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Media Maven**Exclusive**New Isabelle Grace 2011 Collection | Media Maven

Media Maven**Exclusive**New Isabelle Grace 2011 Collection

Hello Goddesses,

Media Maven here, and I’ve got some jewelry of the “Golden Goddess” kind that is sure to turn heads, set trends and make your friends green with envy!


Named after the beautiful Greek goddess Athena, this necklace will make its owner feel divine! With its lovely silver disk pendant, semi-precious briolette, and 14kt gold chain, the Athena necklace pairs perfectly with a solid-colored sweater and skinny jeans! Retails for $55.

Athena II

Like its little sister Athena, the Athena II necklace exudes loveliness and bestows goddess-like beauty upon its wearer!  It too has a charming silver disk pendant and 14kt gold chain, as well as a gold vermeil disk pendant. Try pairing this piece with a black cocktail dress or billowing white top!  Retails for $46.


With its glistening white agate briolettes and sleek vermeil chain, Isabelle Grace Jewelry’s Blanca necklace is the perfect fall accessory. It would look superb with your favorite V-neck slinky top! Retails for $70.

Ginko Leaf Necklace

This necklace’s fine (.999) silver Ginko Leaf pendant, silver chain, and green freshwater pearls make it the perfect fall accessory! The pendant is 1 inch in length, ½ an inch wide, and immeasurable in cuteness! Retails for $48.


Modern and cool, this necklace has a fine (.999) silver or vermeil textured disc that is 1 inch in diameter. It also features a sterling silver or 14kt gold-filled chain, and pairs nicely with an exquisite wing top! Retails for $118.


This super-cute necklace can be worn long or twice-layered…for double the fun! With its hammered-on sterling silver beads and matching chain, the Marisa necklace pairs great with a black tank top and dark jeans! Retails for $110.

Rock My World

This bold and beautiful necklace features a thick 14kt gold-filled, hammered chain accented with White Marble. It would look crisp and classy with a clean white turtleneck! Retails for $130.

Ruby Heart Necklace

This charming gold chain necklace’s petite gold heart looks sweet and loveable in between cute red beads. It is the perfect addition to your wardrobe, and would jazz up any casual red top on a breezy fall day! Retails for $42.

Ruby Squared Necklace

Be the envy of your friends with this eye-catching gold-chain necklace that features a hollow square pendant with a ruby in the lower left corner. It looks dashing on a classy purple or green top! Retails for $85.

Zodiac Necklaces

Reading horoscopes is now a fun trend, and Isabelle Grace Jewelry’s Zodiac necklaces are the best way to show off your sign and start a conversation! They are available in all12 signs and in sterling silver or vermeil with cubic zircon accents, and are approximately ¾ inch in diameter with a hammered edge. Retails for $145.

Acorn Charm

Isabelle Grace Jewelry’s Acorn Charm adds a whimsical touch to any necklace and celebrates fall’s colored leaves and scurrying squirrels! It measures ½ inch in length, and is available in sterling silver, 18kt vermeil, or bronze. Retails for $45.

Breast Cancer Support Necklaces

Breast Cancer Butterfly Necklace- Because butterflies start off as a pinpoint-sized egg and emerge bigger, stronger, and full of life from a cocoon, the Breast Cancer Butterfly Necklace is a symbol of profound changes in the soul. It comes in sterling silver or vermeil with accenting stones in baby freshwater pearl, rose quarter, and pink tourmaline. Retails for $70.

Hope Necklace- Isabelle Grace Jewelry’s Hope necklace is worn close to the heart and symbolizes our faith and belief that some day we WILL find a cure for Breast Cancer. It comes in sterling silver or vermeil with accent stones in pink mystic topaz, and is a necklace for everyone who believes. Retails for $85.

The Survivor Necklace- This necklace honors all the amazing women out there that have suffered through Breast Cancer. It features a fine (.999) silver hand-cut tag that is inscribed with the motto “Survivor” on the front and “because I am” on the back. The stone is Pink Topaz to honor the pink ribbon, and 25% of this necklace’s proceeds are donated to Retails for $85.

Gold Year Charm

The Gold Number Charm is a great accent piece to any necklace, and is a simple way to show off an important year in your life and wear your favorite number for good luck! Gold Number Charms are approx ½ inch wide and 1 inch long in size, and are hand-made out of fine (.999) silver with 22kt gold accents. Retails for $75.

Signature Initial Bangle

Make a statement and proudly wear your name’s initial with this classy silver bangle accented with gold. It pairs nicely with any cute long-sleeve shirt on a crisp fall evening. Retails for $135.

Hammered Initials

These lovely charms are a new edgy way to show off the ones you love, and they look great both alone or layered with other pieces. Hammered Initials are handmade of fine (.999) silver and hammered for a distressed effect. Retails for $36.

About Isabelle Grace Jewelry
Isabelle Grace Jewelry creates simple, beautiful, and elegant hand-made pieces inspired by life’s most important things. This includes family, marriage, love, and happiness. The pieces are expertly crafted with one’s special message, names, and inspiration out of the highest quality materials. ‘Like’ Isabelle Grace Jewelry on Facebook at!/IsabelleGraceJewelry.

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