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And Still, She-Rize; Creation of a Multimedia Maven

Media Maven M+B SoulUtionsthumb

Since the innocent age of 6, Sherize Kharyzma fondly remembers her passion for the Arts. “I got my first journalism gig at age 9.  I was in elementary school, and I was the 4th grade Gazette Reporter. I remember writing on what we knew then as Macintosh computers”, Kharyzma said.

In 2001, Kharyzma made up her mind to pursue a path in creativity. “My mom always advised me, to never spread my wings to thin”, says Kharyzma. Studying Media Arts & Journalism allowed this multimedia maven to fully spread her wings.  From photography, design/layouts/graphics, editorial, social media PR,  publishing — and these are only a few talents manifested by this Goddess of PR.  Her uniquely quintessential talents are comparable to none!

After working with and being published by creative media channels, with credits leading to the Krishnar Agency,, Jackson Stone Press (Hotel California Premier), Canarsie Courier, Village Voice (Energy X), Asian Fusion Magazine (Beer Hop), West Indian Soul (3sun Cover shoot & story) — just to name a few.  “And it doesn’t stop there!”, says Kharyzma.

This multimedia maven sees such beauty & pleasure in life’s simple treasures.  Learning & adapting holistic principles has changed this Goddess for the better. After seeing celebs & other media personalities, in a position of power to deliver positive messages, and instead deliver the wrong ones. “I am a mother and a woman.  It hurts my heart to see the messages my daughters are exposed to.  As women; the givers & keepers of life, it is up to us to empower our loved ones. What is seen, heard and read in the media, which isn’t beneficial to human preservation & survival, shouldn’t be the foundation for which futures are built.”

With Golden Goddess PR & Media Maven: Mind+Body Soul’U'tions, Kharyzma created Elite EMPress Media (coming soon to a neighborhood near you), with a synergistic aim is to deliver a recession proof, multimedia production & promotion channel to creatively bring awareness to messages. “If you have a positive message to deliver, let Elite EMPress Media’s XPoZuR generate quality awareness that is priceless!” Kharyzma says. “I don’t pride myself in competition.  Instead,  I search for my niche — a collection of unique creative talents, and I continue to master, advance & transform my skills. With each task & challenge,I am propelled beyond my limits.”

Expect this multimedia entertainment maven in an area near you!

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