Aug 272012

I have since become obsessed with SPARTIES, ever since our first go at it with the Revlon Expressions Experiment campaign! And thanks to you lovelies, your response to that success story — led me to want to do MORE! When presented with the opportunity to spotlight the creative Goddess of SPARTY! — Alexis Ufland.

Ufland is a respectable authority in the spa industry, and also owns Lexi  Design — a consultancy firm responsible for the development of premier spas and fitness centers across Asia, Europe and the US. She has also written spa and yoga development articles, quoted in top industry trade mags, and lectured at trade events.

Now at the forefront of her industry—with a career that literally spans the globe—Alexis began with Steiner Transocean, the largest Spa company to date. Operating over 120 Spas on board cruise ships, she gained valuable experience in operations, development and managing multiple Spa locations. After five years at sea, Alexis moved to Singapore to help create the first spa franchise concept, the first medical spa connected with a dermatologist, and to develop luxury spas all throughout Southeast Asia and later Spain and Italy.

Media Maven: What brought you into the Spa consulting business and please tell us a bit more about your background.

Alexis: I began my career with Steiner Transocean, the largest Spa company to date. Operating over 120 Spas on board cruise ships, I gained valuable experience in development, operations, and management. After four years at sea, I moved to Singapore to help create the first spa franchise concept, the first Asian medical spa and to develop luxury spas throughout Southeast Asia. I still had the ‘travel bug‘ so continued working and developing spas in Spain and Italy for a couple more years. After about 7 years abroad, I moved back to the States and opened Lexidesign a Spa consulting and development firm that specializes in the development of spas, wellness centers and yoga studios. I have spent te last 10 years assisting in the development of over 50 spas to date worldwide. Six years ago, I opened a second company called SPARTY! the first ‘spa party‘company.

MM:. What do you anticipate for the future of the Spa and wellness industry – particularly concerning treatments and design?

Alexis: My vision for the future of the spa industry is that spa owners will not only focus on pampering the consumer but also on pampering the planet. The spa industry as a whole consumes an enormous number of natural resources and produces an equally great amount of waste. I think the future of the spa industry, and especially spa design, will be to create healthy, eco-friendly spas that improve our planets environmental condition. I hope spa owners will begin to seek out architects and designers who utilize principles in sustainable design and apply best practices in green construction. In addition, I believe spa owners will look to support companies, suppliers and manufacturers who incorporate fair trade as part of their business practices.

MM: What are your preferred materials and colors for Spa design – are there any “no-no’s”?

Alexis: For us the only “no-no’s” are endangered woods, toxic paints, and any materials that take away from the planet without replenishing. More importantly are our “yes-yes’s ”! This list includes recycled, restored and reusable materials as well as vintage and used furnishings.

MM: In what ways is a Spa treatment more effective than an at-home experience? What benefits do they have if compared?

Alexis: I don’t know if I can say that a treatment is more effective at a spa but I will say that the best part of going to the spa is to experience all the bells and whistles that the spa has to offer. A simple Swedish Massage can be so much more effective if you get to the spa early, spend time in the steam, finish with a dip in the Jacuzzi and lie-down in the lounge with a tea. Plus, in a well-done spa, every detail should work together synergistically – design, snacks, music, scent, staff etc. When these elements are consistent throughout the spa, I can really immerse myself in the ‘culture’ of that spa and the experience is that much better.

MM: In your opinion and based on your experience, what is the most effective and most popular Spa treatment?

Alexis: At the moment I am obsessed with a Treatment called IPL – Intense Pulsed Light for Sun Spots. Even though it has been around forever, I never felt that I was ready for it because I LOVE the sun. I finally made the decision to stay out of the sun and with that commitment I have been working on evening out my skin tone and reducing my sun spots. Each time I have a treatment I am AMAZED by the results. It is single handedly the most effective way to reduce sun spots.

I know everyone probably answers massage, but I am a sucker for a really relaxing facial. I think it’s the best combination – you get to relax and come out looking younger! What could be better than that….maybe adding a Scalp Massage? Heaven!

For one night only, SPARTY! attendees are treated to an indulgent evening of universal favorites – great friends, exotic cocktails and decadent spa services! There are no ‘black ties’ required for this affair; a SPARTY!-er is greeted with a custom terry robe, comfy slippers and champagne cocktails at the door. Topped off with their own sparkling smile, guests can begin to SPARTY!!

Truly a living fantasy, a SPARTY! can appear as if out of nowhere. SPARTY! girl, Alexis Ufland, masterfully creates custom spas to suit any crowd, any theme for any reason. Empty spaces are magically transformed into multi room spas for massages, facials, shaves, manicures & pedicures. Unlike ordinary day spas stocked with serenity & silence, a SPARTY! comes complete with a DJ, sumptuous hors d’oerves, a cocktail lounge and its own flair for fun.