Blissful Branding and Sponsorship Opportunities With Media Maven


Hello Prospective Partner,

Marketing your brand’s needs — is an must, especially in the wake of the digital [r]evolution! So why not make sure that your needs are in the nurturing hands of a social media maven and Goddess of PR? Through the eyes of  an elite bloganista — and shared via visually stunning Blogazine(s) and social media outlets, loaded with elite content. You can expect to reach the beauty, fashion and life(STYLE) tastemakers,  influencers,  and networks — all experiencing your brand through the eyes of a Media Maven and her social sorority of Elite Socialistas.

Sapphire Kharyzma is a fashion, beauty, life(STYLE) blogger ambassador, affiliate and partner — to some of the top beauty brands in the industry. Her reviews, expert experiences, videos, tips & tutorials, photos — are in high demand. Her approach — rooted in alternative principles, compassion and an innovative voice — captivates readers — making her a pillar and highly sought lifestyle resource for blissful information. Through a creative web of networks, experts and talents — Sapphire Kharyzma delivers your  brand directly before the eyes of the beholder. Engagement is the target and the mission, should you choose to accept!

To understand the mission of Empress Media, which empowers, educates and entertain women (socially) — while keeping them in the loop about the latest fashion, beauty and lifestyle trends — you would have to understand the cause. Empress Media is focused on delivering quality content (there’s a serious void in this area online) adorned through creative visuals.

Honesty,  passion and creativity is the motto of Empress Media –  who strives on social [media] relationships, engagement and interaction. We are a social society of elite and jr. elite women — together as one collective (social butterflies) – seated around the campfire of life, sharing our experiences – the good, the bad and the ugly alike!

Blessed with the Midas Touch and gifted with creativity, Media Maven can guarantee your brand’s recognition and awareness! Through exclusive SPARTY (spa party group reviews with a pajama/sleepover theme (other creative themes available), social and shopping ventures, travel/getaways, sponsorship and/or advertising channels –  can Sapphire Kharyzma successfully market your brand’s message.

Product samples are REQUIRED when pitching and/or requesting reviews.  Content is fashioned around SEO & social media — utilizing, engaging and interacting (personally &/or socially) with your brand.

Slideshow of creative images, design/videos and written reviews will grace the editorial/advertorial feature(s) of your brand.