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Love & Appreciation for Our Readers; Infuse Your 2012 With Love, Empowered Faith & Courage

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Hello Darlings,

Over the past two years, my life has been flipped on its head by my mental, financial and emotional strains & stresses. The sacrifices made lead back to a hauntingly fragile former self, that I’m very sad to see go! My strengths are attributed to [her] struggles and suffering.

But I am also excited to be the empowered, determined success story (in the making) – Goddess… you have the pleasure of knowing, through my words! The choices I’ve made in 2011 have prepared and propelled me towards who I had to become (Sapphire Kharyzma…and it’s about time, since I am more than meets the eyes).

I’ve since enjoyed watching my now 11 month old son, Ayden, grow up so rapidly right before my very eyes & witnessed two teenage beauties, Jazz & Starr, blossom and mature into womanhood. In fact, I am scared to blink too much because I might miss one of my children’s precious milestones! Soon, I will reminisce on the earlier years, wondering how they got so big, so fast!

Independence is such a coveted fate worth cherishing! It is also one of my greatest accomplishments,  as well as one of my life-long desires and it is truly priceless! The best advice I can give too you my readers, is to dream big and aim high…don’t ever settle for “okay” or “comfortable”, when you can have “everything.”

Thank you for liking Media Maven Blissfully FAB Lifestyle Blogazine. It has been nothing but pleasure for me to watch the love grow daily, as it takes Media Maven, Elite Socialistas Blogazine of the Goddess Kind & Shades of Beauty Blogazine; Empowerment & Beauty Behind the Cause that much closer to the top! I couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you! It is such joy to entertain, empower and educate you all! You’ve led me to embark on a quest for betterment – better partners, sponsors & experts for your reading enjoyment. Experts like Alice Inoue & her Feng Shui Series (every Wednesday), Lisa Kriger, our Relationshipologist in If Only I Knew (every Friday), Celebrity Baby Scoop Exclusive recaps, and constant fashion, beauty & style, lifestyle trends, fitness, health & wellness, parenting, travel, tastes, SPAtaculars, deals and so much more – all throughout the week.

Join Media Maven, the Elite Socialista as I say good-bye to the old and celebrate the “unleashing of bliss” that’s yet to come! My New Year’s Resolution is to continue to push hard and to go above and beyond the limits to provide in the name of “LOVE.’ It’s full steam ahead in LOVE and appreciation for me, my children and our entire blogazine family, especially our readers. You can expect an awesome transformation for the blogazine(s) over the year of 2012, but it’s all worth it! I mean, you are all worth it…arent’ you?


Sapphire Kharyzma, your Media Maven


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