Sep 182012

My obsession to bliss has led me down various paths, but my fascination with spas – continue to lure me beyond my wildest pleasures. I fell in love with that feeling, when I had the pleasure of crossing paths with Yelospa!

The mind, body & soul – are capable of so many remarkable things, some of which – we cannot begin to imagine (or can we?).

This morning, while checking my emails (routine task of an editor), I came across one that seemed to resonate – to a sweet melody of blissful harmony! I was immediately drawn in, as the words rung truth of poetry, which connected the dots to my ideal. I had to share it with you! It is by the creator and founder of Yelospa – Nicolas Ronco…

Enjoy (as I did) :)

And here’s some beauty bliss :) (more email)…

Introducing Fig+Yarrow –  hand-crafted in small batches, harnessing the potency of the natural, organic ingredients, whilst reducing the need for preservatives.

This charming collection of scrubs, soaks and salves combines aesthetics with efficacy; replenishing mind, body and soul with each blissful aroma and potent blend of botanical extracts and essences. Herbal remedies for the world-weary, the uplifting salts and reparative unguents grant you an overall sense of wellbeing; soothing everyday stresses and bringing some all-American clarity to your skin, senses and spirit
Alpine Pumice Foot Scrub

Pink Love Salts

Floral Milk Bath

Mustard Soak

Cardamom+Coffee Body Scrub

SUMMER Herbal Steam

Sea Scrub

Underarm Deodorant Lotion

Meadow Bath+Body Oil

Darlings, should you decide to check out any of these amazing cult beauty must-haves, I will donate 5% of your purchase to The Goddess Project, to Raise Water for Rwanda! I will also send you a FREE Goddess Goody (contact for details) — courtesy of Beverly Johnson & Sapphire Kharyzma :)