Sep 272012

Do you ever feel like – you’ve tried everything – to rid yourself of those stubborn skin care problems, like enlarged pores & blackheads? Well, you will want to listen to what I’ve found out! When it comes to skin care and hair care – I like to get the how-to straight from leading experts! One of my favorites – Paula Begoun – says…

To achieve the best possible results, you need to know exactly what works and what doesn’t. Although what works to alleviate these problems has limitations, using the right products consistently will let you see a definite improvement!”

Did you know that we often use products and treatments — we believe, help the situation – when in fact, we are just making matters worse (and often times, paying a pretty penny to do it)! Want to know how pores get enlarged?


These problems (enlarged pores & blackheads) arise when your oil glands make too much oil. The excess oil mixes with other substances (such as dead skin cells) in the pore to form a clog. Not surprisingly, this clog makes it difficult for the oil to flow freely, which causes the pore itself to enlarge.” – Paula Begoun

Did you know that pores enlarge – to allow more space for oil to flow out, but can still get trapped (especially around the nose) by dead skin cells – and this material (oil and skin cells) – when exposed to air, oxidizes and forms a ‘blackhead?’

But with the following do’s & don’ts…let’s make this hated duo – a thing of the past!

  • Avoid emollient (thick, creamy) rich products, which will clog pores…especially if you have oily skin. Some beauty products can cause your glands to produce more oil, so be careful when choosing products! Rule of thumb, always check the ingredients label.
  • You should also avoid products that have harsh irritating ingredients, that can prove to be drying – to the skin, as this can stimulate oil production directly into pores.
  • Avoid soap bars at all costs! I would say this goes for your body as well (bacne & body acne). Instead, opt in for gentle, water soluble cleansers. Drying cleansers reverses the skin’s healing process, making redness and other irritations last longer. It also stimulates oil production.
  • Use salicyclic acid BHA exfoliant – that are free of irritating chemicals. Paula says, “Gently exfoliating skin with a BHA can both remove excess skin cells from the surface of the face (so they don’t build up in the pore) and exfoliate inside the pore (to improve its shape), allowing for a more even flow of oil. BHA exfoliation also reduces wrinkles and builds collagen! BHA is preferred to AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids, such as glycolic acid) because BHA exfoliates not only on the skin’s surface but also inside the pore, where the clog forms.
  • I love clay masks! I suffer with oil to combination sensitive skin! Yes, I know – I’m rare and complicated. Clay masks can help absorb your skin’s excess oil – but be sure that the clay is free of irritating ingredients. You can even try oil-absorbing products – which are to be worn underneath your makeup!
  • “Products that are effective for all skin types are prescription retinoids, such as Retin-A, Tazorac, Avita, Renova, and Differin. These can be used by themselves or in combination with a BHA product. Retinoids have anti-aging benefits, too, so they’re great for those struggling with blackheads, large pores, and wrinkles,” – Paula Begoun.
  • Lovelies, I can’t stress enough – how much I am all about prevention! I find myself being drawn more and more to the organic, natural and (cruelty-free) approach to beauty! I love to lavish in antioxidant rich formulas, that help my body on a cellular (reparative and regenerative) level!
  • And finally, Paula says, “Be careful about what makeup you choose; if you’re using thick, heavy makeup to cover red marks, even out your skin tone, or hide large pores, be aware that the texture of such cosmetics can make matters worse. Also, be sure you’re removing all of your makeup each night; never go to bed without washing it off. Neglecting to thoroughly, but gently, remove all your makeup can make clogged pores worse, increase blackheads and white bumps, and lead to dull-looking skin. Don’t let that happen to you!”