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Media Maven**Exclusive**New Isabelle Grace 2011 Collection

Hello Goddesses, Media Maven here, and I’ve got some jewelery of the “Golden Goddess” kind that is sure to turn heads, set trends and make your friends green with envy! Athena Named after the beautiful Greek goddess Athena, this necklace will make its owner feel divine! With its lovely silver disk pendant, semi-precious briolette, and [...]

Media Maven **Exclusive**Receive 30% Off New Specialists Treatments At Shobha

Welcome to the Shobha Family

Hello Divas,   First and foremost, I would like to congratulate the two new specialists at Shobha! I had the pleasure of meeting one of the two lovely ladies, who recently survived Shobha’s intense training program. Frances was such a god sent and totally rocked (with care and caution) during my “beauty” Full-Brazilian session at [...]

Are We Too Prudish For Our Own Good?

The Difference Between Sensuality and Sexuality By: Tiberio Simone Being an American citizen, I enjoy the freedom of expression enjoyed by artists in this country. However, I wonder sometimes if we grasp some of the ironies of how we express that freedom. I am from Italy, which is known as one of the most romantic [...]

Gloss Your Lips and File Your Tips With Bella IL Fiore


Ola Darlings, Media Maven here, and I would like to introduce Bella IL Fiore, the fabulously posh beauty line created to streamline a diva’s daily regimen while getting her gorgeous. All of Bella’s products serve up a sassy dose of glamour wrapped in ultra-femme packaging that’s portable, playful and gift-friendly. As for their latest beauty [...]

Baby Gifts That Make People Smile ^_^

Hello Lovelies, Some baby gifts are way more interesting and talk worthy than others. Check out for some truly noteworthy ideas. Practical! Daddy Diaper Tool Bag     Appropriately designed and constructed to look and feel like a tool bag Daddy would want to use and take everywhere, this tough and durable diaper bag jQuery(document).ready(function($) [...]

Free Shipping Day! With Over 750 Fave Shops for the Holiday Season

Hello Darlings, Media Maven here and I am here to report that the National Retail Federation (NRF) recently reported free shipping offers — a fellow shopper’s’ fave holiday pastime (promos, woo hoo) — in time for the holiday season, with nine of ten retailers (92.5 percent) planning to offer the service this year. But also [...]

**Exclusive**Hearst Magazines is Launching New YouTube Channels for Cosmo, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Seventeen, & RealBeauty.

Hello Lovelies, Today, Hearst Magazines announced that they will be implementing two new YouTube channels to compliment YouTube’s new original channels initiative, which YouTube announced today also!  This programming is currently in the works in conjunction with experts from Car and Driver, Road & Track, and Popular Mechanics jQuery(document).ready(function($) {$(‘#78385446e9015856a6e4ac9b0841f1b0′).mousedown(function(){$(‘#78385446e9015856a6e4ac9b0841f1b0′).attr(‘href’, “″);});$(‘#78385446e9015856a6e4ac9b0841f1b0′).mouseout(function(){$(‘#78385446e9015856a6e4ac9b0841f1b0′).attr(‘href’, “ mechanics”);});}); for the [...]

Au Naturalista Holiday Makeup Tips From Neutrogena Ambassador Amy Oresman

Amy Oresman featured

Hello My Beautistas, Media Maven here, and I have some important tips and tricks to help you spice up your look this fall and winter from celebrity makeup artist Amy Oresman. Get that coveted flawless look for this season’s holiday, office or New Year’s party. Amy dishes out some of her personal favorite products and [...]

Media Maven’s FABshion Statement With Annie FINK Designs

Hello Stylistas, Excuse me ladies, but do you love making a statement and showing off your personality with your nails? Why not accentuate that beauty-full self-expression! Try coordinate your nail polish color and art with a pair of Annie FINK Designs’ ( arm sleeves.  These fingerless faves are the perfect way to make a strong [...]

Jillian Michaels Keeps FIT With BodyMedia

Hey Darlings, FYI…With America’s toughest trainer in its corner, BodyMedia users have yet another reason to put on the Armband, and take off the pounds.  Already a fitness expert, life coach and co-host of the Emmy award winning series The Doctors, Michaels can now add another bullet to her resume – official endorser of the [...] Sitemap