Aug 292012
Karite Special Collection

It was such a pleasure – receiving nuNAAT Karité Special w/ Shea Butter collection & NAAT Minerals Argan Oil, for review. This was my first time ever hearing about the brand, but I am always up for a {beauty} challenge!

This collection – is quite popular among the dry, curly/wavy hair mavens – who are in dyer need of some much needed TLC. It’s main contender?  One of my favorite ingredients – Shea butter. Thanks to Patricia Sanchez, of A Diva’s PrerogativeI was more than happy to test out nuNAAT, because she swore by it’s amazing effects on her daughter’s hair!

So, naturally – a Goddess SPARTY was indeed in the immediate planning stage (in my head), starring none other than my Jr. Elite Socialista – and my 16 (and a half) year old daughter, Jazz.

On the day of our SPARTY, the music was pumping – snacks and goodies was delightful, and Jazz took to their bathroom – to begin her ‘beauty experiment.’ 2 hours later (45 min each…wash & condition, deep treat, style and flat iron), Jazz described her SPAtacular experience as a “gentle kiss from nature.”

My hair is so much straighter and fuller (after 2 weekly usage) and appears to be healthier and it smells amazing. My hair is softer to the touch, shinier and overall – easier to manage! My scalp feels residue free and clear – as if it can breathe better!” – Jazz, Jr. Elite Socialista and AP High School Senior.


Jazz’s natural curls are lavishing in the Karité Nourishing Shampoo :)

I absolutely love Jazz’s naturally curly hair with Karité Nourishing Shampoo

The Karité Reconstructive Conditioner activate Jazz’s natural curls :)

Jazz’s tresses post Karité Deep Conditioning Hair Mask, w/o Anti-Frizz. Very full and smooth (for added shine, use NAAT Minerals Argan Oil).

Jazz’s hair (bottom portion) with Karite Special Anti-Frizz (Heat activated).

And here’s my AP high school senior’s post SPARTY — “let’s pinup my tresses, crap is mom still shooting pics!?!” :)

I personally adored the leave-in detangler and Argan oil. It added such a boost to my tresses – with a soft and lively feel and rich shine.

Beauty Fixx – I mixed a small amount with Infusium 23 Leave-in Detangler (instead of plain water) and loved the results. I slathered through my locks, twisted and let air dry! My ends and overall tresses didn’t feel dry, brittle or parched!

 nuNAAT Karité boost ‘healthy hair’ with vitamins A, D, E & F – protects tresses from harmful UV rays, non greasy/no oily build up, won’t clog your pores – all while rehydrating and restoring hair’s natural brilliance, revitalizing dry, brittle, damaged hair (chemically treated hair would flourish with this collection ;) ).

The entire collection features Karité Special:

  • Nourishing Shampoo
  • Reconstructive Conditioner
  • Deep Conditioning Hair Mask
  •  Leave-in Detangler
  • Anti-Frizz (Jazz’s fave)

This collection is a must-have collection for the t(w)een to the ‘grown-n-sexy’ Goddess in all of us. I highly recommend this collection ;)


This collection was sent to Media Maven for review. This review is my honest and genuine opinion, which is 100% mine and was not influenced by nuNAAT.