Fall in Love with Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges Control

Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges Control Gel I think my locks have finally met their match. And I must say that the “perfect” union is one set forth by heaven! I’ve had my hair locked for about 7+ years and let me say that finding the perfect twisting tool can prove very tiring and tedious. I’m an avid Shea Butter user, but I realized that the summer months doesn’t keep my “fresh” look for too long. By this I mean, I find myself retwisting daily due to the heat and sweat factor — that takes over my life for 3 months. But then I stumbled upon Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges Control Gel — and fell head over heels in love. I came across this miracle must-have in Walgreens (retail $8.99.)


My new hair color...thanks Porcha baby :-)

My new hair color…thanks Porcha baby :-) (Photo credit: StyleMpress)


My get glam routine — when it comes to my hair — usually takes a few hours (2-4 depending on my mood). After washing, I blot dry via my towel (wrapping around my tresses for a few minutes to remove excess water). This process makes the twisting step easier and smoother. Dry twisting usually leaves my hair thick and poofy and that’s can prove very annoying. With Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges Control Gel, this is not the case. I use small pea size amounts per individual lock, which immediately makes my hair straight and smooth. I twist, set and continue the process until each lock is neat! When I am done, my hair stays nice, with a “freshly done” look for 3-5 days depending on my routine (zumba, kickboxing and yoga are my reprieves). Thank goodness I did some shopping around and found my hair salve cheaper ($4.99 in Beauty View). I found myself going through two sets of Creme of Nature Argan Oil Perfect Edges Control Gel in a given month. My hair is super thick and I use at least half the 2.25 oz container in a 2-week period! Did I mention that the Argan Oil contained is from Morocco? Yes loves. Morocco. So you can imagine my “exotic” shine! I love the compliments I get after using this Godsend! in fact, I am usually bombarded with requests to do others hair since I maintain my hair care 100% by myself! Talk about natural, huh? Get rid of that cheap, alcohol-based flake machine and get treat your tresses to some exotic love! I highly recommend this product! perfectedges