An Elite Travelistas Goddess Getaways Invitation Plus Goddesses of the Caribbean Cruise!

If you are interested in becoming your own boss — and getting paid to travel, then this is your dream come true!!!

If you had all the money in the world — what would you do? I can only speak for myself, but I would travel the world!!! I would visit the pyramids in Egypt, the ruins in Mexico, the cultural tribes of Africa — I would seek bliss in Italy and the Caribbean — but my possibilities  and desired destinations are endless! In fact, 99 out of 100 people surveyed…say the same thing!! Travel is there most coveted thing to do!

But what if I told you — that you don’t need all the money in the world — and that you can MAKE money while you travel…even earning FREE (GRATIS) trips and other great Goddess Goodies in the process? No, it’s not a joke, scheme or “get rich quick” gimmick! I am simply stating the absolute truth! My life has changed so much — within the past year! I have taken that leap of faith — turning my passions and merging my unique talents…to create my ideal dream career! I am a fashion, beauty, cause and lifestyle ambassador who loves to travel, write review, take photos, make videos — and raise awareness — all in an effort to motivate & inspire — to empower, educate and entertain girls and women (who I believe are the molders and shapers of life (and STYLE) — to live their best possible lives! I continue to donate my profits — to help the less fortunate!

I’ve always been taught — to dream big…to shoot for the stars, because the worst that can happen is that you end up with the moon! So, if you enjoy traveling, and/or love to write, take photos — then you can join the 7 billion dollar travel industry! I personally make 30 – 60% on all sales — from my family and friends — even my devoted readers…who all trust my recommendations, as well as my partners — whom I spent the last year teaming up with! My latest — and one of the greatest, is part of the First Travel Alliance (or YTB — to offer you so many incredible products from the latest in health and wellness — to high tech marketing solutions & phenomenal income opportunities…to keep you ahead of the curve with upcoming trends)! Together — we give you Goddess Getaways, for my fellow “World Traveling Divas!” Join my affiliate network, and I will pay you 30% of commission — on all your personal purchases! Click create account on (top right)!

Elite Socialistas is gearing up to launch our first annual “Fashion, Beauty & LifeSTYLE” “Goddesses of the Caribbean Getaway” for 2015 — and I am thinking “cruise”! Imagine seeking bliss — on the ocean to the Caribbean, as we bring our top brands (setting trends in fashion, beauty and style) — to lavish and share with our faithful readers, followers and fans!

More great Goddess goodness coming soon…and remember, any purchases made via this blogazine, or Elite Socialistas or any of our social media networks — 100% of all proceeds goes to The Goddess Project — to help fund social change and empower girls and women! The latest travel deals — will blow your mind, so don’t get left out! Book your next blissful “Goddess Getaway” — and join my elite collective of Elite Socialistas…

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