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Wave Home Solutions Is Your Healthy Home Solution

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This post brought to you by Wave Home Solutions. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hello Life(style) Mavens,

Summer is steaming up headlines and I wanted to share a beneficial & healthy home solution. I would like to help you make sure that your basement and/or crawl spaces are moisture free, with sufficient ventilation. Homeowners would agree, the basement and crawl spaces can prove to be the most problematic parts of a home to maintain. With stale, stagnant damp air, odors, mold & other pollutants thrive. They can even flow into our living quarters with you & your loved ones!

If your home is known for harboring excess moisture due to insufficient ventilation then its probably the breeding ground for mold, dust mites & other creepy crawlers. These homes can contain high levels of gases, radon, combustion, VOC’s, toxic vapors, all which will eventually begin flowing upward. This can lead to Sick Home Syndrome which cause respiratory ailments, asthma, headaches…

Here’s some facts:

  • EPA states that air inside a home can be 5 times more polluted than air outside.
  • World Health Organization, EPA, & the Surgeon General all urge that homes be ventilated with adequate air exchanges and also control moisture levels.
  • Dehumidifiers dry out the air but do not ventilate so you still have trapped toxins, pollutants and stale air & an cost $50/month in electric bills. Homeowners hate the maintenance – constantly emptying buckets of water

And I vividly remember my own experience…the basement kept flooding every time it rained. Did I mention, the house is on a hill (downside)? Many trips to Home Depot (pumps, sheet rock since mold took over, moisture absorbers, the works), hundreds of dollars and many hours of YouTube lessons later, the basement problem was under control. Wish I had known about Wave Home Solutions, which ventilates and dries out the home.

Wave Home Solutions attacks those pesky basement problems at its source, usually at the lowest level of a home. It draws damp polluted air from the floor level your basement or crawl (through vents at the bottom of the unit) and expels it outside. Warmer and drier “replacement” air from upstairs is drawn into the basement or crawl through a vent (ingenious indeed). This not only dries out the structure but creates the necessary air exchanges needed for a healthy home (approximately 6-10 exchanges).

Wave Home (Purification) Solutions:

  • Regulates ventilation speed, which is determined by the conditions of basement. When necessary, it will increase and as conditions improve, ventilation rate will slow down.
  • Constantly and automatically measures relative humidity and adjusts to maximize results, never shutting off. It will maintain conditions 24/7 year round and provide constant air exchange as recommended.
  • Cost Effectiveness…literally costs pennies a day to run.
  • Maintenance free with a satisfaction guaranteed.

Wave Home Solutions is my official expert when it comes to my basement’s moisture issues. I wouldn’t have it any other way! Imagine, it’s cost effective, reliable, and overall…essential as a health fix and solution. Why would you use anything else? Try Wave Home Solutions on your next basement project and hit us up on Facebook, Google+, Twitter or right here in the comments! I would love to see how Wave Home made your basement problem an easy & health solution.
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Vivacious Performances and Memorable Music with Electric Violinist Sarah Charness

Fellow Lifestylistas,

It is our pleasure to introduce Sarah Charness, a versatile violinist since the age of four, captivates audiences with her vibrant sound and vivacious performances ranging from classical to contemporary and TOP 40. 

In Spring 2010, Sarah became a member of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and performed as a solo violinist for their spring national tour. Sarah has also played as a violinist for top recording artist Roger Daltrey of The Who, classical soprano Sarah Brightman and British pop singer Mika. She opened for Diana Ross at the dedication of the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Texas and has touredfrom Hawaii to New York and Canada to Texas as a member of String Angels.

In early 2011, Sarah was invited to play the National Anthem and Time Out Show for the New York Knicks at MadisonSquareGarden featured as one of New York’s emerging artists. Her work with nationally acclaimed DJ’s has brought her around the world and includes being a staple at The Plaza Oak Room’s “Day and Night” Brunch. Other club performances include Tenjune, Tryst of Las Vegas, The Gates, and Greenhouse.

Sarah regularly solos for the fashion elite from prominent fashion shows in New York, including Betsy Johnson, Pronovias and Vera Wang to FIT alumni party with designer Calvin Klein and fashion consultant Tim Gunn in attendance. Currently, Sarah is working on her first solo album and has released three singles, “Pink Swan,” “Tango” and “Toss the Feathers” featuring her fluorescent pink six-string electric violin.

Charitable performances include Cipriani for Mann Foundation, Samsung for City Harvest, ChelseaArt Museum for STIMUA, and the RubinMuseum for Harboring Hearts.



As a graduate of the New England Conservatory Preparatory School, Sarah studied violin with Marylou Churchill, as well as voice, chamber music, and orchestral performance. She earned her Bachelor of Music in Performance (Violin) under the mentorship of Andrew Jennings at the  University of Michigan. Sarah was awarded with a Surdna Foundation Scholarship to attend the Young Artist Orchestra and String Quartet programs at the Boston University Tanglewood Institute. Sarah also attended the Encore School for Strings, the Mark O’Connor Fiddle Camp, and the Henry Mancini Institute. Sarah instituted a string program in 2008 at PS 9 in Brooklyn and at PS 70 in the Bronx. She is certified in the Mark O’Connor teaching method and has assisted at his Fiddle Camp. She is currently on the faculty at the Lucy Moses School in Lincoln Center.

A three-time finalist in the New England Conservatory concerto competition, Sarah was also semifinalist in the Fischoff National Chamber Music Competition, a finalist in the University of Michigan concerto and a winner in the Brockton Symphony Concerto Competition.

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Join Media Maven & Bliss Editorial Team in the #SummerofBliss Challenge

Hello Fellow Bliss Mavens,

Summer is finally here!

In celebration of warmer weather and longer days, the Bliss Editorial team is kicking off a community-wide, healthy living challenge to keep us and our readers thriving all season long. has partnered with a super cool company called social workout to make this easy and super fun, and I would love you to participate!

What is the Summer of Bliss Challenge?
Summer of Bliss is a personal challenge we’ve designed to inspire you (and myself when I’m having a hard day!) to accomplish better health habits on a daily basis. Even if you’re already healthy, this extra fun challenge will help you push yourself to the next level!

Summer of Bliss is a four week challenge with five healthy goals to hit each week. Challengers log in and track their progress, receiving scores along the way for a chance to win prizes. Challengers can compete alone or in a team, so if you have a flock of loyal readers, consider creating a team. Remember, it’s more fun with friends!

What does it entail?
Easy! All you do is sign up and create a profile. You can log and track your goals online or on your mobile device. Plus, you can host an easy-to-embed widget displaying up to the moment stats on your progress.

Ready to get started?

Step 1: Visit the challenge page and SIGN UP NOW!
Step 2: If you’d like to join an existing team (eh hem, like Media Maven’s Bliss Centric Mavens), check out the teams in the challenge in the upper right hand corner. Click into the team page, click Join, and you’re done!
Step 3: If you’d like to create a team, head to the Social Workout teams page
Step 4: Shoot an email when done creating your team to add your team to the challenge, and start cheering wildly!
Step 5: Invite your friends to join your team in the challenge!

*The Challenge starts Monday, June 11th. Join the challenge and/or a team now, but you won’t be able to start logging until then!   


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T Magazine: L.A. P.O.V. | Brian Williams, Walter Cronkite and ‘Girls’


There were blue skies over the National Mall, and it was packed with jubilant George Washington University grads in caps and gowns and a bevy of appropriately dressed parents sitting on folding chairs on the lawn. So sunny, we moved our chairs under the shade of a tree. My husband, my children and I had flown to Washington, D.C., from Los Angeles as my son Ethan Harari is a proud member of the G.W. graduating class.

As Brian Williams stepped up to the podium to deliver the commencement speech, the skies turned dark. Brian Williams smiled and said something like, “Perfect,” as it in some way mirrored his checkered collegiate past. He’d managed to amass 18 credits (at three colleges) before dropping out of the very same George Washington University’s night school. He had a good excuse — he was an intern at the White House and had an access-all-areas pass. And he couldn’t afford college. He was, also, wearing a cap and gown (with a brilliant black and white diagonally striped tie peeking out from his collar) as G.W. was giving him an honorary doctoral degree. I want one. Like Brian Williams, I didn’t go to college. I finished high school during a winter session and when fall came around I was a working journalist, my family was somewhat dysfunctional, and, at the time, not going to college was a legitimate choice. I always wanted to start a society of people who didn’t go to college, kind of like that society of people who went to Harvard or G.W. Not that either Brian Williams or I am advocating not going to college.

I love Brian Williams. He makes me feel calm. He seems appropriately astonished and interested in the news he delivers, which may have as much to do with the pitch of his eyebrows as the tenor of his voice. I feel the same way about him that my mother felt about Walter Cronkite.

Curiously, Walter Cronkite delivered my high school commencement speech. I attended a small boarding school in Vermont, and his daughter was in my graduating class. Everyone was excited that Walter Cronkite was giving our high school commencement speech. He talked to us about robots. The entire class’s eyes glazed over. He told us that by the time our children graduated from college, the world would be run by robots. We wanted him to tell us that the world was our oyster, that we had infinite possibilities. And he was talking to us about robots. The girls in the class wanted him to talk about equality, how we could break the glass ceiling, and that there was a place for us in the work force. And he was talking to us about robots. He wasn’t wrong in some ways; he wasn’t entirely right. I’m still missing that robot that was supposed to bring me coffee in the morning.

We weren’t really sure about Walter Cronkite’s politics. He didn’t make regular appearances on nightly talk shows. In those days, newscasters were supposed to keep their opinions to themselves. But the one thing we knew about Walter Cronkite was that he loved the moon. He loved the space program. The first Apollo mission was set to launch in August the year I graduated from high school. And the most searing, powerful robot image I’ve ever seen, which reminded me of Walter Cronkite, was of the Mars rovers. They almost had personalities. They had names. Two of them were called Spirit and Opportunity. We lost contact with Spirit in 2010. Opportunity is still operational. A third rover, Curiosity, is on its way now and is expected to land on Mars in August. And I suspect Walter Cronkite loved them as much as I do.

Brian Williams, who is the anchor of the NBC Nightly News and the host of the news magazine show “Rock Center,” has pitch-perfect comedic timing, as evidenced by his appearances on “The Daily Show,” and whose politics seem slightly more transparent from same, also loves the space program, but more about that later. He also knows a little bit about the potential difficulties for recent college grads, the difficulties of being in your early 20s in 2012. Allison Williams, his 23-year-old drop-dead-beautiful daughter, who graduated from Yale, is one of the stars of the Lena Dunham-created HBO series “Girls.” The world is somewhat divided on “Girls.” Girls are divided on “Girls.” You either think it’s hysterically funny or deeply depressing. There doesn’t seem to be much in between. (Note to all: do not pretend it’s “Breaking Bad” and watch five episodes in a row.) But just the fact of “Girls,” the fact that it’s on the air — in what has been a banner year for women and female-driven entertainment that is not the lighthearted norm (“Hunger Games” comes to mind) — is an extraordinary achievement. But it sort of gets under your skin and I can’t help but tune in to see what horrible thing Lena Dunham’s character is going to do this week, what “out there” thing Jemima Kirke’s character will do or what silly thing will happen to the frozen virgin. Allison Williams, following in her father’s footsteps, is in some way the anchor of “Girls,” the most stable one, but she’s probably about to do something really dumb, too.

Brian Williams elegantly did not mention “Girls” in his commencement speech, but he did segue to a more serious tone, practically a Jimmy Stewart impression, midway through. He talked about the stalemate in Washington and how the Constitution was based on compromise. He urged the students at G.W., which has a curiously diverse political population unlike most liberal arts colleges, to introduce themselves to one another, to try to get along, to have a dialogue, to try not to stay on two opposing sides of the fence. He also, curiously, talked about the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum on the other side of the National Mall, where the bullet-shaped Bell X-1 is on exhibit. The one that Chuck Yeager flew (having no idea if he would succeed or not) and broke the sound barrier for the first time. He talked about how John Glenn hummed “The Battle of the Hymn of the Republic” as he was about to re-enter the earth’s atmosphere with flames shooting around him as he was certain he was going to die. (Not certain that would have been my song choice, but he’s John Glenn.) As Williams talked about the moon missions, he, of course, reminded me of Walter Cronkite. He talked about how sad it was that we had to ask the Russians last week to fly our astronauts to the space station because we no longer have the ability. He talked about how pollsters were saying for the first time that people in this nation are feeling that they are not leaving the next generation a better world and better possibilities. (I wondered how the graduating class of G.W. felt about that.)

And then, with the eye of the Washington Monument a beacon behind him, Brian Williams congratulated the students on their achievement. “You don’t actually have to build a rocket,” he said, “but please take us somewhere. Please keep us moving. Push us, lift us up.”

And the thing about being 22 and a college graduate (and the thing about Brian Williams, and Chuck Yeager, and John Glenn, and Walter Cronkite in his time) is that you feel, despite any evidence to the contrary, despite the pollsters and “Girls” and the changing face of NASA, that the world is full of infinite possibilities and even though there are no guarantees, it doesn’t occur to you that you won’t succeed. Here’s to the graduating class of 2012.

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Media Maven’s Tips for Online Swimsuit Shopping w/ Return Policies for Top Retailers

Hello Style Maven,

Swim suit buying season is upon us! Between long lines, finding the right size, the discomfort of small fitting rooms and trying your suit on in front of strangers, we all dread it. But buying a swimsuit doesn’t have to be stressful…

swimsuit (Photo credit: ilyoungko)

Online shopping for swimsuits is becoming easier, cheaper, and better than shopping in stores thanks to free shipping offers, lenient return policies, wider selections, and new customer-friendly technologies, according to the online shopping experts at, dubbed “the Zagats of customer service” by CNBC.
Image representing STELLAService as depicted i...

Image via CrunchBase

As summer kicks into high gear, STELLAService published a list of tips for smarter swimsuit shopping, the best online retailers for swimsuits, and a chart of the return policies for leading swimsuit retailers on its Happy Customer blog. The tips include:
·      Look for free shipping and lenient return policiesMany retailers are offering free shipping and returns, in some cases it may make sense to order several suits and return the ones you don’t want for free. J. Crew is offering free shipping and free returns on all swim styles, all summer long. Nordstrom and ShopBop offer free standard shipping and free returns using the return label included with your order.  See Shipping and Returns Chart Below.
·      Easy to read size charts Retailers are doing a better job of providing detailed size charts these days. For example, Nordstrom provides specific measurement instructions: “Bend to one side to find the natural crease of your waist. Measure across at this point.” These measurements can then be applied to size charts sourced from specific designers.
·      Ask questions Customer service representatives are well-trained in the product. And, if they don’t know the answer to the question, they’re often willing to reach out to the manufacturer to find the information you need. STELLAService ELITE rated Saks Fifth Avenue has received particularly high marks in providing friendly support staff with expert product advice, while Nordstrom and Shopbop have also been singled out by STELLAService’s mystery shoppers for knowledgeable support.
·      Use the technology Look for filters that allow you to sort by style, color, size and price to find the perfect product, such as Bloomingdales. Many retailers are also offering video so you can get a better sense of style and fit, such as Asos.
·      Take advantage of wide selection – Your choices are endless on the Web. Whether you’re looking for a modest swim dress or a skull and crossbones thong, you can Google your way to your ideal suit. Specialty retailers like SwimSpot and Victoria’s Secret offer hundreds of styles.

STELLAService is an independent company that leverages a nationwide network of full-time mystery shoppers to evaluate the customer service of online retailers. Its research is regularly sourced by a wide range of media outlets including Bloomberg Television, Time, Aol, SmartMoney, and Consumerist.

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Fiafini, The Fountain Of Youth According to June Cosmo Editors!

Hello Mavens,

According to Cosmo Mag’s June edition… Fiafini Divine Hydration Moisturizer is the renowned & coveted  “Fountain of Youth.”

“Soothing moisturizer with antioxidant marula oil combats wrinkles and visibly firms and lifts skin.” – Lauren S. from Marketing

Available at the

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Rachel Khona On Building A Healthy Relationship!

by Rachel Khona

Do Your Own Thing
It’s important to have a life outside of your relationship, therefore you should always try to have your own hobbies and interests. It’s easy to become besotted with a new partner and want to spend all of your free time with them, but ultimately that will leave you with nothing new to talk about and a lack of appreciation for the time you do spend together. Ensure that you still see your friends regularly and arrange to go out on your own, not always as a couple. Nobody wants a partner who lacks their own ideas and personality so let yours shine through by having an interesting and fulfilling lifestyle outside of your relationship. Similarly, let your partner have his own time too. Some women find that allowing their partners to have a social life away from them can lead to paranoia and anxiety. They wonder what they are up to when they are away and this can lead to all sorts of trust issues and conflict. But ultimately some free time will give you the break you need (even if you think you don’t) and a greater appreciation of the time you spend together.

Don’t Rely On Him Too Much
Being independent means not having to rely on anyone else and even though you are in a new relationship you shouldn’t feel overly dependent on your partner. Of course it’s OK to ask him to help you fix that leak under the kitchen sink, but retaining control over practical and emotional aspects in your life will leave you feeling empowered and probably more attractive. You should always be able to rely on yourself to provide your own happiness and security. As soon as you begin relying solely on someone else to make you happy you will become overbearing and dependent.

Think Carefully Before Moving In
Moving in together is a huge step in any relationship and not something that should be entered into lightly. Remember that living with someone means that you invariably lose some independence as you will almost certainly need to compromise on some issues as well as sharing financial pressures and coping with a loss of personal space. Personalities can clash in the close proximity of living together and it can sometimes make or break a relationship. If you do decide to take the plunge then remember communication is key. You need to make joint decisions on household chores, finances, personal space and even how you design and decorate your home.

Pursue Personal Ambitions
In any relationship it is important to get the right balance between ‘us’ and ‘me’. You should always consider your partner’s feelings but this doesn’t mean you should lose sight of what you want out of life either. Therefore do not let a new relationship stop you from pursuing any personal ambitions. Some people think that once they become attached to somebody else they are no longer free to travel the world, throw themselves into their career or do anything remotely selfish. Try and manage your personal ambitions and your relationship together but if this isn’t possible then never forfeit your aspirations or you will end up resenting your partner. As ever, compromise is key.

Don’t Over Analyse.
In the early days before you get to know each other inside out, it can be easy to misinterpret things he says and does. Don’t spend hours over analysing text messages or trying to find hidden meanings in an offhand comment he made; if you start doing this then it won’t leave you time to think about anything else. Women’s brains work differently to men’s – our brains are larger in the areas that process emotions and language whereas he has a more logical, problem solving approach to life, so communication can sometimes be misconstrued. While you should always be open and honest about any concerns you have in your relationship, repeatedly harassing him and trying to search for double meanings in what he says will make you appear clingy and insecure.
Falling in love is a beautiful thing and it takes two people to form a relationship. But if those two people are able to retain at least some individual independence then it will ultimately make for a stronger union and a longer lasting relationship. All it takes is some mutual compromise to ensure that this is done in a way that leaves you both feeling secure, happy and fulfilled.

Image Courtesy of Madame Noir