The Goddess Project

The goal of The Goddess Project, is to help foster and influence growth in girls and women affected by abuse, assault, emotional trauma, bullying, etc – to move forward towards enrichment and self-sufficiency in their lives.
Shades of Beauty Logo
Shades of Beauty(ful) aims to educate, encourage and empower participants past their current situation, and equip them with the necessary skills, so they can start focusing on solutions rather than dwelling on the problem(s) at hand. By providing a safe haven and outlet, S.O.B will minister and pamper participants – through workshops, events/spa parties, travel & shopping therapy – in the important areas of (self-love, self-esteem, teen dating), parenting, emotional health (domestic  violence), career/college readiness, dressing for success, healthy lifestyle (fitness, health and well-being), finance and legal services/resources.

The idea is to harness the power (of the female) to unite and rise above the frustration of hurt and pain through an open platform, rooted in creativity (poetry, dance, story, journaling, song, etc) and rise above the silence of injustice.

13.7% of youth females in Delaware, ages 14-18 have been physically forced to have sexual intercourse when they didn’t want to (rape). 12.7% of youth females in Delaware admit to having been slapped, physically hurt by their boyfriend/girlfriend during the past 12 months. 16.5% of these same young females have been bullied on school property, 38.4% DE youth females have felt sad or hopeless almost everyday for two weeks or more in a row that stopped them from doing some usual activities and 19.6% have seriously considered attempting suicide.  – YRBS 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Survey

In 2010, there were 549 women and children sheltered statewide (282 women &267 children). In New Castle County, 327 individuals were provided shelter in 2010 (174 women and 163 children) – DVCC Annual and Fatal Incident Review Team Report 2011.

A coalition of this nature, doesn’t exist in Delaware. Girls and women are left without a platform to release their stress and frustration, often times – finding themselves alone, without a place to turn too. Shades of Beauty(ful) will provide a comfortable and relaxed setting (lounge), while equipping participants with the invaluable tools needed to survive and be self-sufficient and confident. There are times when girls/women feel unappreciated, unnoticed and even invisible. But S.O.B aims to give women back their voices and self-purpose. As an elite sisterhood of empowerment – that nurtures, embraces, and support for their fellow sisters.

Girls and women ages 12 – 45+, who live in low income situations, shelters, receiving TANF/social services – or who are affected by physical, emotional, mental trauma. An outreach campaign will be created to assist the program, to bring unity amongst girls and women, and to help raise awareness of the program’s launch. It will also be submitted to the surrounding (New Castle, Wilmington) high schools. Other agencies (shelters) and nonprofits will be notified, as well as advertorials (editorial pieces, that advertise the program), social media (Facebook, Twitter) and blogs/websites.