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Let’s Talk Ta Tas

Why is it so hard for women to ask questions about their body? If we spend every single moment with it, shouldn’t we understand it? Especially when it comes to the twins, Jane & Jenna.

Well the good news? When it comes to slightly uncomfortable inquiries the editors of Women’s Health Magazine available.  Dive into this guide about everything you need to know about your sexy twin set!

Is it harder to detect breast cancer if you have implants?

Yes. Implants can get in the way during exams potentially hiding small tumors. They can also make it more difficult for medical professionals to take and read mammograms.


Can I boost my girls with exercise?

Breasts don’t have muscles, so quit trying to tone them. You may be able to perk things up by tightening the muscles around your breasts.


Why do my boobs kill me right before and during my period?

Breast tissue is naturally tender- and it can take a real pounding from the hormonal seesaw of your menstrual cycle. During ovulation and its aftermath, estrogen and progesterone levels trade turns rising and falling, which can lead to headaches, mood changes, food cravings, cramps and, yup, super-sore breasts.


I want to lose weight, but not from my breasts. Any chance?

In an ideal world, sure; in reality, nope.  Breasts are made up of mostly fat, and because losing weight is about losing fat, well… it’s sad but true that breast volume is often the first to shrink as you slim down.  Fortunately the body gains and loses fat systemically so your overall proportions will probably stay the same and it’s likely no one will notice a difference.


For more feminine knowledge, check out the April issue of Women’s Health magazine or online!

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