The Goddess Program is Hiring Women Leaders

The Goddess ProgramWhat if I told you that I had a chic way for you to become everything you’ve always dreamed of?  This is my mission for you loves, with The Goddess Program. I guess you can blame all of the internet gurus who’ve all shared the same information! Now, here me out…for free! One thing we can all agree is that…every internet guru has some secret formula, which guarantees you that you WILL BE SUCCESSFUL, if you pay them “affordable amounts of money” to learn how! And I get it! Trust me I do. And to many extent…the money is worth it – if you could afford it and have a plan or system in place to help you succeed! To answer questions, to help you along the way – as their fellow sisters have for them? There exist very few organizations, that exist to help sponsor future business women leaders and owners.

But I can show you how, for FREE! And it will only take you one minute (a 60 second video…read to the end to get your opportunity).

The Goddess Program, sponsored by Goddess Getaways – will be joining you every Monday via the Motivation Monday series, coaching you along the path to financial independence. I am currently looking for travel ambassadors (REPS) and business partners. I need a few great women, who want more! Both teams need to have to following qualification:

1. Tired of the same ol’ same ol’

Is your current situation, a dead end situation? Are you trapped at work, full of great ideas but confined to your cubicle? Tired of 9 -5 and wants something more? Then this is the perfect opportunity for you! If you are seeking change, continue reading!

2. Socially Savvy, loves to travel, shop and get chic for a cause

3. Thrives at independences yet works great as part of a team

4. Takes pleasure in advocating for her dreams, flexible and craves financial independence

5. Able to commit a couple of hours per week

6. Confident, creative and loves the skin she’s in

7. Has an active social following and is seen as a go-to for all things chic

8. Has an undeniable thirst for MORE -

The Goddess Program is designed to empower the goddess within – by helping girls and women to achieve the power and love of “self.” Self-love, esteem, awareness, sufficiency…providing an elite society of women of power, paving the way for them to follow. Did I mention that you can get it all for free?  Joining The Goddess Program is about attaining your dream career through a sorority of empowered sisterhood, laced in love and laughter, shopping and travel. I started this business from inside of a homeless shelter with my 3 children. I started as a ambassador and then took that leap of faith and launched Goddess Getaways! And all it took was a few hours per week. Now, I get paid to empower girls and women – and to experience this…

As promised … get your one minute video here. Follow Sapphire Kharyzma to become the CEO of your happiness! Let The Goddess Program show you how to achieve your financial freedom! If you want freedom from wage slavery, you have to take control and take risks! And who better to invest in – than YOURSELF?