Preity Uupala Defines Divine Beauty

Hello Darlings,

Today’s woman is an influential and empowered powerhouse of creativity and desire. She can be seen setting trends or found socially branding through shared experiences. She is motivated, educated, smart, savvy and often comes off as a boss! She is often a pillar in her community, hometown and/or country. She is the “Preity Uupala” that the world desperately seeks. Through sheer strength, talent and flawless beauty – she pushes through the barriers that can prove discerning for some, and too much for many.

 Preity, which is pronounced “pretty” – defines today’s woman to the core. Born in Dubai, and hailing from Bondi Beach, in Sydney, Australia – the actress, entrepreneur, philanthropist, beauty queen, writer and brand ambassador, is currently based in Los Angeles. She continues to shine throughout her uphill battle to claim her rightfully deserving seat on the “A-lister” throne.

  Blessed with a million dollar smile and a voice of an angel, Uupala’s quintessence lights up the big screen. She is unlike any other pretty face. The award winning actress has incredible depth, rooted in passion, and this drive make her stand out.

Her “born-to-shine” quality has led her to share the stage with the Jackie Chan at the recent Asia Pacific Film Festival where the star lavished in being the “big winner” of the night.


She is a beautiful mixture of sensuality and elegance, striking a balance between fire and poise…Audrey Hepburn meets Selma Hayek!

Ms. Preity got her first taste of fame after competing in the Miss Earth Australia back in 2009. This opened the doors and she then went on to winning the titles of Miss India International AP 2012 and Miss India Portugal in 2010. Uupala’s success as an international model and beauty queen radiates through her passion for the environment. She is currently involved in a number of philanthropic activities and charities worldwide. She has graced many photo shoots and worked with renowned photographers, including Johan Westen, celebrity photographer, who says that Preity is “the new sexy – possessing intelligence, class and soul.”

Not Just A Preity Face

Uupala studied at the University in Sydney, Australia — enrolling at age 16 where she graduated with degrees in IT and Marketing (Honors). This chic & former classic investment banker slash beauty queen turned Hollywood actress – has worked in challenging positions for investment banks and international consulting firms in Sydney, New Zealand and the UK — before launching her own brand. Her mission? To inspire and empower — though her work and cause efforts. Her passion and courage enables her to do just that. Preity’s corporate background sets the foundation and fortitude for her to succeed in the entertainment industry .


 Divine Beauty

Preity’s beliefs has laid her path before her, many times…but this time, she has decided – there would be no looking back. As an avid lover for the more opulent things in life, Préity considers herself an evolved, old soul — who lives in harmony with her higher self and highest destiny. Preity enjoys the leisure of yoga, meditation, personal development and most of all – enriched spirituality.

Being of mixed heritage – born of Indian and Portuguese background, she has traveled extensively around the world — living in Dubai, Paris, India, Sydney and Los Angeles. Her travels over the globe — to over 35 countries – continues to imbued her with a wide understanding of global cultures and values. She is multilingual and fluent in 5 different languages.

Préity is a young woman – in her own power – and takes pride in knowing her authentic self. She has mastered the art, as she captivates her audiences, through her performances and explosive energy. Préity has embarked on an incredible journey. She possesses the intelligence, drive, and tenacity to achieve her goals. Her foresight and diligence has led her to make things happen and reach her goals.

Préity is an entrepreneur, activist and visionary who has lent her face and voice to many charity and philanthropic activities all around the world, including her very own – The Uupala foundation, founded in 2011.


She also sits on the board of the Los Angeles based charity Reading, Writing, Its Exciting. In the US, she has recently joined forces with and is an ambassador for – a charity based in Africa, as well as Green Gecko & Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) in Cambodia and Global Service Crops-Teach English to the MONKS in Thailand.

To follow the Preity Uupala journey, check out her website

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