Apr 192012


With summer approaching, travel and vacation plans is in full swing, haunting minds. After paying taxes and let’s not forget the high cost of gas…the cost of the “coveted escape” could outweigh the desire to get away. Yet, we caught up with a taste-maker who gets creative to make some vacation money…and it promises it can pay off.  I present too you, Fiverr.com— a great way for anyone to pay for their travel expenses by completing micro-tasks (or “gigs”) online. Fiverr is changing the way we “work” by providing a global marketplace for buying and selling services for as little as $5—and currently lists 500,000+ gigs in 200+ countries.

Divas, you will find passionistas selling services on Fiverr who are exploring their passions and untapped talents – and getting paid for it. Web designers, cartoonists, writers, singers, voiceover artists, random people in banana suits and many more shades of “micro entrepreneurs” are paying for travel, funding school tuition, covering their bills, or even making Fiverr their full-times jobs. They love it because the work and hours are on their terms. Fiverr is great for people looking for work freedom – you can complete gigs from anywhere, get paid via PayPal in US dollars, and the money can go an especially long way when you’re overseas.

In fact,  Marko Williamson and Annie Cheney, two world travelers currently funding their globetrotting adventures with Fiverr gigs. They’ve collectively made over $10,000 in just FOUR months selling a range of services from proof reading, transcribing, photographs, and web/logo design – to help pay for their ongoing traveling lifestyle (17 countries and counting). Check out their awesome adventures on their blog – http://www.oranjeexplorers.com.

  • http://fiverr.com Fiverr Fanatic

    Fiverr is an AWESOME site! Love what we’ve found! Amazing! We’ve done really well on there as well. My husband was able to quit his construction job!

    • http://goldengoddesspr.com Media Maven

      Dear Fiverr Fanatic,
      I applaud your strength and conviction…and am happy that you & your husband are not only fanatics, but Fiverrpreneurs as well!

      Stay Blessed,
      Media Maven

  • http://fiverr.com/tn5rr2012/trace-your-family-tree-for-you-and-go-back-4-generations Anonymous

    Great post and proves FIVERR can be used for anything. When I signed up with FIVERR this past Jan I did not realize that it would be helping me stay afloat after a surgery I didn’t know I would have to have. I had surgery this past March and have been off work with no pay. My Family Tree gig has helped me pay my bills. With no idea of when I will get back to my day job I am grateful that I am able to have this successful FIVERR gig. Click on my name if you want your family tree started for you.

  • http://fiverr.com/incept/build-you-high-pr-backlinks Terri Patterson

    Good information…found you through Google.