Dec 182012

I had the most amazing weekend! I spent the moments — working on my future, and I had a little help! My boyfriend and I — spent some much needed alone time in the Poconos. I am such a hopeless romantic, and I absolutely love LOVE. To many times — I have heard couples (and singles alike) complain about the lack of spark in (their) relationships. But all is not lost — in fact, it’s far from it!

Have you heard of Spicy Subscriptions? Well, its a monthly subscription service helping people improve their relationships and love lives…all for only $20.95. A box full of romance/intimacy/beauty products and personal toys — are discreetly delivered straight to your door.

IMG_0177 IMG_0226

“You’ll receive a curated collection of Romance, Intimacy, and Beauty products hand-picked from our Spice Shop. The Spice Box contains Romantic Gifts and an assortment of Massage Oils, Sexy Lingerie, Romantic Fragrances and much more!” — Spicy Subscriptions

My sample Spice Box — featured some amazing samples of chic lubes, delicious massage oil (smells absolutely heavenly), exotic candles and a sweet mini toy that my boyfriend was absolutely ecstatic about introducing to our routine. I enjoy love so much and am always game to spicing things up…from dancing, role playing — to romantic getaways and exotic excursions…and yes, even the sweet little trinkets of pleasure and delight.

“Along with 4-8 trial-sized products and a full-sized product, you will receive an intimate toy every month in both the Premium and Deluxe Spice Box! A toy from a store will cost you at least $17. That’s almost the price of the entire Spice Box!” — Spicy Subscriptions

This amazing service was featured in Glamour Magazine recently, and is also expected to debut (in the coming weeks) in Time Out New York, Cosmopolitan and CNN.

So what are you waiting for ladies — head over to — and join now! Trust me, your relationship will thank you!!! To get you in the spirit of things — I have two special codes for you lovelies — to get your spice on and turn up the LOVE in your bedrooms and beyond!!! Simple enter any of these two codes below:

“get999″ to receive first Premium Spice Box for only $9.99
“get1999″ to receive first Deluxe Spice Box for only $19.99