Happy International Women’s Day Lovelies!


I am WOMAN! Hear me roar! And better yet — see me soar! Today has some very significant meaning for me, as it is International Women’s Day! Why is this day of significance to me? Well, as a woman — I work twice as hard as most men in my field — without half the recognition!  And we women have to admit, that it’s been an uphill battle for ALL of us — in an effort to make equality — EQUAL!

I’ve been through some very serious trials over the past 2 1/2 years — and seem to be on overload when it comes to sacrifices. And in reality, I’m not looking for praise, hand out or even a pat on the back! In fact, I can do all of those things myself! But I’ve grown to love my natural born Goddess-ness, curves, talents, trials and triumphs included!

But this feature — is not to share my sob story…instead, it’s purpose is to celebrate my womanhood! All of our womanhood! To sit back, relax — and raise your champagne glasses — to your remarkable selves :) .

This International Woman’s Day, I am dedicated to highlighting the advancement in Woman Power — and my favorite achievement (for us females) is the signing of the Violence Agains Women Act — by President Barack Obama. And as a survivor of Domestic Violence — this is a huge step through the glass ceiling!

English: United States President Barack Obama ...

This is your day. This is the day of the advocates, the day of the survivors. This is your victory,” Obama said. “This victory shows that when the American people make their voices heard, Washington listens.”

And how about raising the minimum wage to $10.10 (for women). I will be following the progress of the National Women’s Law Center!


How about you lovelies — what will you being doing on this marvelous International Women’s Day?