Nov 182012

Is there a nurse, doctor or any other health care professional who inspires you? Do you know someone who gives 100% of their compassion, dedication or devotion — to saving lives? Then you would be happy to learn about The REAL Awards — which honors healthcare professionals who enlighten, entertain and save lives!!!

The REAL Awards are looking for the best health workers in the U.S, based on your nominations — honors and nominees in local community are true considered heroes and pillars — who work effortlessly under extraordinary circumstances around the world. These amazing men and women often work with limited training and support, yet they strive at saving lives — building stronger, healthier communities every single day!

Meet the frontline health workers receiving REAL Awards honors around the world nominated and selected by staff from members of the Frontline Health Workers Coalition.

The categories are:
Nursing Team, Nurse, Midwife, Doctor, Community Health Worker, Nutritionist & Maternal Health Counselor!

Every single person has had the pleasure of dealing with an inspiration within the health arena, in the United States. If you are interested in nominating your health hero(ine) — whether it’s your doctor, family member or a friend — click here!

Nominations will run until 11/29/2012
Voting takes place between 11/30/2012 to 1/7/2013
Honorees will be announced on 1/15/2013

If your would like to help spread the word via Social Media, here is 5 messages you can share with your network:
1. We are for REAL! Join us in celebrating health workers around the world by visiting to nominate a health worker who has made a difference in your life.
2. We’re so proud of our [staff/members/nurse, etc]. We think they deserve an award! Go to to nominate your favorite [health worker/midwife/physician/nurse, etc] for a REAL Award.
3.What would an awards show dedicated to health workers look like? Find out at and nominate a health worker in your life for a REAL Award.
4. #HealthWorkers around the world are saving lives! Learn more and nominate a health worker in your life for a REAL Award #therealawards
5. What would an awards show for #HealthWorkers look like? Take a minute to meet some REAL people who deserve an award! #therealawards

  • Michelle

    Great initiative! Thanks for sharing and bring attention to it!

    • SapphireKharyzma

      It’s my pleasure Michelle — believe me! I think it’s very invaluable — and well deserved :) xoxo