Oct 302012

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Since my last amazing experience with Sea Buckthorn — I’ve went on to lavish in the brand’s newest personal care line: Exfoliating Facial Cleanser, Facial Cream, Deep Hydrating Serum and Body Lotion!

The safe and gentle formulas are loaded with Omega-7 — and 100% USDA organic certified Himalayan Sea Buckthorn (highest concentration).

Labeling for products that meet the USDA-NOP s...

These health and wellness must-haves are a must for younger, healthier glowing skin! My most coveted aspect of the skincare collection — is that it blends really well with other safe products (like FutureDerm…which boasts retinol). My face was free of dead skin and acne — as well as dark spots and marks! The Facial Cream and Deep Hydrating Serum — left my face smooth and blissfully clear to the touch and eyes! I got many compliments about my overall complexion!

The Body Lotion — has amazing healing abilities! During the summer, I was attacked by what I believed to be mosquitos — only to learn that they were apparently fleas (ewwww)…my skin was severely scarred, itchy and irritated for many weeks! The lotion (which was very cooling) soothed my irritation, as well as began to clear up the marks/scars in a matter of weeks! Before using — I truly believed that my legs would be scarred for life!

I strongly recommend this entire collection for any Goddess who is all about prevention and maintaining their natural beauty!