Nov 192012

The weather outside — will soon get frightful, but GIVING BACK…is oh, so delightful! As a Global Team of 200 & Mom Blogger for Social Good Ambassador — I often find myself floating on cloud 9! It brings a deep sense of satisfaction — whenever I am using my unique collective of quintessential talents and skill, to help bring awareness to the harsh and unbalanced “realities” — of the world we live in! My family and I, will indeed be celebrating #GivingTuesday, this November 27, 2012! So far — I’ve partnered with #GivingTuesday, United Way –  as well as other invaluable nonprofits — to continue my coalition to bring social change to the forefront! But I am not alone…as my lovely triad (Jazz, age 17, Starr, age 16 & Ayden, age 21 months) will join me on the front line — as we battle injustice and poverty — worldwide!

“A Rose for a Rose”
What would the world be like
If, for every rose given
Another would be received
What would the world be like
If every person who passed you by
Greeted you with a smile
What would the world be like
If we returned a wrong done to us
With forgiveness
What would the world be like
If, instead of attacking those opposed to us
We tried to understand them
And compromised instead of argued?
A wise Prophet once said
“None of you truly believes until he
loves for his brother what he loves for himself”
So let us all believe
atleast in our Humanity
And give a little
In order to receive…
By Aphrodite




According to a new study — fewer Americans plan to spend less money on holiday gifts, in the wake of the current economic climate — many are less likely to give a “charitable” gift as a holiday present. Last year — according to the World Vision Holiday Giving Survey, which was conducted by Harris Interactive:

About half of US adults  (51 percent) agreed they’d be “more likely” to give a charitable gift as a holiday present as a result of the current economic climate. This year that percentage dropped six points to 45 percent. This is the fifth year World Vision has commissioned Harris Interactive to conduct research on holiday charitable giving.

This survey also shows — six in ten (59 percent) say that “as a result of the current economic climate” they will spend less money on holiday presents this year. This is a huge 12% point drop from 2011 — when about seven out of ten (71 percent) stated that they’d plan to spend less money on holiday gifts. World Vision Gift Catalog Director Sarah Renusch says…

We have gone through these tough times and it’s surprising that instead of being more sympathetic, Americans are spending more on holiday gifts and giving less to charity. If there is a silver lining”, Renusch adds,” it’s that more than eight out of ten (83 percent) say they’d prefer to receive a meaningful gift that would help someone else instead of a traditional gift like clothing or electronics.”

A gift given from — for example, the World Vision Gift Catalog– can significantly improve the life of a child or family in need by providing tools and opportunities to overcome extreme poverty, while at the same time honoring your friends and loved ones,” says Renusch. For each World Vision gift, the giver can make the donation in the name of a friend, family member, or business associate. At the donor’s request, World Vision then sends special cards to those individuals, describing the gifts and their impact.

Chic Giving Ideas for #GivingTuesday:

  • World Vision U.S. Gift Catalog raised over $33 million and provided assistance to more than 825,000 people around the world in 2012 — as 67,000 goats were purchased by donors. World Vision launched the Gift Catalog in 1996. And while a goat ($75) may be World Vision’s number one seller, there are more than 100 gifts to choose from (more than 30 gifts in the catalog are $35 or less, including items like chickens, job training or fruit trees)..
  • You can also donate some time — to help with social media (FACTSocial Media Makes Americans More Aware
    One in two (49 percent) say social media affected their charitable giving
    ), outreach, advocacy — or anything your time or skills allow! Giving doesn’t have to include a monetary contribution! Every little bit counts — and makes a big difference!
  • As the many requests — continue to pour in, my family and I — continue to formulate creative campaign to help deliver our efforts to the people! My junior ambassadors are working with their high school and day care — in hopes of going from local to global! We are very excited to be partner with #GivingTuesday — even donating 20% (for the holiday season) of our income (from purchase made via Media Maven’s Diamond Diva Deals (which delivers the best deals in fashion, beauty & lifestyle – at exclusive discounts and deals. As a Beverly Johnson Brand Ambassador — I send special thank you gifts to those who purchase over $50 worth of goodies, courtesy of Beverly Johnson & myself) & Goddess Getaways & Elite Socialistas‘ Fashion & LifeSTYLE sites. My girls donate their allowance to fund causes! Our favorite charities have welcomed us with open arms, and thanks to beautiful people like Jennifer James and the amazing members of Global Team of 200 & Mom Bloggers for Social Good — we are far from alone!
  • Donate clothing, food & other valuable resources to your local Good Will, Salvation Army or nonprofit/church — which goes to families in need (like women and children, as well as men — in shelters and other impoverish conditions). FACTMost Americans Still Prefer Meaningful Gift
    83 % in 2012 – 80% in 2011 – 80% in 2010 – 76% in 2009 – 84% in 2008

Since I was a little girl, I can remember my passion for helping others! Today — I am committed to living my life and career — with this goal in mind! Being a blogger/editor has allowed me to tap into many resources — that once seemed impossible before! I make it my business, to donate clothes, money and other vital supplies — to the less fortunate! I devote my time and energy — to raising awareness and fund raising, or to even volunteer my expertise to help EMPOWER, entertain and educate! As a woman — a divine makers and shapers of life — I aspire to motive and inspire! Giving doesn’t have to have an expensive price tag attached, and personally — I view negativity as an excuse for ignorance! Giving — simply means — to DO something that might mean a little to you personally, but is PRICELESS to someone else! I hope that you are encouraged to go the extra mile — for someone less fortunate than yourself, or even to cheer up a fellow friend, family member, neighbor or co-worker (your fellow human) — turning a faithless frown — into a hopeful smile!