Jul 242012
Fake Bake Radiant Golden Glow Fair

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Hello Lovelies,

This year, I’ve taking on many challenges — including the Spartan Race, the Revlon Expression Experiment with my Jr. Elite Socialistas, not to mention the Summer of Bliss  Challenge — and I pat myself on the back because of the achievements I tirelessly earned. They have all led me to my outlook about life, and that the story of beauty, is nothing more than a science theory. And with most scientific theories…an experiment or series of such… is required to get to the desired results. So therefore, I’ve learned to not knock something, if I haven’t tried it -___-. Cliche? Maybe but the truth still remain! So here I am, for the second time…about to do a feature on Fake Bake, who have officially earned the Media Maven title of “Champion Golden Goddess” in beauty.

With many self tanners on the market by great performing brands like Clarins Clarins Self Tanning Milk (review coming soon) — I realized that this whole subject is surrounded by issues related to proper skin care due to harmful UV exposure. The purpose of the sunless tanner –is to remove the damaging effects of tanning beds and/or sun bathing. My goal in this mission, was not to achieve a darker complexion, but rather…highlight what I was divinely blessed with. This hypothesis was only arrived to only after my first experiment with Fake Bake’s products.

Now, my purpose for using the Fake Bake Radiant Golden Glow, was to showcase the “glowing” benefits and how you to can achieve that flawless red carpet Golden Goddess look — with a safe and pleasant smelling “instant” beauty product. My skin’s overall appearance looked and felt — healthier and richer.

What I love is the smooth, gentle formula which agreed with my skin’s sensitivity. It is streak free and doesn’t stain. It is a safe and alternative approach to a healthy bronzed Goddess look. I also love that it works gradually — giving you full control of your bronzing. It’s great for all skin tones, and for me — being of naturally bronzed hue complexion — this made the review aspect a bit more realistic and all the more interesting. The sheer and luxurious consistency — deliver the perfect amount of color, evening out my skin’s tone. Also great for year round coverage, goes on easy and lasts long

***Tip*** I got better results when applied after an exfoliating [nighttime] shower. I pat dry my skin, then *wearing protective gloves* smoothly caress the formula onto my unmoisturized skin. I usually leave a 5 – 10 minute window before using a clean wash cloth to buff the area(s) before dressing.

 If you are new to self tanners/bronzer and need a little help, check out this video tutorial to help you get those legs “Golden Goddess” gorgeous — or as we say here…GLAM’d.

Iman’s natural Golden Goddess Glow! Want the look? Then follow Media Maven Blogazine.

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