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2012 April 25 | Media Maven

Daily Archives: April 25, 2012

Alice Inoue Feng Shui Series: “Staying Clear of Electromagnetic Fields.”

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By Alice Inoue

Is your cellphone charging nearby when you sleep?  Is your electrical or digital clock close to your bed?  Is the location of your bedroom near your wireless router, or is your computer in your bedroom and on 24/7?

If so, no matter how optimally your bed and furniture are placed, or how elementally balanced your feng shui is, you have not considered an important environmental factor that can adversely affect you – EMF’s, or electromagnetic fields.

What are EMF’s?

EMF’s are physical fields produced by moving electrically charged particles.  EMF’s are a combination of electrical fields and magnetic fields.  You will find these fields in your house wiring, televisions, radios, cell phones, hair dryers, microwaves, and even digital or electric clocks.

Due to the proliferation of electronics in recent years, EMF’s of various frequencies fill our homes, workplaces and public spaces. They are considered by many to be harmful to our bodies and almost every new invention adds to the electromagnetic pollution that already exists.

Why do we want to avoid them?

For over forty years, electrobiologists have studied the effects of EMF exposure on the human body.  Although we are electrical beings, and our bodies are made up of various electromagnetic frequencies, the external EMF’s are far from being harmonious with the frequencies in our bodies.

Although earth’s electromagnetic field is beneficial to our body and supports optimal functioning, most of us do not get outdoors enough to counter balance the constant exposure we have to other electromagnetic frequencies.

How much is too much?

Virtually all scientists agree that 2.5 Mg (milligauss) is the generally accepted limit of EMF exposure.  To give you an idea of what that means, an electric clock generates an electromagnetic field of about 5-10 Mg, and the average hair dryer or vacuum cleaner generates 300Mg or more.  If you have ever experienced fatigue after a long session on the computer or had a sensation of heat or buzzing in your ear after using your cell phone, you may have experienced strong EMF exposure.

Our bodies are sensitive to high external EMF emissions.  Our skin, DNA, blood vessels, vital organs, and even our cell membranes are affected.  Plus, the effect of exposure is cumulative, so the sooner you can reduce your exposure the better.
Tips to reduce your EMF exposure

•    If a television, refrigerator, computer or other office equipment is on the other side of the bedroom wall behind your head, consider moving your bed, as EMF’s penetrate all building materials.

•    Place electrical equipment as far away from your bed as possible, especially cell phones and computers.  The further away you are from the electrical item, the less impact it has on your body.

•    Switch to a wind up clock or use a battery operated one.

•    Turn your television off manually, instead of with the remote.

•    Replace your wireless with a corded home phone, or at the very least, use the speakerphone function when using the cordless phone.

•    Avoid prolonged fluorescent light exposure. (Yes, that is one of the reasons why you feel drained after a long day under fluorescent lighting.)

•    If you are not ready to get rid of your microwave, move far away from it when it is on.

•    Turn off your wireless routers at night, especially if your home office is near your bedroom.

EMF’s were not an issue even fifty years ago, but today addressing them is an essential component of feng shui practice.  Although you cannot fully control your exposure to EMF’s while you are away from home, you can control your family’s exposure while you are at home, especially at night when the body is regenerating and needs its rest.

Reduce your exposure at home and see if you don’t sleep better. What do you have to lose, except perhaps some wrinkles and stress?


Alice Inoue is a life guide that uses the modalities of feng shui, astrology and spirituality in her work. Her offerings include award-winning, mind-body-spirit themed books, as well as a series of feng shui instructional DVD's. For more information visit www.aliceinspired.com. Sign up for her newsletter to receive monthly articles on feng shui, astrology and life wisdom.

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Keryl Pesce’s Tips: Blissful Living Inspired By Reinventing Happy Bitch Book & Wine!


Her brand began with her self-help book entitled “Happy Bitch – The girlfriend’s straight-up guide to losing the baggage and finding the fun, fabulous you inside!” In her straight-up and “girlfriend-friendly” style, Keryl shares her newfound perspective and strength following a painful divorce and shows readers how regardless of their baggage, they too can transform their lives from heartache and struggle to peace and lasting happiness.

Here are Keryl’s key tips to living a happier life:
1 – Take the pressure off

If you’re feeling down, bitter, angry or whatever negative state you may be in, stop beating yourself up for feeling that way. Often the pressure we put on ourselves to feel differently than we do is worse than the negative feeling itself. Acknowledge that is how you feel right now without judging. 

2 – Think in terms of what you want

Do a thought check. Do you spend the majority of your time thinking about what you don’t want and what’s wrong or what you do want? Start paying attention to what you focus on because what you focus on expands. Every time you catch yourself thinking about what is wrong with your life, stop. Interrupt your thought pattern and start asking “What do I want?” You will be amazed at what answers and opportunities present themselves when you begin asking the right questions. Lose the “Why me’s?” They serve no positive purpose.

3 – Make your happiness a priority

Studies show that every aspect of the human body functions better when we’re happy. What makes you happy? What do you enjoy? Start doing more of that without guilt. You were literally designed for happiness. If you feel the people around you don’t make your happiness important, it’s probably because YOU don’t place enough importance on it. Set some time aside for you and what you enjoy.

Bonus: The quickest way to feeling happier is to get out of your own head and do something for someone else. Whether it’s a simple compliment to a stranger, showing gratitude to others or doing something kind and unexpected for another person, the act of lifting up another is a powerful “happy pill” you carry with you at all times.

Happy Bitch: The girlfriend’s straight-up guide to losing the baggage and finding the fun, fabulous you inside . . .

“Happy Bitch” is available for $19.95 on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and is available for Kindle. For more information, please visit www.happybitchbook.com.

Following the release of her book, she and attorney Jonna Spilbor (regular legal analyst for Fox News and MSNBC), began a weekly talk-radio show called “Happy Hour” designed to entertain and dish advice for women. Their show airs Thursdays, 9-11pm EST on Mix 97.7FM in New York. See their website for more information: www.HappyBitches.com.

Soon after, Keryl (together with her girlfriend, Debbie Gioquindo) launched a hot new rose wine called Happy Bitch aimed squarely at females. It’s pink, it’s fun, it’s edgy.  “It’s not just a wine. It’s a lifestyle. We women are notorious for living a life of sacrifice. It’s high-time we make our own happiness a higher priority.”

What to serve this with? The back label says it all “Pairs well with girlfriends and great memories.”

For hostesses and home entertaining, Happy Bitch Rose is perfectly balanced, pleases many palates and is light on your wallet. The Chardonnay/Pinot Noir blend is not too dry and not too sweet with aromas of melon, strawberry and orange blossom.

Available in stores in New York and for online purchases at www.happybitchwines.com, Happy Bitch Wine is 750ml and retails for $13.99! (Where allowed by individual state laws.) Be sure to check out the removable neck label bearing quotes from her book on the back!
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