Dec 112012

English: Sunset on the sea at Seven Mile Beach...Have you ever been to Negril, Jamaica? I have — twice, and I think that’s the exact moment I can proudly profess — I found LOVE! Love of life, love of serene bliss — with white sand and crystal blue water — and love deeply rooted in passion — for travel! From that very moment, I knew — travel would play an enormous part in my career — as my soul yearns desperately for it.  Exactly 3 years ago, I journeyed to the island (in October 2009 & again in March 2010) and had the pleasure of experiencing an all inclusive, as well as a private bungalow — but had I known then, what I know now — after reading The Travel Writer’s Handbook — How to Write and Sell Your Own Travel Experiences by Jacqueline Harmon Butler and Louise Purmin Zobel — I would have launched Goddess Getaways prior to my FASHIONATION with beauty and style. But everything happens for a reason — as my desire for bliss was born!

This book is by far — a must-have for anyone looking to break into the travel writing industry — as it is the ultimate travel divas’ bible! It covers everything — internet research, digital photography,  mobile apps, blogging, social media — to chic ways to expand your platform and reach out to editors (via queries) to get your experience published, and you paid! I especially loved the pre-trip research feature (as it is something that I personally — never did) — and the various marketing strategies. Even the 12 Formats for Travel Articles — had me glued to the pages, as you won’t find a dull moment in this invaluable tool. I finally made up my mind — and am about to embark on a life changing career making journey — as I aim to utilize my unique set of quintessential skills (PR, writing, photography & design), coupled with my passion for travel and adventure. As your bliss ambassador — what good would I be if I didn’t add travel to my list of blissful escapes? Especially for you all — my favorite lovelies!

I highly recommend The Travel Writer’s Handbook — to anyone who is interested in a serious freelancing career in blogging/writing or if you want to take your writing to the next level. It has become my new American Express — as I never leave home without it!

English: Photo of a flying gurnard fish taken ...

Photo of a flying gurnard fish taken off the coast of Negril, Jamaica. (Wikipedia)

  • Penelope Guzman

    My best friend loves to travel, I should steer her to this post, thanks!

    • SapphireKharyzma

      Penelope — your best friend will definitely love this book! I am so happy you thought of her while reading this feature! You are a great friend!!! xoxo