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Ever wondered…what the heck…all the buzz was about — with BB Creams? And now with CC creams *holding head*…well, I wouldn’t be a good beauty ambassador if I didn’t address this issue — as I myself lost in wonderment about what the big deal was! For months, I passed through the isles of Sephora — mind-boggled — as my interest continued to pique. Finally, I decided to take to the experts — and some of my fave beauty mavens in the field. I knew this task would take me on a blog hop of beauty stops.

I asked each beauty maven four questions

  • What are your thoughts on the BB Cream craze?
  • What advice would you give to get the best BB Cream appeal?
  • What is you most coveted beauty secret?
  • What beauty product will ALWAYS star in your makeup bag?

First stop led me to beauty lair of a chic expert (and ‘GlamRUs Society’ diva) Emily Huspeth:

1. The BB Cream craze is very interesting. On the one hand, it doesn’t do something new or that other products can’t do (skin care, cosmetic benefit, sun protection). It does however do a really beautiful job at combining the efforts of multiple products in one step. I don’t really understand how this wasn’t available 20 years ago, but I am thankful for it now!
2. I recommend that people go out and try a few BB creams before they find the one that works for them. Just like finding the right foundation, you will need to do some research and trial and error. From the BB creams that I have tried, I can tell you that my experience that each will have a slightly different amount of coverage and staying power. Each brand will also have different SPF coverage, so that could influence your decision.
3. My most coveted beauty secret is not really a secret at all. I think so many people know this but don’t necessarily put it in practice. Always go to bed with a clean, moisturized face. Gets lots of beauty sleep because this is your body’s opportunity to restore and repair itself.
4. I love all makeup, really all of it! But I can not live without lip color. I have so many options of lipstick, lipliner, lipgloss, tinted moisturizers, etc that I would probably be set for life if I never bought another lip product. That would never happen because I love it too much to stop buying it!
Check out Emily’s BB Cream review :)

Emily Hudspeth is a professional freelance stylist and makeup artist, working in commercial advertising, special events and image consulting. Emily also shares her discoveries, favorite things, tips and tricks on the blog. Check out the daily posts to pick up some beauty secrets and tips.

Next, I strutted over to Big Time Beauty, to consult the lovely Ashley Pena:

Photo Credit: Big Time Beauty

1. I really feel it is just that: a craze. With the exception of one Western BB Cream, the others I have tried have been nothing more than either a renamed tinted moisturizer or a fancy foundation primer. We haven’t really seen a Western BB Cream with the same coverage, staying power, etc. as the Asian BB Creams have. My problem with Asian BB Creams is they tend to be more yellow based and they don’t work for myself or my clients here in the United States.
2. BB Creams were developed to help post surgical faces, so a good BB Cream should have a ton of benefits for your skin and provide a decent amount of coverage.
3. I don’t have many beauty secrets that most of us don’t already know. I’d have to say my secret weapon in my arsenal is a really, really great concealer. Concealer can take you a long way and a perfect concealer can replace a foundation in your day to day make up routine UNLESS you have scarring, excessive spotting, redness, etc in which cases you’ll need a foundation.
4. MAC ProLongwear Concealer. It’s water resistant, long wearing and a little dot conceals my entire face. I love it!


                                     Check out Ashley’s BB Cream review :)
Born and raised on the”mean streets” of the Southwest Side of Chicago she is a special mix of Mexican and Polish. Ashley is a full on cosmetic junkie, part time makeup artist and author of her blog: Big Time Beauty.
She can normally be found stalking the health and beauty isles of her local big box stores/drugstores OR at the high end department stores/ beauty retailers all over Chi-Town. When she’s not obsessing /writing about cosmetics she loves to spend hours wasting away in WoW, watching ice hockey, spending quality time with her boyfriend and traveling.
And finally, I needed to have some beauty recharge, after a double dose of FABness, so I decided to visit — an amazing beauty expert — Kristie Burnett – a.k.a. Blushing Basics -  beauty blogger, television correspondent, beauty journalist and makeup artist wrapped up in a tiny little package. While makeup can’t create height (this beauty blogger barely hits five feet) it can create fun, beauty and provides an artistic outlet for this 31 year old wife and mother of three.

Check out Kristie’s review by clicking this image

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  • Phyrra

    Honestly, people have the wrong idea about BB creams because they keep trying the lame American ones which are just tinted moisturizers. If you want to try a real BB Cream, you’ve got to try a Korean one. They’re supposed to be full coverage, not a tinted moisturizer. They’re supposed to have high SPF. they’re supposed to prime, conceal, foundation, brighten the complexion, and have good for you skin ingredients, too.

    • SapphireKharyzma

      Ladies, this is one of my all time favorite Beauty Mavens…Ms. Phyrra, and I am so happy she stopped by to spread her expert beauty love with us :) . If you have any links to BB creams (real like the Korean ones) then please feel free to share with us, as I am sure if anyone is reading this and is clueless…they can have GlamRUs options :)

      • Phyrra

        I actually wrote a rant about bb creams because of the misconception with what they started out as, vs. the fad they are in the USA:

        And my favorite Korean BB Cream review:

        Hope this helps to clear up the BB cream phenomenon!

        • SapphireKharyzma

          OMG…I loved the rant (as you touched on many of my concerns)…as I am such a newbie to BB creams. I am hoping to find ‘the one’ as you did, and pray that the Korean ones come in my shade :) *fingers crossed*.

          You also looked AMAZING in the review. Your skin looked absolutely flawless :)

          • Phyrra

            So that’s the big drawback with a lot of the Korean ones, they only come in 2 or 3 shades.

            Most of the ones that I’ve seen were took dark for me, but probably too light for you. The American ones have a wider shade range. Only the lightest shade in the Korean one I have works for me.

            Hm, 3lab makes an amazing bb cream which comes in light medium and dark. light was too dark for me, but dark might be worth looking at.

            Oh! Jane Iredale’s bb cream, still trying it out before I write my review, but it came in a light enough shade for me (bb1) and it goes to BB11. It might have a shade in between that works for you.

            Right now, my favorite foundation is the Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation, because I feel like it gives me the best looking skin/finish. But, when I was getting up at 5am, my BB cream was invaluable. One step and I had moisturizer, SPF, concealer, foundation and skinfood.

          • SapphireKharyzma

            :) Phyrra…I will check out these brands! Thanks sooo much…you totally rock “beauty,” and I am glad for you and the #bbcoalition :) *sniff* :)