Media Maven’s 6 Summer Health Tips for Moms

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by Carolyn Harrington, Founder of Maty’s All Natural Products


1. Stop eating sugar and simple carbs. Aside from the obvious threats that eating sugar pose, such as weight gain and diabetes, every time you eat some sugar, it cripples your immune system for a few hours after you ingest it. Therefore, to keep your immune system strong, eliminate it from your diet.

2. Supplement with Vitamin D. Recent studies have shown that most Americans are vitamin D deficient. Keeping vitamin D in our bodies at optimal levels helps our immune systems stay strong and ready to combat not only common everyday diseases like the cold and flu, but also many degenerative diseases like diabetes and heart disease. When supplementing, always take vitamin D3 which is the natural form.

3. If and when you get sick and develop a fever, let the fever run its course. A fever is one of your bodies last attempts at combating the disease. Bacteria and virus cannot survive at higher than normal temperatures. If you quickly reduce the fever by taking ibuprofen or acetaminophen, you may feel better, but you handicap your immune system by eliminating one of its strongest weapons. Our immune systems are like our muscular system, they need to be exercised. The more it is able to fight a common ailment, the better equipped it will be to fight off the next invasion. Of course if a fever gets too high, above 104 degrees, a doctor should be consulted.


4. Eat foods that are in their most natural state, which means to stay away from processed foods. This also includes eating more raw foods. Processed foods are

loaded with unwanted ingredients like sugar and sodium. For instance, mashing your own potatoes is much healthier than eating the processed boxed type. Also, by increasing your intake of raw food, you are eating foods that are filled with nutrients and enzymes that help in digesting those foods.

5. Get enough rest and sleep. Studies show that getting enough sleep at night not only strengthens the immune system, it also helps control your weight. Another often overlooked aspect of rest is to take breaks throughout the day to clear your mind and let it rest. This can be accomplished with a short 5-15 minute meditation sometime throughout the day, or to just close your eyes and clear you mind to let your thoughts unwind and and your mind rejuvenate. It does wonders for your energy and overall well being.

6. Eat dirt. This does not mean to go outside and grab a tablespoon of gritty dirt and put it in your mouth. This means that when you wash and clean things, do not obsess over the cleanliness of the everything. A little bit of unwanted impurities in our systems helps to exercise our immune systems and strengthens them.

Media Maven Introduces Mighty Mommy!


Even supermoms out there recognize that parenting is just as challenging and exhausting as it is amazing and inspiring – we all need insightful, creative advice to add more balance and fun into our families’ lives every once in a while. Luckily, Mighty Mommy is here to help!

Cheryl L. Butler, or Mighty Mommy, as she is known through the award-winning podcast series on, is the proud mother of five boys, three girls, and two dogs. Her eight children range in age from 6 through 18, and provide the inspiration for her weekly podcasts, chock full of insightful, creative, and practical parenting tips that will help you survive and thrive in the wild and wonderful world of raising children.

Mighty Mommy’s useful and entertaining advice includes topics like:

·         How to teach your kids patience

·         The importance of routines and schedules

·         Making (and breaking) parenting rules

·         Tips for dealing with a bully

·         Making time for mom

·         And much, much more!


The Mighty Mommy podcast won the Podcast Peer Award for Best New Podcast when it was first launched in 2007, and the Best Parenting Podcast in 2008. As the new and improved host, Cheryl provides a fresh, insightful, and engaging perspective on parenthood that will attract new listeners and old fans alike! Mighty Mommy’s approach is all about parenting with warmth, love, creativity, and of course, lots of fun!

About Cheryl Butler:

After 6 years of infertility treatments, one beautiful adoption, and 7 trips to the delivery room, Cheryl Butler’s family was complete. When not partying in the laundry room or coordinating her home décor around stains and broken furniture, she writes the column “Family Zone” for local magazines in Southern Rhode Island where she reflects on the many twists of parenthood. Author of the newly released Pregnant Women Don’t Eat Cabbage, Cheryl has also been featured in several anthology series, including Chicken Soup For The Pre-School Mother’s SoulChicken Soup For The Chocolate Lover’s Soul, and The Misadventures of Mom and Disasters of Dad.  Cheryl is a regular contributor and columnist to AOL’s online news source, Patch.  Her readers have come to depend on her humorous, common sense approach to everyday life.


Quick and Dirty Tips creates and distributes short, actionable advice from friendly and informed authorities that will help you succeed at work and in life. Whether you want to manage your time and money more efficiently, observe the correct rules of etiquette, or improve your physical fitness, Quick and Dirty Tips is here to show you that education and entertainment can go hand in hand. And that learning can still occur no matter what stage of life you’re in. QDT is available as web articles, e-newsletters, audiobooks, print books, and podcasts. The Quick and Dirty Tips website gets nearly 2 million unique visitors and more than 2 million podcast downloads each month. For more information, go to

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Media Maven’s Summer Essentials For Kids


Mother’s Day has come and gone, but for this momtrepreneur, Mother’s Day is everyday! Already, I’m on the grind searching for the best products for kids, especially since summer is rapidly approaching.

Summer to kids mean summer camp, little league and all-day play dates with friends at the park. With the increase of physical activity, parents should be mindful of keeping their children’s energy up the healthy way while ensuring their safety.

·         USANIMALS ( are supplements designed for children. Not only does it support healthy immune function with its vitamins A, C, E and zinc ingredients but it also consists of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D which assist in creating strong and healthy bones. We all know how kids sometimes love to play rough on the playgrounds so USANIMALS are perfect. They are also easy-to-eat chewables stamped with fun animal shapes, fit for every child’s personality.

·         HINT Water ( is a fruit-infused all natural essence water that contains no calories, sugar, artificial sweeteners or preservatives. It is imperative for a child to stay hydrated while playing outdoors in the sweltering heat. Forget the unhealthy soft drinks and pick up a bottle of HINT instead. It’s not flavored water, it IS water. 

·         Medical ID Marketplace ( While health, eating right and keeping your child’s body nutritious, parents oftentimes forget that “health” also means “ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your child.” What if your child has a food allergy or has diabetes? A parent has to make sure their child is safe when they are on a field trip or on a play date. Medical ID Marketplace is the solution to that problem. They offer fashionable, trendy and cute medical ID bracelet that blends in with everyday pieces and only stands out to first responders in case of an emergency. These accessories come with a customized engraving (emergency contact info, health condition, etc.) so health officials will know how to react in a worst case scenario. Also with hundreds to choose from, there is an option that fits for every child’s colorful personality.

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UniverSoul Circus Comes To Washington This May

Hello Mommalista,

One of my favorite pastimes as child was when we went to the circus! UniverSoul Circus has created a big top thrill-ride infused with an unparalleled global mix of circus artistry, music, dance and style – all inspired by reflections of the world around US. The UniverSoul Circus 2012 production entitled US” – featuring Shaolin Kung Fu acrobats from China, bone-breaking contortionists with a hop-hop flair from Guinea, hilarious acrobatic comedy from South Africa, pro-style hip hop dancers from Washington, DC, and an all-male Russian Swing act from Belarus – will be performing in Washington from May 3-20 at Capital Plaza Mall in Landover Hills, MD.

Tickets on sale soon at or by calling 1-800-745-3000.

WHEN:         May 3-20, 2012

WHERE:       Capital Plaza Mall

6200 Annapolis Rd., Landover Hills, MD 20784

Visit for more info, show times, and schedules.  Also follow us on  and

UniverSoul’s 360 Dance Crew features two members with Washington, DC roots – Katoya “Kae J” Johnson and Olivia Crosby.

“At UniverSoul Circus, we’re one big happy family – and that includes our fans,” said Founder and President Cedric Walker. “Without you, there is no US. This year’s production titled simply, yet profoundly, US” – includes 14 outstanding acts from Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas – all coming together to create an unforgettable global experience. ”


US 2012 Tour

The UniverSoul Circus 2012 North American tour of “US kicked off in January in Tampa and Miami. Following its DC premier, “USwill travel to Baltimore on May 29-June 3. Now in its 19th year, the circus will perform over 500 shows in 27 major markets. The international cast includes 80 world-class acrobats, contortionists, aerialists, martial artists, dancers, comedians, clowns, horses, tigers and elephants.

Creative Team

The show’s creative team includes Cedric Walker, who regularly travels the globe to find amazing talent, and award-winning live entertainment production designer Tom Marzullo. Marzullo has designed and/or stage managed major international tours for some of the biggest names in show business, including T-Pain, KISS, Jay-Z, Ne-Yo and Prince. Most recently, Marzullo designed, produced and production managed Justin Bieber’s international My World Tour, which earned Marzullo the 2010 Tour Link Top Dog Award for Production Manager of the Year.

Katoya “Kae J” Johnson

Kae J., 27, a proud native of Washington, DC, has thirteen years of dancing under her belt. She has trained in Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Modern, Tap, Hawaiian, and many other dance styles.  Kae J. has worked with many notable choreographers including Fatima Robinson, J Blaze, Sean Bankhead, and Rennie Harris. He has performed on BET, the Soul Train Awards, Oxygen and Sesame Street.


Olivia Crosby

Olivia, 28, received her BFA in Dance Performance from Towson University. She is a former principal and freestyle member of Culture Shock DC Dance Troupe. In addition to Towson University, Olivia has studied at the Ailey School’s Summer Intensive in NYC and Lula Washington Dance Theatre in Los Angeles. Olivia has performed the modern and ballet works of Vincent Thomas, Linda Denise Fisher- Harrell, Lula Washington, Stephanie Powell, Donald McKayle, and Michael Utoff to name a few. She has performed in the Ailey Student Showcase, toured with Lula Washington Dance Theatre, and has danced background for R & B artist, Lil’ Mo.


2012 List of Acts

Improv Comedy Troupe                                                                                Atlanta, GA

Zeke – Co Host                                                                                                  Cleveland, OH

Caribbean Dance                                                                                              Trinidad & Tobago

Acrobatic Hip Hop Contortion                                                                     Guinea, South Africa & USA

Aerial Contortion                                                                                             Mongolia

Acrobatic Kung Fu                                                                                            China

Tigers                                                                                                                    USA

Comedy Bench Act                                                                                          South Africa

Russian Swing                                                                                                    Belarus

Elephants                                                                                                            USA

Cossack Horse Act                                                                                           Russia and Guinea

Aerial Duet                                                                                                         France and Brazil

Hip Hop Dancers                                                                                               USA


About UniverSoul Circus

UniverSoul is a highly interactive combination of circus arts, theater, and music that spans genres including Pop, Classic R&B, Latin, Hip Hop, Jazz and Gospel. It embraces and celebrates the unique and familiar aspects of pop culture globally by bringing them center stage with a cast of international performers. UniverSoul Circus is rated as one of the top three circuses in America along with Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey and Cirque du Soleil. UniverSoul’s fresh approach to family friendly live entertainment has earned it a coveted spot as one of Ticketmaster’s top ten most requested family events, along with other shows including Sesame Street Live, Disney on Ice, and Radio City Christmas Spectacular. The circus was founded in Atlanta by concert and theatre promoter, Cedric Walker. As it approaches its historic 20th anniversary in 2013, the circus will perform over 500 shows in 27 major markets this year and travel nearly 10,000 miles.

6 Ways to Help Children Reach Healthy Weights

Hello Darlings,

Talking to your child about the touchy subject of weight isn’t easy. Top Psychology Schools recognizes the need to properly address childhood obesity early on to prevent psychological damages in the future. Follow our expert recommended tips to help your kids look and feel their best!

Clearly, it’s important to start a dialogue about weight with our kids. So we asked the experts to weigh in— no pun intended— on six simple, supportive and age-appropriate steps to broach the topic and ensure that our children get and stay healthy.

Focus on Health: The first step is to stop thinking of weight issues as mainly an appearance problem. In fact, “The best approach is not talking specifically about the weight itself,” explains YouBeauty Nutrition Advisor Kristin Kirkpatrick, R.D. She suggests that when you talk to your child, don’t talk about dieting or fat, but rather a desire to be healthy.

It’s A Family Affair: Kirkpatrick insist that to achieve a healthy lifestyle you have to include your whole family, not just pick on a troubled member or two. After all, healthy eating is in everyone’s best interest.

Get Out And Play: Adults might call it “exercise,” but with kids, you can call it something much more fun: “play time.” Avoid words like “workout” that make fun activities seem like a chore.

Force Of Habit: That takes changing what’s available around the house. Fill your fridge with only fresh, nutritious and delicious options for your kid and the rest of the family.

Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk: Just as parents have to set an example by watching what goes into their mouths, they also have to pay attention to what comes out—and that means absolutely no fat talk.

Think For Yourself: Turn the negative messages in the media into a positive by encouraging an open dialogue with your children. “I think that there’s a lot to be said for being honest with kids in an age-appropriate way,” Quinlan notes. So, don’t be shy, start the conversation.


To view the full article please check out:

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Olli Lolli Springs New Organic Hoodies to Help Keep Kid’s Meds Close

Hello Lovelies,

With “spring” in the air, everything fresh, new, beautiful & eco/green is in bloom. Bees are beginning their buzz -y season and that can only mean stress-covered anti-anticipation for many allergy suffers, as myself & my girls! I was very pleased to learn about Olli Lolli’s Organic Cotton Hoodies, which come adorned with a special Olli Pocket™ to hold those vital meds!

Olli Lolli Allergy Aware Apparel Inc., offers a line of apparel that allows kids with life-threatening conditions, such allergies, asthma or anaphylaxis, to wear their emergency medication, instead of carrying it in a pouch, purse, fanny pack or knapsack that could be easily lost.

Olli Lolli™ windbreakers and hoodies are specially designed with the Olli Pocket™, a built-in pocket to hold a child’s emergency epinephrine auto-injector, asthma inhaler, or insulin injector, ensuring their medication is there when they need it.
Now kids and their care givers can immediately access life saving allergy medication, whether they are in the school lunchroom, out on the playground, visiting a grandparent, or in the neighborhood park playing with friends.
Fresh for Spring and Summer 2012, the colorful Olli Pocket™ Organic Cotton Hoodie for boys and girls is made with soft 100% Organic Cotton with a cotton lined hood and comes in purple and green.  Priced at just $59.99, Olli Pocket™ Hoodies are available in XS, S, M, L sizes that fit kids age four to 11. Prices are in Canadian dollars and the company ships to Canada and the U.S.A. Shop online at
About Olli Lolli Allergy Aware Apparel Inc.
We created the Olli Lolli line of apparel to help kids stay safe. Our products are designed and made in Canada. We ship to Canada and the US. We use quality materials and construction that hold up to kids’ wear and tear. Our goal is to promote allergy awareness and empower our kids.
For more information, visit
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Celebrity Baby Scoops Celebs Best & Worst Baby Names, Roselyn Sánchez Baby Shower, & More!

Ola Darlings,

It’s been another year of interesting baby names out of Hollywood!

From new names like Amaya, Arabella and Xander, to some tried-and-true favorites like Harper, Delilah and Bennett, to some questionable monikers such as Bingham, Press and Bear, Hollywood parents did not disappoint.

Look through our slideshow and read below. What are the best and worst Hollywood baby names of 2011?

  • Eloise Joni Richards
  • Rex Harrison Lamar
  • Amaya Josephine Hermann
  • Hattie Margaret McDermott
  • Xander Dane Jones
  • Delilah Genoveva Stewart Del Toro
  • Haven Garner Warren
  • Indiana Hawke
  • Press Dahl Lamas-Richie
  • Kez Sunday Udoka
  • Arabella Rose Kushner
  • Harper Seven Beckham
  • Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom
  • Willow Sage Hart
  • Bennett Godley
  • Skyler Morrison Berman
  • Faith Margaret Kidman Urban
  • Hudson Stone
  • Arlo Knoxville
  • Jordan Kay Federline
  • Zachary Jackson Levon Furnish-John
  • Weston Lee
  • Ava Grace Strickland
  • Declan George McBride
  • Madison Belafonte
  • Milo Thomas Bugliari
  • Kennedy Faye Moore
  • Sydney Conway
  • Sadie Grace LeNoble
  • Leo Bardem
  • Spike Myers
  • Arthur Saint Bleick
  • Eloise Joni Richards
  • Kahekili Kali
  • Kase Townes Murray
  • Bingham Hawn Bellamy
  • Diesel Dean Daigle
  • Aleph Portman-Millepied
  • Agnes Lark Bettany
  • Bear Blu Jarecki
  • Mirabella Bunny Adams
  • Moroccan and Monroe Cannon
  • Hero Harper Quinn
  • Ever Imre Morissette-Treadway
  • Yardley Evans Brunt
  • Theodore Hayes MacArthur
  • Cree Taylor Hardrict
  • Clover Elizabeth McDonough
  • Boone McCoy Church
  • Meredith Daniel Mohr
  • Locklyn Kyla Vaughn

Be sure to vote in Celebrity Baby Scoop’s 4th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards for the best and worst baby names of 2011.

Photos: Twitter,Mariah Carey,Jewel,Pacific Coast News,Flynet,Bauer Griffin,Fame,,GSI Media

Roselyn Sánchez looked pretty in purple as she celebrated her upcoming arrival — her daughter due in early January — at a baby shower hosted by Johnson’s Naturals on November 5 in Pasadena, Calif. The Rush Hour actress, 38, and husband Eric Winter welcomed family and close friends – including Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria – to the outdoor garden party.

Roselyn opened up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the intimate event, the “miracle” of pregnancy, her excitement about becoming a mother and her supportive husband who “cooks for [her] all the time.”

The couple wanted the baby shower to be an intimate event, with a touch of class, glamor and lots of flowers. And it was a kid-friendly event as well! There was an entire section for children called the Kid’s Corner. There was a lemonade stand, and brunch consisted of omelets and waffles. Guests later noshed on a delicious red velvet and vanilla cake.

Roselyn said the event was the perfect pre-baby gathering. The actress/model also talked about their daughter on-the-way and feeling “ready” for their upcoming arrival.

We’ve been wanting to be parents for awhile so we were completely ready for this new adventure and life changing experience,” Roselyn said. “It has brought us much closer together as a married couple, partners for life and best friends. We know the intense responsibility and can’t wait to start.”

The beautiful brunette – who recently bared her baby bump on Imagen‘s cover – said her Days of our Lives alum husband is sure to be an “amazing” father.

“Eric is going to be an amazing dad,” she gushed. “He’s already an amazing son that loves his parents. Seeing and knowing that let’s me know he’ll be an outstanding father.”

And it sounds like he’s no slouch in the husband department either! “He supports me, cooks for me all the time, goes with me to all the doctor’s appointments,” she added.

The mom-to-be said the “miracle” of pregnancy has them both so excited. Everything is exciting! Just knowing that I’m bringing life into this world is a miracle.”

Photos: StarTraks Photo

It’s been another year of amazing photos, headlines and stories on Celebrity Baby Scoop! Over 11,000 votes have come in determining the best – and worst! – of 2011′s celebrity baby news in our 4th Annual Readers’ Choice Awards.

So far, we can’t get enough of Flynn Bloom, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Hugh Jackman and those loveable Garner-Afflecks! We feel strongly against naming your baby Press and we have celebrated Pink‘s transformation into motherhood. Continue reading our top picks of 2011. Have you voted yet?

Favorite Baby name:

  1. Harper Seven Beckham
  2. Flynn Bloom
  3. Willow Sage Hart

Worst baby name:

  1. Press Dahl Lamas-Richie
  2. Bear Blu Jarecki
  3. Moroccan & Monroe Cannon

Most transformed by motherhood:

  1. Pink
  2. Miranda Kerr
  3. Rachel Zoe

Favorite celebrity mom:

  1. Sarah Michele Gellar
  2. Jennifer Garner
  3. Alyson Hannigan

Favorite celebrity dad:

  1. Hugh Jackman
  2. David Beckham
  3. Ben Affleck

Favorite celebrity family:

  1. The Garner-Afflecks
  2. The Jolie-Pitts
  3. The Beckhams

Favorite new celebrity baby:

  1. Flynn Bloom
  2. Harper Seven Beckham
  3. Willow Sage Hart

Favorite celebrity toddler:

  1. Seraphina Affleck
  2. Hank Baskett IV
  3. Honor Warren

Favorite celebrity kid:

  1. Shiloh Jolie-Pitt
  2. Violet Affleck
  3. Suri Cruise

Favorite celebrity big kid:

  1. Ava Phillippe
  2. Bindi Irwin
  3. Cruz Beckham

We’re not done yet! There will be another week of voting for the best of 2011 (polls close December 23). Have you voted yet?

Photos: Pacific Coast News,Flynet,Bauer Griffin,Fame,,GSI Media,