Oct 072012

My journey — to M.POWER.ment — was not always an easy road! I’ve fought countless battles with myself — as I struggled to believe in myself — as others did! I couldn’t see — what they saw — in me!

Whenever I am asked — why I’m so passionate about causes that affect women & children — I simply reply, “I just am.” But then I realized — someone has too! As a global ambassador — I am very concerned — six out of ten girls — will stop doing the things they love, because they feel bad about their looks!  I myself — can see these tendencies in my precious daughters! I have the power — to make a difference in a young girl’s life — boosting her self-esteem.  As a mom and mentor — I am equipped with the ability to help young girls — develop positive relationships — with beauty! And it all starts with a conversation or in my household — a talk!

These inspiring convos — can take place daily — as you spend time with your little lady, walking to school, listening to their have songs in the car, or watching TV together! My favorite time — is as we walk every evening or while we’re shopping. These priceless moments of shared laughter and bonding — can make a huge impact — helping your mini you to reach her full potential.

Takie a moment — to connect to her to herself — in beauty, confidence and self-esteem. Keep it honesty. These easy steps should easy the process:
1. Ask — ask her about her relationship with beauty. Everyone comes to their own belief about their beauty values differently!

  • What does beauty mean to you?
  • What makes you feel most beautiful?
  • Do you feel beauty is a big source of pressure — amongst your friends?
  • Has your beliefs about beauty — ever stopped you from doing something you love?
  • Do you have any questions about beauty — or  have something to share?

2. Share — instead of giving her advice or telling her what to do — pay attention to her responses, and share some of your own — speaking openly and honestly! Sometimes — it’s okay to leave the expert at work — and just be mom…

Regrain from saying “she I was your age” — as girls typically turn off at that comment. Instead, connect to her emotionally and intellectually — letting her know if you have any solutions that worked for you.

3. Listen — taking in her responses. Pay attention to her reaction to your comments — asking more questions if necessary — but don’t bombard her! Allow her space to talk about possible solutions. Sometimes — she will only need to talk it out…as she needs to feel safe, listened to and connected with!

4. Act — follow the conversation with some actions, putting together follow up ideas — sparked by the conversation, making sure:
She wants to talk to you (her mom/mentor) or friends about her relationship with beauty
How does she view the images in the media?
Does she want to write an email or blog post (like my Jr. Elite Socialistas — who love working with mommy) about her feelings?

Dove® research shows that it is still important for us to address girls’ anxiety about looks, as there is a universal increase in beauty pressure and a decrease in girls’ confidence as they grow older. Key findings from our latest research include:

• Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful (up from 2% in 2004)
• Only 11% of girls globally are comfortable using the word beautiful to describe themselves
• 72% of girls feel tremendous pressure to be beautiful
• 80% of women agree that every woman has something about her that is beautiful but do not see their own beauty
• More than half (54%) of women globally agree that when it comes to how they look, they are their own worst beauty critic

SOURCE: Dove Research: The Real Truth About Beauty: Revisited”

Created with Jess Weiner, Dove Global Self-Esteem Ambassador, this is a great resource for all women on starting a conversation in a simple way. Ask, Share, Listen and Act — you’ll find unintimidating ways to do make these a natural part of your talk about Self-Esteem.

Join me — and women across the county, October 5-7, when Dove will be holding a nationwide rally to talk about beauty, confidence and self-esteem. Commit to talk to the girl in your life during the weekend and beyond – it all starts with a conversation. Follow Dove on Twitter, check out the Dove Facebook Page and Send a Note of Confidence.