Jul 202012

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Hello Darlings,

It definitely has been a while, since I took pen and paper in hand, sat down and drafted my love and appreciation — scripted by my passion for being your elite bloganistaa. Writing is so soothing and relaxing for the soul. It allows your voice to have an identity, without speaking a word!

With every rise and fall of the massive sea — better known as my life –I continue to hold on tight to my dreams which fulfills me as your Goddess, Media Maven & Elite Socialista. So much has happened since the last issue. I am slightly bruised and sore from enduring the uphill battle and I am desperately yearning some blissful release. I’ve embraced “change” and go with the flow. I spent countless hours tweaking, editing and revamping — and constantly brainstorming. The past few months have been tiring and draining. We moved to a new location and have been adjusting to the transition. We have come so far — and are in too deep, to turn back now.

Over the past 2 years — transitioning has been the focus — especially since nothing in life stays the same. Life is always on the move…as am I. Stillness and stagnation are my pet peeves and I care not to entertain the thought of their existence in my life. Rather than fight against the current — I learned escape routes and proper techniques to avoid drowning. I am happy to have stumbled upon the Beauty Blog Coalition and the Blogazons — two beauty collectives –  offering invaluable resources for fellow beauty bloggers trying to make it in the blogosphere. They have helped me to let go of what doesn’t work — and instead, try out different methods — and to ask for help when I need it. Together, we are the beauty warriors — supporting each other as we battle through and push forward. It has been a knowledgeable experience of true sisterhood –each individually blessed with natural born talent.

In light of this venture, you can now look forward to beauty roundups — Best in Beauty. Media Maven & Elite Socialistas (Empress Media) have merged to deliver creative reviews — of the Goddess Kind! We have a new rating system, which not only gives you a better idea of products/services reviewed — but also allows you to interact and share your own personal experience with the brand in question. Brands will be reviewed based on 3 determning criteria –reliability, value 9for money), and quality. So look out for this feature…complete with letter grades from A+ to F.

I’ve also been invited to be a beauty ambassador to several brands and will definitely keep you posted once I’ve made a definitive decision. The Jr. Elite Socialistas and myself — had such a ball working with Revlon, and it has since opened many doors.  Also, make sure you sign up with both blogazines — to get your exclusive invite to be our guests at one of our SPArties — spa parties and/or social shopping ventures — shopping events and sample sales. We are even planning Goddess Getaways — where you can travel with us (at discounted rates or even FREE… ) to write reviews (FAB info coming soon). Our reviews are delivered as rants or raves, love letters to brands, photo diary or vlogs — but here at our studio, we call it getting Style Fixx’d.

After surfing the web for talent, I was happy to come across Shadders and Afro Divas — who inspired me to push forward with the XPoZuR project. This project allows me to feature talented artists — makeup, photographers, stylists, models, writers — who show creative drive and innovative talent in their fields. These beautiful works of art would grace the pages of Empress Media.

This blogazine may contain, among other things, visual content, photographs, drawings or other copyrighted protected content, unique concepts or techniques or new products or services protected by United States copyright, trademark or other intellectual property state or federal laws. You are provided with access to this information solely for purposes of participating in this blogazine. It is a condition of your access to the blogazine and attached materials that you agree not to reveal, copy, distribute, share or otherwise exploit information or content you receive access to as part of the blogazine. In the event the distribution or other exploitation of content or information related to this blogazine is traced back to you, your actions may constitute copyright and/or trademark infringement and subject you to legal liability. We have the right to take legal action against you.

And last but not least…Empress Media is hiring!!! We are looking for a few good mavens and socialistas — who eat, pray and love all things fashion, beauty and style. If you would like to write for us, email Media Maven [at] mindbodysoulutions [dot] info to be considered. I can’t wait to see all of the fabulous submissions!

Check out Elite Socialistas, who have been busy launching Jr. Elite Socialistas — a diverse fashion, beauty and lifeSTYLE magatween resource for tweens and teens, as well as LuXe LookBook — a how-to and get the look tutorial as well as all things FAB from our favorite trendsetters and celebs.


Sapphire Kharyzma


May 132012

Hello Lovelies,

Wow! Forgive me as I take a moment to collectively gather myself *breathe…inhale 1, 2, 3, 4 exhale 1, 2, 3, 4*. As I sit here pouring out my soul – it’s down right impossible to hold back the burst of warm fluid that is now caressing it’s way down my cheeks. I’m usually such a private person. So much so that I rarely give into gossip, frivolous lies or chase down rumors! In fact, I rather let Karma *my fave bitch* be my avenger *btw, this movie looks awesome*!

Today, these words of empowerment & inspiration – I dedicate to my beautiful children, whom I devote my life…and believe me, I have.
You see, exactly a year ago *May 1st to be exact*, I had to swallow my pride – with 3 innocents in tow,  and walk out on a decade long commitment of trust and honor (on my behalf), only to witness it be summarized and coated in mistrust and deception (his behalf). You can not imagine the things that came back to me…but eventually I realized that I so wanted more out of life.

My 110% to his 1% never looked uglier. But for some reason, God allowed me to see through the veil, allowing me to glance at a happier and deeper fulfilled self! I suddenly had an epiphany! This situation was not my size, shape nor color! It suited me in no way whatsoever! Yes, I wanted so much more – especially for my two teen girls and my then 3 month old son! I stopped asking why? how? and saw my situation for what it was! I was about to get stuck carrying the bag and I had absolutely no where to turn! So, instead I turned to God!

This revelation showed me what I truly yearned. I was well aware of the life I led and realized that I couldn’t and wouldn’t rest until it was my reality! 10 years of my life, now piled onto the previous past traumas. Everything felt like 10 tons and I didn’t believe that I was that strong to lift any of it! Suddenly, I was a victim – a woman baring low self-esteem and self-doubt. How was it possible that I allowed myself to love someone more than I loved myself? Why was it so easy for him to drain me of my essential essence?

The why? how? factor rapidly change, since I noticed that he couldn’t even get his story straight! Each version changed with the passing of mutual friends.  And then my “ah ha” moment dawned through the dark clouds. No longer was I willing to allow anyone to overshadow my divinity and deprive me of my inner butterfly! So, for a very difficult and heart aching 9 months, I sacrificed and struggled, all the while adorning a smile to keep my heart from shattering and to avoid the sympathy! I even set mini goals, focused very hard on Media Maven & Elite Socialistas *story behind ES coming soon*. Each and every one of your letters showed me that I was more than meets-the-eyes! But the icing on the cake came when I realized that (1) I had the law on my side & (2) I set out make a home in a new state and I did…seeing my goals through to fruition was absolutely priceless! I fought hard and I conquered…

As women, we are capable of so much but we allow others to rob us of our victory. I realized that each one of my children marked a milestone of my past that was very tragic – but in their innocent eyes I saw my victory! I no longer allowed anyone to rob me of what was mine. My spirituality led me to a sacred relationship with God, who showed me how to launch and take flight.

With undying Love & Appreciation to you my readers…

Today, I embrace my experiences – the good & the bad – and allow them to propel me further along my coveted quest to success and fulfillment. I dare anyone to try to get my trust and/or LOVE, without putting in an application, going through a rigorous interview/screening, background check – the works! I refuse to spend anymore time on anyone who contributes nothing to the bigger picture! Instead, I continue to rise above the ignorance and immaturity, leaving that for the meek and unenlightened and chose to carry my God-given blessings (my children & talents) which in turn makes the achievement factor all the more sweeter!

I listen stronger, harder to my inner intuitive Goddess, for you see, she guides and protects me unlike any other can or will. She showed me that my trials and tribulations a year ago and beyond where going to be blessings in disguise.  I know now that even though the silver lining can be if not impossible to see, is actually right in front you very eyes. But we have to be awakened and alert to the shining light which guides us to our fate.

As a single mother of a diversely multicultural background, I can spot racism, sexism and hatred a mile away, Instead, I elevate…even now, with the weight of my past rearing it’s ugly head every now and then, but I try not to stay down for too long! I can’t waste anymore time. I look back on growing up without stability, foundation and unconditional love (imagine competing with other family members for the feeling to simply belong) – and noticed the rippled effect, which if I’m not careful…will consume me, and that is not an option for me!

This woman knows that there is power in words, so I choose mine wisely, as well as the company I keep or rather, the so called “loved” ones I surround myself with. No more second guessing myself. My beauty will continue to shine, hopefully shedding some much needed light, touching the very essence of other women out there who suffer similar or worst fate than I. Many aren’t as lucky as I was, to make it to a place of serene bliss *although, not 100% there, but 85% rooted* As a sister of light, it only makes sense that the darkness will target, but I am more prepared and skilled. My desire to help and give back won’t ever allow me to give up. And I hope my words and the brief glimpse into my world – won’t allow you to either! Happy Mother’s Day Darlings!

Eternally Grateful,
Media Maven

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Apr 302012

Hello Divas,

I am just sitting here, on this calm and beautiful day as random scenes begin to play:

I have quiet a few reviews coming your way! I’ve got Spatacular Finds like the cygelle healing spa True Holistic Silk Collagen Mask, Au Naturalista Beauty discoveries  like Dr. Miracle’s Curl Care & Infusium 23′s new shampoo & conditioner. Great Reads, such as The Complete Idiots Guide to Seed Saving and Starting & The Complete Idiots Guide to Small Space Gardening just in time for my spring garden! Yes, my new home, in my new state allows me to have a patio (in the air) that is large enough for me to have a “small space garden” ;-) . Media Maven aims to be your one-stop-style-fixxing-shop and blissful resources for anything related to lifestyle pleasures to balance the scales of health and wellness! Media Maven Your StyleMpress – follow me on Fashiolista to find out my fave fashion finds…

Stay Blessed & Live Blissed,

XOXO Media Maven

Jan 012012
Media Maven FAB Logo

Hello Darlings,

Over the past two years, my life has been flipped on its head by my mental, financial and emotional strains & stresses. The sacrifices made lead back to a hauntingly fragile former self, that I’m very sad to see go! My strengths are attributed to [her] struggles and suffering.

But I am also excited to be the empowered, determined success story (in the making) – Goddess… you have the pleasure of knowing, through my words! The choices I’ve made in 2011 have prepared and propelled me towards who I had to become (Sapphire Kharyzma…and it’s about time, since I am more than meets the eyes).

I’ve since enjoyed watching my now 11 month old son, Ayden, grow up so rapidly right before my very eyes & witnessed two teenage beauties, Jazz & Starr, blossom and mature into womanhood. In fact, I am scared to blink too much because I might miss one of my children’s precious milestones! Soon, I will reminisce on the earlier years, wondering how they got so big, so fast!

Independence is such a coveted fate worth cherishing! It is also one of my greatest accomplishments,  as well as one of my life-long desires and it is truly priceless! The best advice I can give too you my readers, is to dream big and aim high…don’t ever settle for “okay” or “comfortable”, when you can have “everything.”

Thank you for liking Media Maven Blissfully FAB Lifestyle Blogazine. It has been nothing but pleasure for me to watch the love grow daily, as it takes Media Maven, Elite Socialistas Blogazine of the Goddess Kind & Shades of Beauty Blogazine; Empowerment & Beauty Behind the Cause that much closer to the top! I couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you! It is such joy to entertain, empower and educate you all! You’ve led me to embark on a quest for betterment – better partners, sponsors & experts for your reading enjoyment. Experts like Alice Inoue & her Feng Shui Series (every Wednesday), Lisa Kriger, our Relationshipologist in If Only I Knew (every Friday), Celebrity Baby Scoop Exclusive recaps, and constant fashion, beauty & style, lifestyle trends, fitness, health & wellness, parenting, travel, tastes, SPAtaculars, deals and so much more – all throughout the week.

Join Media Maven, the Elite Socialista as I say good-bye to the old and celebrate the “unleashing of bliss” that’s yet to come! My New Year’s Resolution is to continue to push hard and to go above and beyond the limits to provide in the name of “LOVE.’ It’s full steam ahead in LOVE and appreciation for me, my children and our entire blogazine family, especially our readers. You can expect an awesome transformation for the blogazine(s) over the year of 2012, but it’s all worth it! I mean, you are all worth it…arent’ you?


Sapphire Kharyzma, your Media Maven


Dec 052011

Hello Darlings,

It’s officially my favorite time of the year; the holiday season and the best part – getting to experiencing it through the eyes of our kids. The spirit of giving is rampant throughout the air so Media Maven is keeping the spirit alive with Goddess Giveaways of the golden kind, throughout the season. With so much happening, it amazes me how my we divas are able to handle parenting, work (fellow MOMpreneur here^__^), and everything else life seems to throw our way. But hey, let this Goddess, or as my kids call me – “Wonder Woman” help to keep you balanced & “beauty” full with SPAtacular Finds & Ventures from an Elite SPAlista! You can soon follow this feature on TripAdvisor’s FlipKey – where I will being guest blogging “SPAtacular Ventures of an Elite Travelista!” (Will keep you posted on this venture of the blissful kind).

I currently have tons of FAB products, books & services In Review, so stay posted to this feature and learn about Media Maven’s take on things ;-) ! Also, check out all of my fave things that help me to “unleash the bliss within”, which can be found in my Coveted & Cherished Closet.

I am happy to report that Media Maven currently features a few outstanding experts who want to share their knowledge in Mind, Body & Soul(‘U’tions) synergy, such as our Holistic Maven Alice Inoue’s Feng Shui Series & Nu Skin(care)( *coming soon) & Jeff Cannon’s The Simple Truth.

And last but definitely not least (save the best for last), I will like to give you the **EXCLUSIVE** heads up about what’s in store for Golden Goddess PR, which is now officially dedicated to “Cause & Ambassador” Blogazine for Domestic Violence awareness, Cancer & HIV/AIDS Research.  As a woman affected by domestic violence and cancer – which affected a very special person in my life; I believe that awareness should be more than just a month (October is both Cancer Awareness & Domestic Violence Awareness Month)! Domestic Violence, Cancer & AIDs affect lives every day and I wanted to keep the awareness going year round! So, as part of a Golden Goddess Giveback Initiative, I present to you I (<3Heart) Passionista eMPOWER(ment) campaigns with Purple eMPOWER(ment) for DV, Pink eMPOWER(ment) for Cancer & Red eMPOWER(ment) for AIDS awareness. Golden Goddess PR’s Shades of Beauty will promote love & inspiration through shared stories and testimonials of survivors as well as other relevant resources. It’s time for us to take our power back. It’s time to break the silence & speak up (SHOUT even) and stand up to DV, Cancer & HIV/AIDS. I promise to keep you posted about my passion(ista) eMPOWER(ment)!

As always, stay FAB, love yourself first, foremost & unconditionally, and allow Media Maven to help you to “unleash the bliss within.”


Smooches & XOXO,

Media Maven, the Elite Socialista

Oct 042011

Ola Darlings,

It’s Media Maven here, and have I got loads of fun, fashionably organic and eco-licious content for you. But first, let’s acknowledge that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, as well as Domestic Violence Awareness Month – two very important causes that we at Media Maven are seriously passionate about!

Since we’ve last communicated, and I know it’s been a long time…I have been busy buzzing and scouting around for the best of the best – in health & wellness, fitness, fashion & beauty, travel, cuisine, parenting – you name it. We are currently revamping and launching aspects of the site to enhance your EMPOWERMENT, ENTERTAINMENT & EDUCATION. Check out Ayden’s Room;) – an invaluable parenting resource for moms and dads who are curious about everything baby &, toddler into the teenage years, that is organic, ecofriendly, budget friendly, fashionably adorable, hip and modern, fun places to visit, great family things to do – anything you would like and enjoy as a parent and as a family.

Summer has come and gone and fall is here with winter on her heels. Media Maven will help you make the seasonal transition with fashionable style and beauty that is healthy and fit!

Media Maven is now a member’s site! Feel FREE to JOIN. Engage in the forums, groups and other social savvy activities.

Stay tuned for all of the FAB goodies, and as always – post comments, ‘LIKE’ us on FB, follow us on twitter @goddesspr/media-maven & tumblr as well love to hear from you. Also, be the first to know about upcoming events, giveaways, contests and receive FAN only invites!


Smooches XOXO,

Media Maven

Oct 302010
Media Maven at Sassy City Chicks

Hello Readers,

It’s Media Maven here, and I have so much to tell you. First of all, I would like to thank each and every one of you for your comments, letters/emails, questions, requests, tips and suggestions. To keep everyone updated, the blog have been very busy the last few months trying to figure out the best way to keep you, our readers; empowered, entertained and educated.

We receive tons of press releases daily and have been sifting through what we feel would be best suited for our sections as well as for your pleasure. In the months to come, you can expect book/product reviews, Maven’s favorite picks, travel/Goddess getaway, Goddess Gourmet and FYI/Shhh Coveted Convo explosions on our pages. Remember, everything contained within this site is designed to help you live a healthy and active lifestyle to unleash the natural bliss within.

We currently have exclusives on the new Winter/Spring health and beauty products, and other goodies that are set to launch. Follow Maven as she journeys through parenting in our new section Fit & Fabulous Mom; Trials & Pleasures of a Single Mom.   “Being a Media Maven and a single mom of two teenage divas and expecting the arrival of a newborn prince can be hectic and requires lots of time and stress management”…read along and learn how to cope with everyday expectations of parenting and maintaining a career.

Also, feel free to leave your comments/questions in the comment section of our posts and you can email Media Maven (at) [email protected].  You can also follow Maven on Associated Content, PNN and Blogcritics.  You get the same goodness contained here, satisfaction guarantee.

For those of you who asked about the bookmarking and RSS, please scroll to the very top-right of this site. You can also follow us on twitter (also located on the top-right corner of this blog).

Once again, thank you so much for your support and patience. Your pleasure is ours as well; in efforts to keep you entertained, empowered and educated.


Media Maven ^_^