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PARK CITY, UT - JANUARY 22:  Supermodel Beverl... I don’t know if any of you got a chance to check out the new luxury collection of hair, skin, body & bath products, a la Beverly Johnson, but I am totally in awe (and out of breathe at how much fun goodies are included) of what I’ve seen so far! And after the first official Brand Ambassador meeting on September 6 – there’s so much more sweetness to come, so stay tuned!!! I am committed…4 U 2 Think Beauty, so let’s kick this off…shall we!

 In the mean time, let me introduce you to your ‘beautifully ever after’ — beauty at any age – GlamRUs team…if you are in the market, for an effortlessly flawless routine, of the chic elite kind (eh hem…Goddess) – then, you have to try out the new Flawless Skin by Beverly Johnson collection. The FAB four stars of this set are:

A botanical infused cleanser that is soap-free, specially formulated to clean skin impurities without removing natural oils. Contains Argan Oil (an absolute magical elixir this oil) that infuses skin with high emollients. Your skin will never be dry again with this incredible cleanser.

A synergistic combinational of Argan Oil with natural extracts of Watercress and Apple that help fight the look of age spots and fine wrinkles. Fragrances, Parbabens and artificial color free….oh la la, the temptation is irresistible!

Enriched with Shea Butter for the Ultimate Hydration to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Botanical extracts will feed the skin with natural nutrients for dewey and healthy looking skin. Hey, another fave ingredient contender…#loveSheabutter

A combination of peptides with a matrix rebuilder that works in conjunction to create a smoothing effect and diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness. Fragrance and Parabens free.

For that bombshell body, you have to try Beautiful Body by Beverly...

An exhilarating body wash made with Argan Oil and Shea Butter that gently cleanses and moisturizes your skin and excites your senses. Use daily to start your day with a smooth, clean, fresh smelling feeling. For a luxuriance bathing experience!

The ultimate in hand and body hydration! Made with Argan Oil, Shea Butter and Vitamins A and D to hydrate dull, dry, moisture deprived skin. Delivers a soothing feel to the skin with a unique delicious smelling scent you will want to use over and over!

And for my devoted Haute ‘Hair’esses, you are going to met over this glam squad! Approximately 15 stunning hair care products adorn the Beautiful Hair by Beverly collection! For the Top Model, you would love Beverly’s super luxurious moisturizing shampoo…

a concentrated shampoo enriched with conditioning emollients. It is a unique blend of key essentials, including botanicals extracts and vitamin E. It gently conditions as it cleans, so that hair is never stripped or depleted of natural oils after shampooing. For best results, follow with Work It – Super Luxurious Moisturizing Conditioner (for thicker, coarser hair) or BJ Detangling Spray (for very fine, limp hair).

If you want to prevent breakage, then you have to check out the new Sashay Ends Creme

a conditioning supplement that provides moisture and extra protection for dry and delicate ends. When used daily, it effectively retards ends from splitting, while adding a healthy shine. It also shields ends when straightening with heat implements, helping to make them smoother. For best maintenance trim away unhealthy ends.

Comb straight through with this hassle releasing innovation – BJ Detangling Spray

formulated to ease strand tension during comb-out, helping to prevent unnecessary hair loss due to breakage. It is infused with a delicate conditioning action that softens and lends flexibility to the hair. It simplifies the grooming process by eliminating coarseness and stiffness, making the hair easier to handle. Whether used alone as a light conditioner after shampooing or used following Work It Ultra Softening Conditioning Treatment.

For big hair, at her best…try the PLUS SIZE HAIR CONDITIONER

that offers light, yet intensive conditioning for the hair, with a surplus of moisture and an emphasis on tensile strength. Enriched with a special restorative emollient, it penetrates the strand, improving elasticity. This vital increase in resilience helps reduce damage that can occur during handling. This distinct treatment gives hair volume, high gloss and a beautiful silken texture.

Work that do, with Work It, an ultra softening conditioning treatment…

and an exceptional way to replenish dry hair with smoothing and deep-penetrating conditioners. Enriched with Pro-vitamin B-5 (Panthenol), which is highly beneficial and refreshing for both hair and scalp. This luxurious treatment provides genuine help for dry, damaged or abused hair, revitalizing it with a soft manageability.

Give your hair a fine shine with the Photo Finish Mist

an excellent product to use to add shine and dimension to finished styles.

If you have super dry, brittle hair – then you must try the new No. 1 Conditioner

specifically formulated for chemically treated hair. It conditions the most severely damaged hair. It will even restore the bounce and shine to perms. No. 1 Conditioner adjusts to the most delicate of hair colors, while eliminating split ends, so rejuvenate your hair with No. 1 Conditioner and once again enjoy hair that has a natural healthy glow.

 Soften and prevent hairline damage with this magical innovation – Hairline Magic Creme

a wonderful solution to several hairline problems. It is the perfect way to smooth down broken and unruly hairs and keep them in place. As a protectant, it conditions and fortifies the hairline and keeps it from being dry. It replaces dullness with a beautiful shine and adds refinement and luster to this fragile section of hair.

 For my naturalistas, this ones for you boo…so be natural and Go Curly

a nourishing styling product used to create soft flowing frizz free curls. Contains Pro Vitamin B and Keratin to moisturize and improve shine on curly hair.

Get incredible shine with this styling treatment – Dead Straight

“Provides your hair with exceptional conditioning and incredible shine. This multifaceted product can be used as an elegant conditioner for dry damaged hair, and as a shine enhancer following styling.

 Now it’s easy to remove knots and tangles while you enhance the manageability of your hair. BJ Conditioning and Detangling Spray eliminates static and cuticle damage leaving your hair shiny and healthy looking. This versatile product is for the entire family. It detangles and facilitates wet combing. It also thickens and adds volume to thinning limp hair. Truly unique. BJ Conditioning & Detangling Spray will condition your hair, seal as it protects and impart incredible sheen.

 For brilliant shine, without the heavy hassle, check out Beverly’s Secret Hair Oil

an important oil that coats the hair with a brilliant shine without being too heavy or greasy. Protects hair against the dryness of the air, helping to condition the strand and prevent ends from splitting. Good on both natural and processed hair.

 Bad hair days are a thing of the past. Conceived in Europe, this revolutionary product uses Aloe to smooth the surface of the hair. Experience how easy blow drying can be while eliminating frizz. Create and hold “your look.” Enjoy incredible body and brilliant shine, with Beverly’s Frizz Free!

 And momma always said, the best things comes in multiples…and with the next two sets, your hair will be at it’s all time best…

I love Beverly’s Basic Hair Care Package

Top Model Super Luxurious Moisturizing Shampoo

Work It Ultra Softening Conditioning Treatment

BJ Detangling Spray Conditioner

Hairline Magic Crème

Beverly’s Secret Hair Oil


Beverly’s Hair Growth Trio, which features:

Sashay Ends Cream

Hairline Magic Crème

Beverly’s Secret Hair Oil

So there you have it…all the chic and FAB beauty products, for you to think beauty…about all things Beverly Johnson! If you would like to score any of these AMAZING GODDESS GOODIES, stay tuned, as I have some really cool ways for you to get some…for FREE :) (aww, I love you gals too)!

Reviews coming soon!