Sep 162012


Guido was totally in demand, as he set the creative ‘hair’ sensations – for the top designers at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week – including Ralph Lauren, Diesel, Alexander Wang, Calvin Klein, Reed Krakoff, Louise Goldin, just to name a few!

His versatility is astounding. But I love how the looks – are easily achievable, taking less time than it actually looks. As I have stated before, the trends that we all go gaga for – are actually created by innovative gurus, like Guido – who is the Creative Consultant for Redken – right off of the runway! Next, beauty editors (like myself) – monitor the beaut-emails and airwaves, as well as the buzz wire – for the celebrities – who will bring out the ‘glam’ in the ‘must-have’ products!

But where things truly get interesting, is that fashion and beauty bloggers (again, like myself) – are actually the sort after trend setters and representatives of the ‘Real Woman.’ We have become the overnight celebs – as our street style approach, are further drawing attention of the magazine and top publishing media!

But me personally, I enjoy picking and choosing the brands and professionals – I partner, promote or even review! I am naturally draw to aesthetics.

I was truly loving Diesel Black Gold Collection and the graffiti-and-skateboard park themed – which brought a sense of playful youthfulness – that was pure, simple, and polished!

“This is a simple style, but it’s perfectly executed in a very polished way. It’s healthy hair with a bit of shine. Even though the style seems minimal, if one like this is done completely right, it ultimately elevates the whole look and becomes something more special. And it’s very American, very New York. I always say the hair in New York, as opposed to in Milan or Paris, is always hair women really do end up wearing.” – Guido.

To get the look – Guido says:
1. Apply satinwear 02 prepping blow-dry lotion to damp hair and blow-dry straight.
2. Create a deep left side part, pulled all the way across and out of the face.
3. Use a flat iron to make the hair perfectly straight.
4. Use fashion work 12 versatile working spray to tame any fly-away’s.
5. Apply shine flash 02 glistening mist for a light shine (not heavy gloss) – hair should look “healthy.”
6. Tuck hair behind the ears.

For Reed Krakoff, Guido focused on raking hair back into a pony (Redken All Soft Argan-6 oil), Guido said this wet, glossy look further reinforces the “jewel trend” he predicts to be interpreted with either full-on roots-to-ends shine, or “just a touch” around the hairline.

“I imagine the Reed Krakoff woman to be urban, sophisticated and modern; she’s a bit sporty, and she’s also strong – this look lends confidence. The hairstyle doesn’t have a period reference – as with the newly-launched Reed Krakoff line itself, there’s no real past, only the future. It’s nice sometimes to create a style that only looks forward- like in my mind, many American women themselves.”-Guido

To get this look, Guido recommends…
“When hair is damp, add a generous amount of Redken All Soft Argan-6 oil from roots to tips.
Create a rough right part.
Let hair partially dry naturally, and re-apply Argan-6 for added gloss if needed as it dries. The look is a wet look – but not “sopping wet”.
When about 70% dry, pull the hair down and back into a low pony, raking back with fingers not a brush.
Spray the hairline with forceful 23 super strength finishing spray to hold the style, pulling out a few strands at the hairline for a textured, natural finish.

Guido created a dark, wispy, mask-like style for Louise Goldin’s Spring 2013. The haunted, grungy hairstyle completed each look in this up-and-coming, formerly London-based designer’s collection. It was right in line with her casual, off-beat and even sci-fi-esque appeal.

“We’re always speaking so much about wearable styles, but we have to remember that fashion after all is also an art – and this look is all fantasy.I really saturated the hair in product, let it dry and then pulled out the left front section of the ponytail and pulled it across the face and eyes. I think of emerging branches, or like a mask of hair over the face that has a very haunted, ‘spinderly’, maybe even Tim Burton-esque feeling. These certainly are not sweet little girls.”

Create the Look
Saturate damp hair from roots to ends with full frame 07 all over volumizing mousse.
Create a messy center part and let air dry, adding additional mousse if needed to ensure you achieve a wispy, almost crispy texture.
Pull hair into a low pony tail and then pull out the front left section, arranging it across the forehead and eyes and pinning the ends on the right side.
Finish with forceful 23 super strength finishing spray (covering eyes) for hold.

Guido closed out New York fashion week with the Calvin Klein show, where he created a simple style with an emphasis on a rich, natural texture.

“The look is inspired by the classic Calvin girl herself – super chic, super urban. It’s a little bit grungy but overall the look is very natural. It’s not blown out straight, but just blow-dried with the fingers to achieve this soft, unrefined texture.”

To create the look, apply full frame 07 all over volumizing mousse throughout damp hair to create texture and movement and blow dry hair with fingers to create soft, natural texture….
Create a deep left side part
Apply powder refresh 01 aerosol hair powder/dry shampoo all over.
Spray style with forceful 23 super strength finishing spray to keep the natural wave in the hair, but then lightly brush through so it’s not stringy and remains very natural from root to ends.

And finally, Guido created a simple yet strikingly elegant style at the Ralph Lauren Spring 2013 show. This style fit perfectly underneath the hats many of the girls in the show wore (and looked great even after the models took them off) but also worked on it’s own, achieving the ‘complete feeling’ that Guido said he was trying to accomplish with this minimal, classic look either way.

“This whole look had a Gaucho-inspired feeling; picture a very elegant Argentine woman. It’s a very chic, put-together style. While 90 percent of the girls are wearing hats in this show, it was still very important to make the chignons as small and as refined as possible. This look goes along with what I typically think we create in New York in that it’s very American and wearable, but in a different way than the styles I created for some of the newer designers earlier in the week.” -Guido, Redken Creative Consultant.

Get the look:
Apply satinwear 02 prepping blow-dry lotion to damp hair and and blow-dry straight.
Create a clean center part.
Gather hair tightly into a ponytail at the nape and secure with an elastic.
Spray style with shine flash 02 glistening mist and twist up into a knot, securing with open fasteners.
Spray final style with fashion work 12 versatile working spray to tame frizz and flyaway’s for a sleek finish.

Photo Credits include Charles Sykes for Redken

Olivia Wilde
Ralph Lauren Collection orange silk faille dress
Ralph Lauren Collection black lacquered leather belt
Ralph Lauren Collection yellow lacquered leather clutch with matte black hardware
Ralph Lauren Collection black lacquered sandal
Ralph Lauren Collection sunglasses

Jessica Alba
Ralph Lauren Collection cap sleeve ballet scoop neck top
Ralph Lauren Collection Kelly plaid skirt
Ralph Lauren Collection black lacquered leather belt
Ralph Lauren Collection envelope clutch with hyacinth piping
Ralph Lauren Collection black lacquered leather sandal
Ralph Lauren Collection sunglasses
Ralph Lauren Fine Jewelry solo Chunky Chains bracelet (in rose gold)
Ralph Lauren Fine Jewelry solo Chunky Chains ring (in rose gold)
Ralph Lauren Fine Jewelry solo Chunky Chains ring (in white gold)

Ryan Lochte
Ralph Lauren Black Label suit, shirt and tie