May 312010

As a Sex and the City fan, it’s only natural that the premier of part deux to my favorite foursome ignited a passion of anticipation.  Carrie Bradshaw had me captivate since 1998. In fact, her character made me venture into journalism in 2001.  With buzz of Fleet Week/Memorial Weekend, which as a fellow promoter, I have to applaud (one of the best episode revolved around Fleet Week, and the girls being the divine Socialistas that they are) the impeccable timing.

But it wasn’t just the girls that captured my heart, but Mr. Big, as well. For the genuinely passionate way he loved Carrie.  And the buzz is, he captures Carrie’s heart, once again in the final scene of SATC2, with an eye-popping 5 carat black diamond ring and which he contributes “because you are not like anyone else”, being his motivation.

And what truth thou speaketh; for you see, this is no ordinary piece; it’s a 5 carat black diamond ring by designer Itay Malkin.

SATC2 sources say that during preparation for SATC2, “the search was on for black diamond rings.” Designer Itay Malkin, who is no stranger to SATC, submitted two rings anonymously and both Parker and writer/director, Michael Patrick King, chose one of Malkin’s designs to be the “ever important ring” in the movie. His unique ring was chosen above twenty other leading name jewelry designers.  This beauty beat out 20 other contenders.

Now, as we all know, SATC is the temple of global trendsetting, and fellow Carrie-inspired women worldwide are already seeking this absolute must-have. The Coveted Convo you ask? Well, sources say Itay Malkin will identically produce the ring in a limited edition series, which retails at $10,000 each; stamped with the limited edition serial number and certificate of authenticity.

Designer Malkin worked in collaboration with SJP and world-renown Costume Designer, Patricia Field, on the finalized design: the 5 carat black diamond ring is set in 18 karat white gold surrounded by 80 round natural white pavé diamonds equaling 0.35 carats, OH MY!. This baby is the only piece of jewelry that has been held to secrecy due to its importance in the plot; a true debuted for the first time on the big screen.

The Itay Malkin Sex and the City 2 Ring is available for sale online at or through private sale by contacting Itay Malkin Designs at or 888-429-4884.


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