Sep 092012

My Beloved Darlings,

I am pleased to have launched The Goddess Project – and after many months of researching, planning, networking and getting social – our creative campaign(s) are in full swing!

But I am in need of some help! As a single mother – of three kids, an ambassador, fashion, beauty and lifestyle writer/editor/photographer…you get my point here! Often, I may call upon your assistance, as my reach – is thus far! It would mean a lot to me…if you all could possibly join me this September – and try to RAISE RWANDA! I cannot stress enough – how desperately heartbreaking it was to learn about the horrid conditions that these beautiful people endure! Can you imagine, having to wake up at 5:30 every morning – to walk a half hour to the nearest water supply? I know I can’t! And I think it’s because of my passion for water – that I connected immediately with charity: water! I absolutely adore it! I love to lavish and power down – in, around or through water!

English: child enjoying clean and safe drinkin... To know, that many families – are without a cup of clean water to drink, or bath – or to nourish their crops for food to eat, or their animals – for milk and other necessities – brings about a sadness that plagues my mind! The worst part of it is (yes, there are worst parts…but it’s all cause and effects, as science shows us) – sometimes, the only source of water – is NOT safe or reliable, and can often make the people sick!

Being a cause ambassador (goddess: project 4 charity: water)– Goddess 4 Change – has allowed me to transform! It has opened the door for me to become golden. My goal this month, is to help raise $1,000 towards the $1.7 million global mark! Every single penny donated – 100% goes directly to this cause!

I am asking each of you to join me, as we bring one of life’s most vital elements — to thousands of families – men, women and children. In return for your help, I am willing to share some Goddess love with you…

All contributors – will be placed on the Goddesses 4 Change Wall of Fame (page coming soon), with your/brand’s name, link to your site, a chic pic and “why you contributed to the goddess: project Raising Rwanda with charity: water.”

For my fellow bloganistas, and beautiful mavens in crime – I will kick in an exclusive BJE product for you, as a gift from Beverly Johnson and myself, for review on your blog. I will even throw in a Goddess Goody…for one of your lovely, lucky reader (or I can sponsor a giveaway :) ).

For my shopping mavens…I got you covered, as always! Any purchases you make via ANY of Empress Media site(s) (Elite Socialistas, Many Moods of Maven, Essence of Kharyzma) – 5% of your purchase will be donated to charity: water (as your choice of charity) on your behalf, as well as an exclusive BJE product (as a thank you from Sapphire Kharyzma & Beverly J), and also…your name will be added to the Wall of Fame as well!

I hope that any of these offers will encourage you to give WATER to Rwanda! I pray to see you all – on the front lines, as we race to Raise Rwanda! If you have any questions lovelies — or aren’t clear about my offers, PLEASE contact me. I am happy to assist any way possible! PLEASE DONATE TODAY!