Oct 032012
2 G2 Hickey Sticks

What if I told you – there exists an alternative to concealer, that’s safe, natural and boasting positive energy? Well, the award winning Hickey Stick is the latest addition to our ‘green beauty’ watch list!

Forget messy concealers, the Hickey Stick’s thick, ‘stay‐in‐place’ formula – gives you the lasting coverage you need.

This amazing little beauty – is perfect for both men and women, has a sleek and sexy appearance, making it chic and portable.

 It is even more versatile with its functions: it covers breakouts, scars, bruises, tattoos, razor cuts, hickies, and can even be used under eye shadow as a primer! So, whether you had too much fun last night and have a hickey, are stressed and breaking out, or clumsy and get bruises…the Hickey Stick has you covered…and in just two quick steps!

Step 1: Place “primer” on mark you want to conceal
Step 2: “Paint” on the color with the second stick for flawless coverage

The Hickey Stick is made from all organic, natural, non – toxic ingredients, contains healing elements such as rosemary, zinc oxide, Vitamin E – has no parabens, phothlates, petrolatum, or lanolin, comes in light and dark shades – blending to match any skin tone and is Reiki charged for good energy – keeping you prepared for whatever life throws at you!

Interns from Fordham University worked alongside Co-‐Founders of G2 Organics, Cherie Corso and Marie Elena Lamarie, to develop such a versatile and perfect concealer. They are proud to give men and women of all ages a modern product that meets all of their modern needs. No one has time to be embarrassed by imperfections on their skin; the Hickey Stick allows its user to obtain a flawless complexion and their best foot, or rather face, forward.

Hickey Sticks retail for $24.95 (pack of two). In addition, a portion of proceeds go to cancer research. Keeping the spirit of giving (by helping yourself and the environment, and others as well), ALIVE.