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Rachel Khona Shares Intimate Classic Tips With Media Maven

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Rachel Khona stopped by to share her coveted tips from American Pie film – - you know, the hilarious classic, insanely zany movie that teaches & entertains a few lessons in love and sex! She’s our favorite Dating Expert after all! In fact, we invite you to ask your questions about love & (sex) romance!


If Female Masturbation Becomes More Taboo, Better Sex and More Orgasms May Follow!

1.” Masturbate in private…”
One should always masturbate in private. As always Jim gets caught. Jim continually embarrasses himself by getting caught while masturbating, when he simply could have taken care of business in private.
2. “Save the cheesy lines…”
When Oz takes an older girl to a makeout spot and says “My friends call me Nova, as in Casanova,” the object of his affection just laughs in his face. The guys are often perplexed about how to talk to women. But the truth is women like to be spoken to like normal people. Instead of pickup lines, guys should just talk to her like they’re genuinely interested.
3. “Learn about the fine art of oral sex…”
When Kevin realizes Vicky has never had an orgasm, he makes it his goal to make her climax through oral sex. Many men focus on the main course; penetration. But as good as it may feel for women, it often doesn’t lead to orgasm as the clitoris isn’t stimulated.
4. “Avoid ejaculating prematurely…”
When the virginal Jim sees Nadia naked for the first time and realizes she wants to have sex with him, he gets so excited he ejaculates before he can even perform – - leaving Nadia very disappointed. Practice by masturbating on your own first. Stimulate yourself until you’re about to release and then stop what you’re doing. Then allow the feeling to fade away. No, not to torture yourself, but to learn self-control. Eventually your mind will learn ejaculation doesn’t have to come so quickly after getting excited. Once you feel comfortable you can move on to fellatio and hand jobs with a woman before moving on to intercourse.

5. “Don’t judge a book by its cover…”
Michelle shocks Jim when she confesses she’s had ample sexual experience. When she takes him to bed, she takes control, dominating him in bed and leaving the next morning before he wakes. Sometimes the seemingly innocent woman isn’t always that demure, while the one you assume is a wild card is chaste at heart.
6. “Karma is a bitch…”
The dorky Chuck Sherman allows the entire school to think he slept with a pretty girl at Stifler’s party. But when the girl in question finds out at prom that everyone thinks she actually slept with Chuck, she takes to the stage to announce that he’s a liar, still a virgin, and has a tendency to wet himself, which he proceeds to do in front of the entire class. Not only is karma a bitch, but hell hath no fury like a woman’s scorn as the saying goes. Never kiss and tell. Especially if you didn’t kiss anyone in the first place.

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