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Media Maven’s Fit’Miss Challenges You Spartan Race Style

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Spartan Race. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hello Lovelies,

Can you believe it? It’s practically April already (that’s four months since your “New You” resolutions). I can tell from the tons of emails from many of you that “we” (myself included) need to kick those fitness Re-Soul-utions into high gear. My dear darlings, have you ever heard of the Spartan Race? Well, this my lovelies, is the very fixer upper we’ve been waiting for.


Spartan Race is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, but hey … Media Maven is always up for a challenge! As intimidating as it might sound (I think it’s the word “Spartan”), Spartan Race fuses “new” with “different” for the entire family to get in on the action.

Spartan Race is currently revolutionizing the way we work out as it pushes the body to its limit with Spartan world leading obstacle courses. Different styles of racing blend with different cultures of races, as races range from muddy 3+ miles of fun with 10 or more obstacles up to 40+miles…oh my!

The challenging 5K sprint trail races gives perfect reason to get off that couch and start living a more productively active lifestyle. And it’s also great for beginners. Hey, a little mud can surely go a long way – in fact, skin experts might agree that it does wonders for the skin. It’s often used in spas.

Darlings, working out doesn’t have to be torturous. Life is definitely what we make it and with today’s economical and social strains, we can each use “fun” time. What makes this  even better you ask? Spartan Race can be enjoyed by all ages. So go on and spice up your fitness frenzy with this new muddy  way to stay fit. And don’t forget your  determination and self-discipline.

Spartan Race is one of the only events offering a kid’s race and woman’s network with Spartan-Chicked – a race that promotes family, community and overcoming obstacles. Hmm, note to self … sign up for this by right here ;-) . I can’t wait to see my teen divas Jazz & Starr all muddy with me at the finish line!

Participants in the Spartan  Race can expect daily workouts, weekly newsletters and inspiring blog(azine like Media Maven *wink*) that will move you from the couch to finish line within 45 days!

Join Media Maven, your Elite Socialista and 300,000+ racers for 2012 as we toughen up & follow through with our daily plans and tips to “unleash the bliss” with this life changing experience! It’s a simple as signing up, showing up and NEVER GIVING UP.

Soon, you too will understand what it means to be Spartan at the finish line … but don’ wait to sign up, as races are rapidly selling out! For frequently asked questions and answers check out:

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Anti-Aging Comes From Within

Courtesy of Yvonne Ryding Skincare

Yvonne Ryding, head of eponymous skincare line, advises Media Maven readers on how to get “that glow.” HINT: It doesn’t start with face cream

“When I give my lectures, my audience must expect me to talk about the skincare line, but there are so many other important factors to a woman’s well-being,” says Yvonne.

Yvonne has always been interested in taking care of herself. As a young girl she was involved in gymnastics and soccer, and as a young adult, she enjoyed the enviable status of global pageant queen (Miss Universe 1984) and international model.

These days, Yvonne is a prominent and inspirational figure in Sweden, and regularly contributes to popular television. And while she founded Yvonne Ryding skincare upon the strict notion of natural, cutting edge research and ingredients, the key to beauty does not start with face cream. Yvonne is a mother and a company owner, and so she knows that in order to thrive, it is important to take care of yourself. “Think about the mind and your soul. Give yourself some time to be with yourself in meditation.”

Yvonne Ryding believes that exercise helps you glow from the inside. But, “it’s important that you enjoy your workout,” she says, “so that it doesn’t feel like a chore. If you love walking, then just walk! Do you ice skate? Then ice skate!”

And be mindful of what you put in and on your body. “Think about how you eat. Good food helps you think. Be good at giving your body water so that you can rinse it out and cleanse.” And don’t forget your beauty sleep, she says. “If you’re not sleeping well and giving your body rest, then your body won’t have time to rejuvenate.”

Yvonne’s stance on anti aging is consistent with her belief in a balanced joyful lifestyle. She maintains the importance of food, sleep, drinking water and exercise. “If you combine that with a commitment to taking care of your biggest organ by using natural products, then you will get a really wonderful glow around you.”

6 Ways to Help Children Reach Healthy Weights

Hello Darlings,

Talking to your child about the touchy subject of weight isn’t easy. Top Psychology Schools recognizes the need to properly address childhood obesity early on to prevent psychological damages in the future. Follow our expert recommended tips to help your kids look and feel their best!

Clearly, it’s important to start a dialogue about weight with our kids. So we asked the experts to weigh in— no pun intended— on six simple, supportive and age-appropriate steps to broach the topic and ensure that our children get and stay healthy.

Focus on Health: The first step is to stop thinking of weight issues as mainly an appearance problem. In fact, “The best approach is not talking specifically about the weight itself,” explains YouBeauty Nutrition Advisor Kristin Kirkpatrick, R.D. She suggests that when you talk to your child, don’t talk about dieting or fat, but rather a desire to be healthy.

It’s A Family Affair: Kirkpatrick insist that to achieve a healthy lifestyle you have to include your whole family, not just pick on a troubled member or two. After all, healthy eating is in everyone’s best interest.

Get Out And Play: Adults might call it “exercise,” but with kids, you can call it something much more fun: “play time.” Avoid words like “workout” that make fun activities seem like a chore.

Force Of Habit: That takes changing what’s available around the house. Fill your fridge with only fresh, nutritious and delicious options for your kid and the rest of the family.

Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk: Just as parents have to set an example by watching what goes into their mouths, they also have to pay attention to what comes out—and that means absolutely no fat talk.

Think For Yourself: Turn the negative messages in the media into a positive by encouraging an open dialogue with your children. “I think that there’s a lot to be said for being honest with kids in an age-appropriate way,” Quinlan notes. So, don’t be shy, start the conversation.


To view the full article please check out:

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Olli Lolli Springs New Organic Hoodies to Help Keep Kid’s Meds Close

Hello Lovelies,

With “spring” in the air, everything fresh, new, beautiful & eco/green is in bloom. Bees are beginning their buzz -y season and that can only mean stress-covered anti-anticipation for many allergy suffers, as myself & my girls! I was very pleased to learn about Olli Lolli’s Organic Cotton Hoodies, which come adorned with a special Olli Pocket™ to hold those vital meds!

Olli Lolli Allergy Aware Apparel Inc., offers a line of apparel that allows kids with life-threatening conditions, such allergies, asthma or anaphylaxis, to wear their emergency medication, instead of carrying it in a pouch, purse, fanny pack or knapsack that could be easily lost.

Olli Lolli™ windbreakers and hoodies are specially designed with the Olli Pocket™, a built-in pocket to hold a child’s emergency epinephrine auto-injector, asthma inhaler, or insulin injector, ensuring their medication is there when they need it.
Now kids and their care givers can immediately access life saving allergy medication, whether they are in the school lunchroom, out on the playground, visiting a grandparent, or in the neighborhood park playing with friends.
Fresh for Spring and Summer 2012, the colorful Olli Pocket™ Organic Cotton Hoodie for boys and girls is made with soft 100% Organic Cotton with a cotton lined hood and comes in purple and green.  Priced at just $59.99, Olli Pocket™ Hoodies are available in XS, S, M, L sizes that fit kids age four to 11. Prices are in Canadian dollars and the company ships to Canada and the U.S.A. Shop online at
About Olli Lolli Allergy Aware Apparel Inc.
We created the Olli Lolli line of apparel to help kids stay safe. Our products are designed and made in Canada. We ship to Canada and the US. We use quality materials and construction that hold up to kids’ wear and tear. Our goal is to promote allergy awareness and empower our kids.
For more information, visit
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Unleash Goddess Glow With These Summer Essentials

Hello Darlings,

This summer, achieve a sun-kissed, golden Goddess “glow” without sacrificing your skin’s health. Celebrity makeup artist Sue Devitt brings you the head-to-toe essentials for creating an effortlessly flawless, bronzed and beautiful look the safe way!


E-Z Eye Roller Ball Eye Shadow in Bambari ($18): This innovative, pure pigment roll-on eye shadow deposits a rich, shimmery color that won’t fade or budge. Just glide the roller ball directly onto your eyelids for a glamorous, bronzy glow. The perfectly portable packaging makes it easy to brighten eyes even when you’re on the go.




Gel Bronzer SPF 40 ($37.50): For the ultimate, healthy bronzed look, look no further than this gel-based formula featuring SPF 40 to defend against harmful UVA and UVB rays. Developed with intensely reparative algae extract that maintains skin’s elasticity, the Gel Bronzer also contains antioxidant-rich babao seed extract and moisturizing sunflower seed oil.



Don’t forget that beach hair!


John Frieda® Haircare Experts Volume Curls 1 1/2” Curling Iron ($32.99): This curling iron is engineered with Titanium Ceramic Technology and Advanced Ionic Conditioning to seal in moisture and reduce frizz. With 11 digital heat settings offering high heat up to 400°F/205°C, it’s easy to select a safe heat level for your hair type. Designed for quick, easy styling, the Volume Curls curling iron banishes dull, heat damaged locks and ushers in soft, gorgeous hair.



Take care of your eyes during the summer sun!

IO Beauty Eye Concentrate ($35):  This skincare treatment provides vital hydration and protection to the delicate eye area. Helps restore firmness and elasticity, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and reduce under-eye puffiness. Dermatologist and ophthalmologist-tested.  At Least 30% Off bareMinerals Clearance Products  

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Best Products to Buy In March

Hello Budgetistas,

February dragged on a bit longer than usual this year, but March is finally upon us. In addition to daylight saving time, buzzer-beating college basketball shots and that day everything turns green, March represents a great time to stock up on certain essentials. 

Once again, the newly redesigned offers advice on what to purchase this month as part of its comprehensive Best-Time-to-Buy Guide. Save on!

1. Frozen Foods
There’s a reason to celebrate everything these days, and March is no exception. Recognized as National Frozen Food Month by the National Frozen and Refrigerated Foods Association, consumers can find deals on frozen delights including fruits, veggies and more.

2. Perfume
You can usually find great deals on your favorite scent now that the two biggest holidays for perfume purchasing are behind us. Better yet, search for your fragrance at discount retailers like TJMaxx and Ross or at warehouse stores like Sam’s Club. Such stores have perfume and cologne for a fraction of department-store prices.

3. Gardening Tools
If your garden has a post-apocalyptic look to it since last season’s harvest, now is the time to bring it back to the land of the living. Lucky for you, March is the best month to buy gardening supplies as home improvement stores stock up for spring planting.

4. Winter Coats and Apparel
Though spring fashion has inched its way onto department store floors since January, consumers will see the biggest overhaul this month when spring officially arrives. That means deep discounts on winter coats and other apparel while retailers make room for the new season.

5. China and Flatware
Are your plates and utensils a little worse for wear these days? Consider upgrading with last year’s patterns as dish retailers gear up for wedding season. Bridezilla can concern herself with the latest in dinnerware design, and the rest of us will save big on her rejects.

6. Air Conditioners
As temperatures rise, so do prices on air-conditioning units. March is likely the last month to take advantage of off-season service pricing as well as discounted units from last year. Merchants want to clear their shelves to make room for the latest and greatest before summer strikes.

7. Luggage
If your go-to luggage is so threadbare it can barely contain your clothes, consider upgrading this month. Manufacturers release new models ahead of the busy summer travel season, making last year’s models a great buy.


### is the largest resource on the Internet linking shoppers to free-shipping deals offered by nearly 4,000 online merchants.

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Pasted Graphic 6-1

Spice Up Hair This Summer With Combre

Hi Lovelies,

I wanted to add some sizzle to your summer beauty makeover! There’s a hot new hair color trend that is steaming up the beauty wave!

“For women who desire a more natural color, or those who aren’t exactly sure if they want to go lighter or darker, copper… Combre is ideal for a subtle change,” says colorist Dana Ionato of Sally Hershberger Downtown.

For my blonde and brunettes, and those beauty mavens who are thriving for the more “dramatic” and bold statements…this is an amazing way to kick up your hair’s color just in time for that flawless beach body you are all working on right now! ;-)

Combre adorn a bright or deep brown copper base fading to a lighter shade from the roots to the ends, or vise versa. FYI…Butterscotch, golden copper and apricot versions of Combre can be seen on trendsetting celebs like Blake Lively. And did I mention that Combre compliments most skin tones? How often do we like a color but it’s not for us?

Brunettes like A-listers such as Salma Hayek, Eva Longoria, Rachel Bilson and Jessica Biel are able to keep their deeper, darker copper-brown roots with lighter, brighter ends. With a rich chestnut color layered over a lighter shade to add contrast, gives a sexy-edge appeal, while keeping dimension and adding a new twist that is sure to turn “green-eyed” heads everywhere.

Get a free Erin Fetherston designer train case + deluxe samples ($130 value!) with your $100 order! While supplies last. Buy $50 of Laura Geller products and get a free duo of Blush n Brighten in Berry and Ethereal Rose Baked Radiance Face Powder ($31 value) at! Offer good while supplies last. Buy any two Japonesque false lashes and receive a free lash placement tool ($16 value) at! Offer good while supplies last. Receive a free Juice Beauty Full Strength Green Apple Peel ($11 value) with any $25 Juice Beauty purchase at! Offer good while supplies last. Check out our team-tested favorites at! Check out NARS Spring 2012 collection at! Check out CARGO's Spring 2012 collection and much more at! Buy two Frederic Fekkai Advanced products and receive a free travel-sized Sheer Hold Hairspray ($7 value) at! Offer ends 03.30.2012 or while supplies last. Receive a free travel-sized PHYTO 7 Daily Hydrating Botanical Cream ($7 value) with $30 purchase of PHYTO at! Offer ends 05.04.2012 or while supplies last. Affiliate Exclusive! $10 off $50 for all customers + Free Shipping! Erin Fetherston Train Case border=0 Erin Fetherston Train Case border=0