, and Beatrix, 1 – and their upcoming holiday plans.

We do Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, New Years — all sorts of celebrations coming up!” Jodie said. “And now with every commercial that comes on, Zoie says, ‘Mommy I want that for Christmas.’ “

Us Weekly: Best of 2011: Engagements of the Year

  • Leeza Gibbons

For more than 25 years, Leeza Gibbons has reported the latest in entertainment, music, and Hollywood. The mother-of-three recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about their holiday plans.

For Christmas, we always do a family pajama photo that is our holiday card,” Leeza said. “Through the years (19 so far) we have worn ducky pj’s, cowboys, kissy lips, plaids, paisleys and more! It’s always fun, and kind of embarrassing.”

  • Maria Canals-Barrera

Wizards of Waverly Place star Maria Canals-Barrera – mother to daughters Bridget, 8, and Madeleine, 6, with husband David Barrera – recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about a special family Christmas tradition.

I have six sisters-in-law and every year we give each other ornaments so I get six brand new ornaments every year,” Maria said. “We love to revisit every ornament when we put the tree up. We talk about the sister-in-law and what year we were given the ornament. I love that tradition. We have lots of family spread out around the country so that is fun.”

Us Weekly: Best Celebrity Weddings of 2011

  • Melissa Gilbert

Little House on the Prairie alum Melissa Gilbert – who recently separated with husband of sixteen years Bruce Boxleitner – opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about spending the holidays “healing” with all four of her sons.

So far our plans are all about being together as a family and being home for the holidays,” Melissa said. “We’ve traveled the last few years during the holidays so this year it’s all about home, healing, and laughter….with lots of carbs of course!”

  • Rosie Pope

Pregnant in Heels star Rosie Pope – mom to sons JR, 3, and Wellington, 9 months – recently opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her third pregnancy and their upcoming holiday plans.

My father and step-mom are coming in and we are going to have a traditional English family Christmas,” Rosie said. “That means Turkey!”

  • Alicia Minshew

All My Children star Alicia Minshew – mom to 2-year-old daughter Willow – opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about embracing Jewish and Christian traditions over the holidays.

My husband is Jewish and I am a Christian so Willow is getting to celebrate everything,” Alicia said. “Both of our families are on the East Coast so we will be traveling a lot these next couple of months. We will go to New York for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah we will do here in LA, and then we will celebrate Christmas with my family in Florida. So Willow is a lucky little girl who gets to do it all. We want to expose everything to her and let her know and understand what both of her parents grew up with. Then, as she gets older, she can form her own opinions as to what she believes.”

  • Gloria Govan

Basketball Wives LA star Gloria Govan isn’t letting her recent “shocking” split from NBA star Matt Barnes ruin her holidays! The busy mom to 3-year-old twin boys Isaiah and Carter opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about spending the holidays in the Bay area with her sweet sons.

This year, we have the opportunity to actually spend the holidays with our family which is nice because we haven’t spent a Christmas with the family in the last five years,” Gloria said. “So me and the boys are going to be heading up to the Bay area and are going to hang out my family. Everyone’s going to be there! My sister is flying in from Orlando, and my brother will be there. Everyone’s going to be coming into town with their kids. We’re all going to be staying at my parent’s house too, which is going to be hilarious. It’s going to be one big sleepover. I’m excited — I’m definitely going to be helping my mom in the kitchen.”

  • Eric Benét

Grammy nominated singer Eric Benét and wife Manuela Testolini are expecting their first child together end of December. The former husband of Halle Berry – who is also dad to 20-year-old daughter India – opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about their Christmas plans, which revolved around baby-on-the-way!

My wife is an extremely prepared person so we have everything we need for the magic hour! India will definitely be home and it will be a holiday season of love and family sitting around the house for a big event to happen.”

Dec 202011

Hello Darlings,

Christmas is such an amazing time of year! I enjoy the hustle and bustle of the holidays!  Ever wondered if your fave celebs celebrate Christmas also? Hmm. Well, Celebrity Baby Scoop has some great holiday slideshow of pics featuring celebs (Jessica Alba, young Kourtney Kardashian, Tiffani Thiessen, Mario Lopez & more), their kids & Santa Claus!


Cougar Town star Busy Philipps is getting set for a fun festive season with hubby Marc Silverstein and their 3-year-old daughter Birdie. The mom-of-one opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about enjoying a low-key Christmas at home.

Christmas is at home this year,” Busy said. “We have a big tree and I always make a few different kinds of cookies. Decorating sugar cookies is always one of the most fun events. Birdie will have some friends over and we let them go crazy with the sprinkles and frosting.”

Earlier this year, the 32-year-old actress also opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her “sweet” daughter.

“Every day there’s something new and fantastic that happens!,” Busy said. “My daughter is very cuddly and sweet and has gotten to the point where throughout the day she’ll throw her arms around me and say, ‘I love you mommy, you’re the best,’ which is really sweet and makes me feel so lucky that I have a cuddly kid because not all kids are really cuddly. She’s a really sweet, thoughtful kid.”

With love in the air, it’s only natural that the buzz about babies will soon follow! Long gone are the days of muumuus and hiding away during pregnancy!

And we are largely indebted to celebrities who have led the way in maternity fashion. From Alicia Silverstone‘s uber casual duds, to Jessica Albas layered looks, to Selma Blair‘s gorgeous gear, let’s take a look at some of the best – and worst – maternity fashions in 2011.

Look through slideshow and decide for yourself: Who was the best-dressed mom-to-be this year?

Who rocked the best maternity fashion this year? Who needs to fire their stylist? Here’s a look at the moms-to-be in 2011:

  • Selma Blair
  • Roselyn Sánchez
  • Hilary Duff
  • Beyoncé
  • Pink
  • Rachel Zoe
  • Jennifer Garner
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Jessica Alba
  • Bryce Dallas Howard
  • Rebecca Gayheart
  • Natalie Portman
  • Alicia Silverstone
  • Alyssa Milano
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Dec 122011

Ola Lovelies,

Fresh off of the Celebrity Baby Scoop radar, is an *exclusive* one-on-one interview with Jennie Garth, our favorite bff and neighbor next door from the Beverly Hills, 90210 tv drama! And she’s back to dazzle audiences once again in her upcoming family film, A Christmas Wedding Tail. The actress and her sexy Twilight star hubby, Peter Facinelli, are parents to three daughters: Luca, 14, Lola, 9, and Fiona, 5.

Check out what the busy mom-of-three had to say as she opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about her holiday film, baby No. 4, and the Garth-Facinelli Christmas plans this year: “The girls and I love to bake Christmas cookies and give them out to friends.”

Photo Courtesy of Celebrity Baby Scoop

CBS: Tell us all about your upcoming family film, A Christmas Wedding Tail. Tell us about your character and the film.

JG: “A Christmas Wedding Tail the story of a pair of passionate pooches, Labrador Rusty and Poodle who fall head-over-tails in love. The two smitten pups conspire to get their respective owners, Susan and Jake to wed. Despite Susan’s and Jake’s compatibility, their new blended family – with five kids! – Which turns out to be more than Rusty and Cheri had bargained for. Now, the calculating canines must put their poochie powers to the test to keep their family from ending up in the dog house…. A Christmas Wedding Tail proves that a little puppy love can go a long way!

My character Susan definitely has her hands full in this story! She is a successful woman with three kids. Relocating to the countryside to raise her 3 boys seems to be a very healthy change from her fast pace life in the city and her attempt to achieve a real balance in her new life is almost there. And then an unexpected love comes into complete it! Even though love steps in, her career steps up and she is forced to choose between a country life or moving on fast into the big city. And the rest, you’ll have to watch and see.”

CBS: What are the Garth-Facinelli Christmas plans this year? What are some of your favorite family traditions during the holiday season?

JG: “Traditions. The girls and I love to bake Christmas cookies and give them out to friends. We also do this crazy huge village under our tree, with little people and snow and mountains and twinkle lights. That’s something Peter’s family originated, and our girls love it!”

CBS: Last time we chatted, you said you’d love to have a boy added to the ‘Facinelli Five.’ Do you have any special announcements you’d like to make?

JG: “No. No baby on the way. :(

CBS: What’s your favorite cuddle book with your girls?

JG: “Skippyjon Jones is a favorite book of ours, it makes them laugh. And I like Crysanthemum. And then there’s always Goodnight Moon, which always makes me feel peaceful and sleepy.”

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